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  1. Linus DUMB, wipe your boogers linus
  2. Damn Linus, you dumb
  3. xbox bothers you guys so much you make fun of handicap people LMFAO
  4. Idc how much it is, I have 9 of them. For MS benefit, it needs a price drop to 400. x2 the most powerful console in the world again will be launching next year for 400
  5. It will be interesting to see how to under 200 dollar DD free xbox sells. If they get that to 150 bucks that could really do some solid numbers next year. Also wonder if Ditch will get a price drop since the Ditch Pro is apparently coming out next year. I think MS will leave the XBX at 400 after black Friday.
  6. Oh ok cool. Cant wait to try my 2 pc games on this lol THHBK
  7. Does this have BT or do you have to use a wired controller?
  8. Ill give them to you for free if you ban Jerry for the month of December . :)
  9. I ordered 3 I was just goin to gift them to you but cant do out of country. meh
  10. Xbox is my main box, like you
  11. They aren't available in Canada? Ok ill order a couple more.
  12. Shipping to Canada is probably more than what its worth. Ill give you mine once I decide its junk (day after I get it)