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  1. Wasn't PC excluded from Mortal Kombat XL?
  2. Says one of the..... well every sheep who hide behind PS4 due to Switch's atrocious game availability
  3. You cite fierce Japanese nationalism and wonder why Xbox has trouble landing mid-tier Japanese games lol... Are you an actual retard?
  4. She was a 4chan meme as far as I'm aware, she was never attractive.
  5. Yeah well you payed close to the cost of the X for Switch just to make it a viable system... Have to buy a controller, screen protector, sd card etc. The thing ends up being $400+ just to say it's complete. Also no one payed $1,200 for the X, it's $400-$500...
  6. You're really trying to blame this on the hardware lol? It's superior in every single facet of its being, any parity or negative disparity is the cause of lazy developers. There's literally no excuse but lazy development. Also again, not on Switch, neither is Resident Evil 2 or Kingdom Hearts 3. Also in terms of both of those games it's already clear that the X is rendering a higher resolution than the Pro in Resident Evil 2, also given the results with Final Fantasy XV it's an iron clad guarantee that will also be the case with Kingdom Hearts III.
  7. Holy shit lmao, is this the actual PETA twitter? I'm still going to eat animals all day err day but damn that was brilliant.
  8. Switch: 0p because the game doesn't exist on it. Get out of here you suck up rodent who has no backbone, go play with your gay little toys.
  9. Like I said... change code deploy test Increase the resolution gradually until performance buckles then dial it back to a point of stability. This isn't rocket science. A single guy updated Quantum Break for the X.
  10. VR mode is also pure shit, three search and destroy missions that amount to less than an hour of gameplay. IGN 7.0'd it. Game sounds like an anti-climax to a series that should have stayed dead.
  11. It's literally changing a single line of code and deploying to test the performance.
  12. There's probably 10+ million Pro's/X's out there, it's still worth the effort no matter how you dice it and people with these systems no doubt have higher attach rates to games that properly take advantage of the systems.
  13. It at 80 on Metacritic, this is probably going to end in the high 70's.
  14. It's a dick move especially when it was advertised as being enhanced for the lions share of a year and then also the reality of how simple a resolution boost would be.
  15. I'm one of them so that's already $60 lost, and I'm sure I'm not alone.
  16. Okay, I thought it was but the HUD elements looked really sharp.
  17. Is this just an upscale or a higher resolution? I'm having trouble being able to tell on this monitor.