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  1. Idk why this game isnt on switch, its ugly. Tried the demo its fun but demo is like 6 minutes long
  2. because every thread is turned into a dyno orgy. Call him a dumbo idiot and move on .
  3. Microsoft is planning to upgrade Project xCloud servers to Xbox Series X hardware in 2021. At launch, Project xCloud will be powered primarily by existing Xbox One S blades
  4. some of yall are weird and obsessed with people and its gay af
  5. I was talking about GT and Dictator even couldn't tell , in gameplay . Get over it and quit following all fucking day , freak I never said ps5 couldn't do rt
  6. JONBpc


    Lmffaaooo what a mistake
  7. Lol if you look closely you kinda might see some rt on the spolier , owned ! Lapdog Sheep