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  1. Deus Ex - March 21 Edith Finch - March 21 Vampyr - March 28 Walking Dead Michonne - March 28 Operencia - March 29 MvC Infinite - April 1 Minecraft - April 4 Jerry hbr as usual Edith Finch is fantastic . How is vampyr?
  2. We are all he has. You can tell this guy was bullied as a kid , and probably most of , if not all of his adulthood . It matters not what he says , he is 40 and lives with his brother he knows he is a low life LOL
  3. Sheep love DF threads about games they can't play
  4. Like the toxic avenger . Dude got turned down for oxy pad commercial because they couldn't help him
  5. Just bought it now because you told me not too.
  6. I have Ubisoft coins somehow so I get 20 percent off the game. Ill probably buy it soon
  7. Jerry would call me a house n word in front of black people lol.