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  1. Well let's be real here, SARS started in China and MERS started in India, and now China is again responsible for another coronavirus. These people are doing something fucking weird to cause this and it's all spawning out of Asia.
  2. Worried yet you fucking idiots lol https://www.gamespot.com/articles/playstation-cancels-gdc-plans-due-to-coronavirus-c/1100-6473947/
  3. No, people are legit getting annoyed. All this cryptic bullshit, weird ass silence, dropping out of events left and right and now blaming the coronavirus. Shove it up your ass idiot, they're being retarded.
  4. You mean these events which are still going to take place regardless of Sony's bullshit excuses... Those events?
  5. Dawg, they dropped out of 3 back to back to back. E3: Nope PAX East: Nope GDC: Nope They're fucking up and the community is getting annoyed.
  6. Implying Sony of America couldn't handle whatever it is that these events were going to be...
  7. Are you seriously implying that the console hardware could be a carrier of coronavirus
  8. "I can't come into work because of the coronavirus" I'm sure some bosses have already heard this lol
  9. 2021 delay for the PS5, they know it's far weaker than Microsoft's system and are going to rework it citing "virus concerns" and "production issues"... It's so obvious what's happening.
  10. Are you fucking retarded? PAX East is in Boston... How many cases are there in the whole of the United States? It's some bullshit, clearly something is wrong.
  11. Been like this for what seems like months. Phil was right to not chase this dead end, and Sony is yet again letting one of their peripherals just die without so much as a whimper or trying to do anything with it.
  12. There's literally 15 cases in the whole of the continental United States, something is wrong over at Sony. This is clearly bullshit.
  13. The democrats are retarded, they claim that it's too expensive at like $27 billion to build a border wall on a federal level but my single state alone authorized a $54 billion dollar transit and light rail overhaul. $27 billion is too expensive for a wall that helps curb a $115 billion dollar annual problem $27 billion is too expensive but $40 trillion for "free" medical is fine $27 billion is too expensive but $1.7 trillion to eliminate contractually agreed to loans i.e. student debt is fine
  14. Apparently that picture is fake, I don't know.
  15. Jerry is quite possibly the dumbest person alive.
  16. I'm not getting goaded into your bullshit, I have no idea and with the extremely limited amount of releases the fact that there's uncertainty, the fact that there's some pre-order page where you can't actually pre-order anything speaks volumes.
  17. As if we didn't already know, but it's nice to know that science actually backs it up https://nypost.com/2016/06/09/science-says-liberal-beliefs-are-linked-to-pyschotic-traits/?fbclid=IwAR11OrVQ8tmnt1xtd1MllC8md3ISeo5DkAG9VoZIpk1f31bL3_xN9Yg27WM
  18. Those games are under the Pre-Order tab you fucking mongoloid, two are supposedly releasing in 9 days and they don't even have a page... You can't pre-order any of the supposed pre-orders...
  19. Yeah you mean where it says "Pre-Order Now" and they don't actually exist on the store anywhere and not a one of them can be preordered beyond Iron Man because it's the only one listed and releasing 3 months from now...
  20. Regardless of what the cows or sheep say they do appear to be going a more Microsoft oriented direction. The ways of the past will only work so long and they know this. The writing is on the wall. https://seasonedgaming.com/2020/02/14/sony-ceo-yoshida-says-playstation-platform-should-be-judged-by-user-count-not-hardware-units-sold/