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  1. Exactly, there's back and forth exchanges and we can be at 50 posts in no time.
  2. That's it's easy to make posts and it takes just a couple seconds?
  3. I could crank out 100 posts in an hour if activity were high. It's not indicative of time spent.
  4. I never said it would be native 4K, I even said it could use some type of resolution scaling. The point is you thinking this will be the final result is
  5. This is going to be a repeat of what happened with me and the cows on GS. Thanks for this.
  6. The fact that this is happening should be every indication to you that you're going to get snuffed out.
  7. You're basing this on the tech test? Do you remember the Gears 4's "beta"? Graphically it almost looked like a different game two months later and the difference at release was massive.
  8. It's no doubt for the network testing, there will undoubtedly be an option to opt out.
  9. It will undoubtedly be a fun game, I can't think of any vs. brawler arena fighters that isn't a good time.
  10. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, all of the criticism and I mean all of it stems from that one single unicycle character.
  11. Reverse squadron are still fighter pilots, they still have to train and maintain their ability to fly, they still get called upon for missions. You're brain dead.
  12. Commander Timothy Kurtz is the oldest active fighter pilot in the Navy flying the F-18 out of Belle Chasse. He is retiring at the National World War II museum at 3 pm Saturday. Tim is 54 and be has been flying for the Navy for 25 years. Ten years were active duty and the remainder were with the reserve squadron VFA-204 in Belle Chase.