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  1. Lmao damn , Phil really did destroy the xbox . All the money they spend on dumb shit , ninja , minecraft, etc ...they could have made multiple big budget AAA franchises , or bought high profile exclusives. They dont have the talent and they know it . Phil really is a con man . Fire the whole xbox team . They killed their next console before it even came out
  2. “We must support the PlayStation platform -- that is nonnegotiable,” Layden said. “That said, you will see in the future some titles coming out of my collection of studios which may need to lean into a wider installed base.”
  3. Phil - I ...I dont understand
  4. I just posted news . No need for a meltdown .
  5. JONBpc

    RTX is a flop

  6. Cause the main character is a lesbain with mental problems . Not covering the typical gears fanbase . Trailer looked dope tho .
  7. Still unable to have a conversation. Jerry you're broken .
  8. JONBpc

    RTX is a flop

    Sure , when consoles support rt . Until then , it's nothing.
  9. JONBpc

    RTX is a flop

    Tou have to because 90 percent of games dont have rtx because it's a lol flop lol
  10. Who are you talking to ? You never told me your favorite wrestler Jerry
  11. The song was a good fit for the trailer .
  12. Nobody is threatened . It's a massively inferior port YEARS late . Idiot .
  13. That's not enough . Maybe if you were trans you would matter.
  14. The character movement looks trash . It's almost a guarantee the combat will be trash as well . Kojima games are such over rated shit . Will still get 9s tho .
  15. Sheep are happy with it . So you know it sucks . Witcher at 540p yuck
  16. Portable is the excuse for how weak it is so most sheep have said that.
  17. This game looks terrible . Gameplay trailer ? Nothing happened. Nobody cares that Geoffrey is In this game .
  18. Ok , well that looked fucking phenomenal. Ms cant be trusted tho .
  19. Lmao damn , MS buying 5.0 quality studios and Sony just up and kills them while they're already down LOL