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  1. Yeah let's pretend the sheep haven't been bragging about HK If there is one thing worse than sheep it's idiots who defend the sheep LMAO
  2. HK thread and sheep talk about Dumbopath . Not even top 5 rpg this gen
  3. Doesn't matter , we have the best rpg of the gen ! *Ignores metacritic scores for fallout 4 , Witcher 3 and FF15* Don't count cause they aren't exclusive ! Did you guys see that A Hat in time is coming to Ditch ? Portability! Lmfao fuck the sheep
  4. We don't like Hollow Knight we have a port of Mario Tennass PWNED ! haha you guys have to wait for hollow knight OMFG grandia 1 PWNED !
  5. Dead Sheep lmao . They were so proud
  6. Skybound Games@skyboundgames For all you #HollowKnight fans who may be wondering: we're taking care of the physical versions - @TeamCherryGames will be making an announcement regarding #Xbox & #PS4 digital release very soon. Stay tuned!
  7. Type r is not reasonable as a daily driver . And it looks pretty ridiculous Also costs minimum 12k more Dope engine tho
  8. Jon2B

    Who's done LSD?

    Best thing I've ever done was eat a bag of shrooms in December and walk around neighborhoods looking at Xmas lights . Fucking magical shit
  9. Jon2B

    Who's done LSD?

    I don't want to advocate drug use but damn I think everyone should try lsd or eat mushrooms at least once in their life . It's one of the most amazing experiences ever . There isn't even a why to describe it. It's so fucking powerful .
  10. Hondata tune has a few base maps that up the psi 2 or 3 lbs depending on map . The max map which you can enable only with sport mode on pushes it to 250 at the wheel . The stock numbers are a little underated . If it didn't void warranty I'd get that but I'm not sure the reliability of a 1.5 with 25lbs of boost making 250 at the wheel . I think the car is quick enough . Will probably get a CAI next spring just for a bit more induction noise . If you want a car that's gonna compare to 300 hp cars on the straight I thibk you should just grt a 300hp car . Not really seeing the point of modding a 1.5 litre engine
  11. They also come stock with rev hang like a bitch.
  12. All Sis are 6 speed manuals . All come with an lsd and adaptive dampers .