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  1. Yep , it worked lmao Hdyehdhdisodhdhdish Xcloud will be trash and xbox doesnt have exclusives. What is there to talk about ? Idiot .
  2. Dhdhendhdhdydbd Seems it will work w you too Obsessed puppets LMAO
  3. You dont have to respond to me . But you cant help yourself .
  4. I cant type this xhfudbdodnshapfneydbs 100 times in a row and you'll respond to every post . Cbdgeidnxhdyekshdidn
  5. Nobody cares about xcloud , not worth talking about
  6. Lol at how you even speak . Such a sad person . How hard were you bullied?
  7. Here we go You've literally called off work to argue to 6am LMAO Jerry we see your mother has died 3 times this month , is everything ok at home ?
  8. You everytime dyno or ghostz posts Lmao . You basically stalk the guys. You see it . Try to downplay it lol
  9. You won't leave this thread until you get the last word . You cant . You are weak .
  10. You spent 100p hours in a phone thread w ghostz lmao
  11. Post count =/= time spent here . You dont talk about games so ofcourse you have less posts . You know when you do post? Every dyno thread or post . All of them . Everytime . Aggressively and pathetically LOL YOU know it's true .
  12. Lmao you know your obsessed . You know it . You cant control yourself.
  13. We haven't seen much of the campaign , but it's gonna be the most impressive 4k60 games that's for sure. Lots of era members where claiming the same thing .
  14. Dude you spend hours of your day following around the same dude every day:D You're sad