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  1. Well you're literally wrong about everything, so next time you predict something just kno it's wrong
  2. The black part looks cheap compared to the rest of it. Nobody cared for the touch pad now , sony barely supported it not sure what it's back for. Nobody cares what ND says lmao . They cant even put a game out for sale
  3. I guess since they arent on stage they toned down the overacting . These guys probably just high af at their houses .
  4. It's funny watching you guys cry like 12 years old. Hey guys, he has lackofgamitis HAR HAR HAR HARRRRRRUUMMMMMPPP
  5. You cant stop responding lmfao
  6. No strike needed when they are just showing sea of thieves shit again
  7. Rofl you cant direct quite either . Big genius here ROFL
  8. Lmao you guys are raging rofl
  9. Lol , its white where your thumb rubs a million times. Guarantee YOURS will be stained also .
  10. Hopefully they put a beefy battery inside it.