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  1. Funny watching the sheep lose their minds over old xbox games lmao
  2. Uh no . You'll argue with dyno for 6 hours about grass, but frequent 30 frame drops are no big deal . That's enough of you.
  3. It drops 30 frames often , lol that's trash . I like the look of it but fuck that. Should have locked it to 30 . Looks annoying to even play
  4. JONBpc

    Lol canada

    You don't see trump doing blackface
  5. Tried Uplay+. Free trial hopefully I can knock out WD2 New Dawn over the next 12 days or so
  6. Thank you, id rather not converse with such bitter people that cant figure out that what I mean as in overall, not just this thread :) Dumb ass idiot :)
  7. quick, bookmark this thread so you can remember when you are 40 ROFL.