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  1. These people don't care about games anymore, this is a political forum with backend discussion about games as a facade to keep up appearances.
  2. The funny thing about this forum is it was an escape from all the heavy handed moderation and bans happening at GameSpot, and yet you've all become what you escaped from. It's not Reeeee level yet but it's headed that direction, and without the appeal of a large base of posters. I don't care if this post contains politics because it's relevant to the point, the more left a forum swings the more shitty, restrictive and ridiculous it becomes.
  3. Thank you for your concern, I'm sure it comes from a genuine and unbiased place.
  4. It seems confirmed, people who have Gold and not GamePass are stating that their Gold subs are being converted into GamePass Ultimate.
  5. And there's not enough words to explain how much of a dumbass you are. Fucking "Craig" circled the planet in a days time, you don't think Xbox abolishing their paywall for online play would as well. Get real you fucking idiot.
  6. Are you kidding me? If this ends up being the case basically everyone on planet earth will know this by days end.
  7. Of course they are, it's the only way to damage control this. This was being reported hours ago, on a Wednesday...
  8. Can Sony afford that? I mean not fanboy shit, can they?
  9. Just tried Battlefront II and Titanfall 2 online, got online with no issues. This is the real deal.
  10. It is 100% free now, I have no Live or GamePass sub and I'm playing online right now in Forza Horizon 4.
  11. Seems like a late night ninja update to the network. https://www.neogaf.com/threads/people-on-r-xbox-report-being-able-to-play-online-without-gold.1559883/
  12. @Cooke (not admin cant help Don't even bother, he's just part of the virtuous fear mongering left.
  13. How many of these kids and staff died? Oh fucking zero? No way!
  14. Prices for things like this don't leak, there's probably only 2-3 people at both of these companies who know what the price will be.
  15. Can you not read you fucking mongoloid? 233 deaths in the age group of 0-24 years of age, 233 deaths for the whole of this pandemic and without a shadow of a doubt almost every one of them was suffering some already life threatening condition. Stopping life and normal activities for everyone, even those that are at virtually no risk is horrendously stupid.
  16. Are you fucking retarded? 233 deaths in 6 months... People 0-24 are virtually immune to this virus, and those that do catch it show essentially no symptoms. There's no logical reason to keep people out of school, none. A normal flu season kills multiple times that in half the time... Stop trying to take some virtuous high ground, keeping these people out of school is brain dead logic. Life for normal people and non-risk groups can't stop for a tiny subset of overall individuals and senior citizens. You have to discriminately distinguish who is and is not at risk and treat them appropriately, not shut down the whole of fucking society, it's flagrant stupidity.
  17. No, this is the crazy shit these people have always tried to do. Antifa has merely taken over the rioting. This kind of happens when no has jobs.
  18. Take proper precautions outside of school, it's really simple. Someone is at serious risk? Don't expose them to people living their lives. Quarantining the healthy and those at virtually zero risk is total retardation, the world can't stop for this dumb shit.
  19. I'm sure that would be the reality of the situation, that doesn't make it any less insane.