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  1. You'd probably love my old big box PC games.
  2. Reveal hype lol? These things were already speculated.
  3. Updated my score, I forgot I had my CPU 200mhz down because of that other PSU that was failing. Gave me a little boost.
  4. Maybe he only has one card but it's showing up as two?
  5. Vega 56's post in the 16k's so it's parsing the other card to a degree, this is kind of weird.
  6. Could that Threadripper be bottlenecking his GPU's?
  7. No it is but there's something else going on, his individual graphics score should be like 16,000 something but it's 20,931 for both. Could that Threadripper be bottlenecking his GPU's?
  8. $250-$325, but I have the only NTSC version listed so it could get pretty high.
  9. Why is my Vega 64 taking a dump all over your Vega 56's?
  10. Remij is going to eat your ass alive.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264290466298 Not sure who or if any of you collect but I'm getting rid of a few games to get some other stuff.
  12. It's not even about the cost or the timeframe, it's just the competency in design. The Pro was not competently created, it's large, it's loud, it runs hot, it uses more power, it's weaker and it has a major memory bottleneck. The X mirrors the design competency of the PlayStation 4, the Pro mirrors the competency of the original Xbox One.
  13. Sony aren't wizards which Aza seems to think they are, the One X should be a glaring reminder that the Xbox hardware team knows exactly what they're doing.
  14. Source it, because what I saw was specifications were sent, not prices.