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  1. When the Xbox version is completing broken and they still can't pick a winner LMFAO
  2. did you even......nah , I'm not even gonna
  3. Lmao dont pretend like you are buying this cause you aren't
  4. VR died pretty hard . Is sony still planning on ps5 vr or did they let it die ?
  5. All sony games are overrated . But then again we have people calling Days Gone 5.0 , Ghosts of 7.0shuma, and The 8.0 of us 2 masterpieces. The standard for sonys same shit movie games have dropped so low but they will never admit cause who doesn't love playing the same cinematic 3rd person adventure game over and over because it's "exclusive " lol
  6. Another thread fun to bump in the future .
  7. I def had issues with bt on pc with my xbox controller. I just rock a wired 360 controller rn
  8. Its funny hearing this from TB who literally plays Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches LOL
  9. If TOW is an indie game, that. Outside of that....Cuphead? Is ori and indie game? Most indie games are JUNK.
  10. Wonder how current cards are gonna hold up compared to the series s. Ill probably just get a new PC at some point instead of upgrading like i originally planned. Not really sure yet.
  11. I like it cause i find a game that hooks me and dont waste time with games id force myself to play if i bought them. But there is a lot of games i want to play, and not enough time. I played Yakuza Kawami and that took like 30 hours of so and im 20 so hours into 0 and for me that is MONTHS of gaming. I try to squeeze in some smaller titles in between.
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