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  1. Guess that's why you game on ps4 , as most games are exclusively DitchCluded LMAO 8GOTY contenders compared to 1 . Rofl
  2. So sheep ..err...cows claiming halo Infinite on XSX will look worse than uncharted . What a bunch of clowns lmao
  3. If those exclusives were so good you wouldnt be playing ps4 all the time
  4. And 1 goty contender compared to the 7 and 8 on xbox and ps . That's why you are a cow in goobersons clothing .
  5. I was asking the sheep , not a ghetto cow
  6. Lmao sheep were playing more wiiu and 360 games , or years old shitty ports of early gen xb1 games LMAO
  7. Its funny when all the sheep here hyping ps4 and ps4 games cause they known Ditch is a side console . Until a sales thread. Lol .