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  1. street fighter over guilty gear? Rofl
  2. Xbox is alive and well. 1080ti gaming for 500 dollars
  3. See you on Sony Pass. You Panty Sim Limited print days are over and youll LOVE it cause sony says so . Finger in your butt AIDS prostitute fucker
  4. and bringing dead threads back to life
  5. The only reason people read your threads is because of me
  6. So gow , a 70s mc game and old ports ? Haha
  7. Or I can play 90 percent of ps4s library at a much higher resolution and fh gotg
  8. I owned a PS4 long before you did . And have had a PC for years
  9. And I've still played more games than you , DitchCluded Yeah yeah I mean Mario Tennis sure is better than Red Dead 2 and the other 80 games not on Ditch Lmao
  10. Wonder why you won't answer the question ? Because it's only one game ?
  11. Sod2 and fh4 next week . Luckily Xbox has over 80 3rd party games to fill the gap , unlike ditch
  12. Sod2 is dope . Playing Detroit is fantastic but sod oh no no . Lol fuck off dick sucker