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  1. When they run them at 5 fps ? If 1080ti gets maybe 30fps at 1080p how is the 1060 gonna fare ? 2060 and 2070 can barely do it
  2. Full force , 6 months later and 2 games . What is this , Switchs release schedule this year ?
  3. that plan will flop harder than RTX LOL
  4. I didn't know there were different hulu plans
  5. lmao who cares. Hey we get to play old ass xbox games !!
  6. SteamTard meltdowns are the best LOL
  7. Future games will probably require medium settings with rt imo . I didn't try BF5 but metro you need to play on high with dlss and you can mostly keep 60 but it will drop in areas . Dlss looks a lot worse than native 1080p too . So more taxing games will probably need medium settings . Luckily there are no other games w rt
  8. They should use optane memory in the next consoles.
  9. Im going to buy one of these games but im not sure which one I want to get. I liked the Division 2 beta, I know ill like DMC, I think Mr X or whatever will hurt my fun for Re2 but I do want to play Re2 What did you guys like the most? Has anyone besides mala bought TD2?
  10. Im a Pc gamer, not a hermit. Not modding games LOL
  11. lmao Kazs PC is more powerful than Ditch