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  1. Holy shit right? Is this retard serious?
  2. Xbox AAA release schedule for the remainder of 2018 8/23: F1 2018 8/28: Pro Evolution Soccer 9/7: NBA Live 2019 9/7: NBA 2K19 9/14: Shadow of the Tomb Raider 9/28: Fifa 19 9/28: Forza Horizon 4 10/5: Assassin's Creed Odyssey 10/9: WWE 2K19 10/12: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 10/19: Soulcalibur VI 10/19: Battlefield V 10/26: Red Dead Redemption 2 10/30: Call of Cthulhu 11/6: Overkill's The Walking Dead 11/13: Hitman 2 11/14: Fallout 76 11/27: Darksiders III 12/4: Just Cause 4 Switch AAA release schedule for the remainder of 2018 9/7: NBA 2K19 10/5: Super Mario Party 11/13: Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! 12/7: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Yeah, Xbox sure doesn't have a lot going on...
  3. Why? It's obviously a popular game outside of Japan and it's spearheaded by a third party publisher...
  4. It seems pretty great to me, the Definitive Edition basically rectified what people were griping about.
  5. They love it now as it's coming to Switch, they suddenly love any multiplatform if it comes to Switch, but fuck Xbox...
  6. It's published by Nintendo outside of Japan, they're distributing it, it's not their game.
  7. Because you guys rant endlessly about exclusive games that are clearly not going to remain exclusive. When he says Octopath is next, don't be so surprised.
  8. What is it increasing with? There's literally 2 AAA modern engine games in development for the system and one is a basketball game...
  9. What did I say? They way reflections fall off is no doubt due to hardware limitations, but the reflections themselves are representative of the surface they are applied to.
  10. The 3rd party AAA support is not increasing, it's decreasing, hell I can't even say that because there's almost none to begin with plus recent cancellations and skipping development entirely. The writing is on the wall. The only real developer even touching this system in that space is Bethesda, they stand alone and even they're passing porting off to a 3rd party.
  11. It's representative of a reflection you would see on a tile floor as it's an opaque surface and obscures light refraction.
  12. All I wanted was you to understand where I'm coming from, it's really exaggerated and for me at least it's a turn off.
  13. It's an opaque surface producing an opaque level reflection, not the best implementation but none the less it's "realistic". With what you're showing me it would be a mirror.