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  1. Ms isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Are you dumb ? Sony partners w MS and it hurts you lol . Show us where
  2. Pretending like Sony has no flops , then have cows bragging about sales of said 5.0 flops lmfao
  3. No wonder this forum is dead when an entire faction talks about sales more than playing games
  4. Sheep will have to stream everything because Nintendo consoles too weak for native . Will only be worse next gen .
  5. Oh , was gonna say somebody getting fired
  6. Doesnt matter if it sold a billion it's the garbage version . Post some of your matches
  7. Game owns . Still playing it everyday . Switch version LOL
  8. Best fighter of the gen I have 300 some matches online it owns
  9. Damage controlling bad ports and sales . Life of a sheep , lol
  10. Ms will show some games from thier new studios . Announce more studio purchases . Lots of streaming news , partnerships , next console reveal Sony will have an event and show what they showed last year. Show ps5 Nintendo will show Nintendo games
  11. Damn , steam has been owned . Includes pre orders. I'm probably gonna get wwz
  12. More than that. Also works for preorders .
  13. Lol saying 25 percent of a userbase using something is bad .
  14. Everyone does that. Free month of Netflix, hulu, spotify , etc. Its just to get people in . Probably will know more solid numbers at beginning of next gen . If ms reveals numbers .