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  1. Yeah, we're all getting cancer and dying a slow death from having to deal with people like you.
  2. They're beggars, they're like rich people who don't have access to stuff but constantly whine for it.
  3. It's crazy, like not one fiber of my being sees this crap and says "wow, I get it"... It's just trash.
  4. Why do you faggots defend this faggotry? Why? It's anti-you, it's anti-men, it's anti-masculinity. It's the most nonsensical horse shit imaginable and here you are defending it. You're not even just extreme leftists, you're just fucking idiots.
  5. Yeah, it would have been weird to have live integration and then separate the populous.
  6. Hardware is a net zero for Xbox, but it opens the door to Live and platform publishing fees which nets them great deals of profit. It also allows them to sell their own games without publishing penalties. To add to this have a very lucrative peripheral market. Xbox isn't going anywhere.
  7. They don't have a partnership with Nintendo lol, they released a single 5 year old indie game on their platform and immediately after issued a statement that the Xbox/Nintendo utopian idea that the delusional have been clamoring for was not happening. That's not a partnership, that's not symbiotic or any kind of give and take, an indie game past its prime got released and that was the end of it. You could call it a working relationship but all of these companies have that. The point is the Nintendo thing isn't happening, the Sony thing isn't happening, hell they actually have a deeper relationship with Sony at this point because they're now pouring money into their revenue stream. Xbox does not need either of them, they can solitarily operate. They have the money, they have the R&D, they have the infrastructure, they have the studios and marketing teams, they have an install base in the tens of millions who will buy their hardware even if things go sideways as we've seen this generation. They don't need anyone.
  8. The whole point is that you threw into the conversation when it wasn't even a part of anything. Do you realize that dummy? You forced it into the discussion to argue about it and expect conformity to your stupid thought process. You're motivated by selective reasoning to discriminate against something that's by all accounts doing just fine. "bu...bu...but Japan!" And, bitch? You're a fucking moron.
  9. That's really neat, now it would be something else if you could actually assert what's dumb about the conclusive reality that Xbox is most certainly not a dead brand.
  10. We're a globe, singular, and these things are a singular products. There is no "dead brand in this specific location", that's a manufactured ideology. Either something is a dead brand or it isn't, something selling near 50 million units isn't a dead brand no matter what way you try to twist and distort it, you don't get to pick and choose.
  11. The original topic is about GamePass and this whole line of jargon leads from that, you don't even know where you are anymore. You're the one who brought up Europe, Asia and market penetration, I never said a word about them until you did. You took the conversation in this direction. Also you called it a "dead brand", that would be a synonym for unsuccessful. Retard mother fucker
  12. It's pretty simple bud, because you can be successful and not penetrating the same markets as your competition. What a shock that these companies operate independent of each other and one is not a measure of success for another. Sony selling 100 million consoles and Microsoft selling 50 million has no bearing on whether or not something was a success, it's internally gauged, not externally. Is Honda unsuccessful because Toyota sells twice as many cars as them? Is Ford unsuccessful because Toyota not only sells twice as much as them but penetrates markets they can't? No. Talking about business and your tired ass can't even understand any of this. Success does exist in a vacuum. The measure of someone else's success carries no weight on your own.
  13. They have sold near 50 million without a massive presence in Europe and without really any presence in Asia or Japan, that says something regardless. You people act the same way every single generation and it's fucking tiring reading and arguing against the same bullshit that gets gutted time and time again. What happens in X generation has no implications for Y generation, that has been clearly laid out, that's at this point a law of physical reality. We all know this but you morons again and again fall back on the same old rote. How after 30+ years have you learned nothing? Disastrous competitor? 30% of its sales came from Europe for crying out loud and it outsold the PlayStation 3 in North America by like 65%. They'll never get a stranglehold on Asia/Japan no matter what they do and that's just because of deeply rooted xenophobic societies, but even without that they can clearly still crush, the potential is there. All they need to do is check all the right boxes, have games ready, a competent system and an affordable price. That's the measure of success, and even without all those things they've still been quite successful this generation even in spite of the follies.
  14. They're not home consoles, why would I or anyone bring them into a home console discussion?
  15. The 360 says they don't need them, what more of a poor way could you lead into this than bringing up the Xbox 360? "Dead brand" Nintendo GameCube - 21.75m Wii - 101.63m Wii U - 13.6m Switch - 37.5m Two out of Nintendo's last four consoles have been flops, one of which was such an egregious flop they released two consoles within the same generation of other systems. Both sold millions to dozens of millions lower than Microsoft worst efforts. It could be argued that the original Xbox only sold what it did because it was A. a new brand and B. was replaced in just 4 years. Do you call Nintendo a dead brand when they've screwed the pooch? No, because you like the rest of the loons operate on exaggerations and hyperbole. Microsoft doesn't need to rest on the laurels of anyone else, they simply need to make something compelling with compelling games, that's it. I've never seen a console and brand take more flack in my entire life and have one of the worst launches in history yet is now on the verge of selling 50 million systems, what a fucking disaster that is. Like, do you read any of the shit you type?
  16. All they have to do is get their studios pumping out games, make strides like they are with PC and continue to support their consoles. They don't need Sony, they don't need Nintendo. I assume E3 2020 is going to be a very large tipping point for them, a very heavy handed push for next-gen with a lot of games on display.
  17. Sony would never entertain the idea and Microsoft isn't going to waste a bunch of money porting games to Switch, especially not considering how high the ceiling for development is going to become not only cost wise but also graphically. The most, and I mean the absolute most that MAY ever happen is Switch will get an xCloud app, and even that Phil Spencer said isn't on the radar. There's no reason for them to port their game outside of their ecosystem, shove it into the cloud and call it a day. They develop for Xbox and subsequently PC, there's no logical sense for the porting of their games when they can just be shoved into a server blade with zero additional cost or work.