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  1. I liked this David. Now he plays smartphone freetrash quality JUNK on psvr LOL damn
  2. Btw beetlejuiced was confirmed isn't there a trailer too ?
  3. So everyone bought discs ? Is that what you are impying ? Damn you are DUMB
  4. You know Phil said streaming will be an option for people without dedicated hardware ? You do , but you are dumb and obsessed LOL
  5. I don't have any 360 discs but have around 50 360 games on xb1. Did you forget about digital on 360 ?
  6. ROFL we got Hermits opening up PAINT THHBFK LMFAO funny pic
  7. Its a monster lmfao Xbox X is a monster and x2 will KILL Ps5. But its not about power right?? ROFL