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  1. This stuff is never easy, at least 30 people from my graduating class are dead now not to mention the countless others who weren't in my class that I also knew.
  2. Twitter leakers? Nobody leaked anything, Sony posted their presentation slides themselves and they say nothing about legacy games going to PC. That was an inference by Zuge based upon nothing. You have autism.
  3. More revisionist history, we said and I quote "eventually they'll be day and date, eventually". You guys thought the prospect of these games in general on PC wasn't going to happen and it is. So don't give me any of this bullshit.
  4. You're so full of crap, Remij and I were the only people on this entire board saying that Sony would eventually cave and release games on PC. Every other person on this board including you scoffed at the idea. No revisionist history here today bud.
  5. You guys were in the same boat in saying Sony would never port their games to PC and yet now they're porting their games to PC. Do you really think this is the end of the line for that? You're just being dumb, and I don't mean forum dumb, I mean plugging your ears and closing your eyes ignoring all reality dumb.
  6. No one needs to pray for the inevitable
  7. The funny thing is I could probably sell what I have now for upwards of $60,000 to $70,000. However I know I would regret it because a lot of the things I have I would never be able to get again.
  8. Oh yeah, I remember those job listings being posted looking for people with experience with DirectX 12. Jerry and Goober are so stupid.
  9. It is dumb because at the end of the day what does it take away from you? Nothing. You can still get your console, you can still enjoy this very same game there. So why is someone else's ability to play it somewhere else detracting from your experience? It doesn't make any sense.
  10. Yeah but those were just "mistakes" lol... Right..
  11. How are you two this perpetually retarded? A year ago their games in general was a preposterous proposition on PC and yet here we are... You two are so dumb and slow that you can't see that they're altering their business, and this standard they have right now will shift yet again... Them putting any of their marquee titles on PC signifies the inevitable eventuality. They'll port older stuff, then they'll port newer stuff, then they'll be day and date. The box is already open, and these things never go back in the box, they accelerate exponentially.
  12. You're too stupid for words. What was Sony's direction for PC a year ago? It was nonexistent and now they are porting games left and right. You're really dumb Jerry
  13. I'll take it a step further, I'll bet you it's Demon Souls
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