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  1. Ima log out now . If anyone ever wants to actually play games , catch me on xbl or steam . I know yall gonna be on that Halo infinite no sheep allowed and peace all, good luck with the forum. <3
  2. Seeing you post will make it very easy for me not to come back . Litetally nobody here wants to see you in every thread . Good riddance 🤣
  3. Jerry I hope one day you will graduate from 40 yr old virgin/loser status . I truly mean that . Good luck bro .
  4. after not posting here for a couple weeks you see how much of a waste of time this shit is , in its current state . I dont plan on coming back unless there are big changes made to this place but we all know that's never gonna happen .
  5. Yall take care too. Stay away from the rona . Except the sheep . Yall can eat Rona tainted dicks LOL TSHBO
  6. I'm done posting here. I glance at the forum here and there to see if there is any gaming news but I dont plan to continue posting here. This place sucks . All political garbage , the same few people that literally follow around the same people and shit every thread. Every thread here is the same thing over and over . Also I think there are some irl mental people here. Its not fun posting here anymore. When it was fun , it was good times and most yall pretty cool people . Have fun :)
  7. Idk why this game isnt on switch, its ugly. Tried the demo its fun but demo is like 6 minutes long
  8. because every thread is turned into a dyno orgy. Call him a dumbo idiot and move on .
  9. Microsoft is planning to upgrade Project xCloud servers to Xbox Series X hardware in 2021. At launch, Project xCloud will be powered primarily by existing Xbox One S blades
  10. some of yall are weird and obsessed with people and its gay af
  11. I was talking about GT and Dictator even couldn't tell , in gameplay . Get over it and quit following all fucking day , freak I never said ps5 couldn't do rt
  12. JONBpc


    Lmffaaooo what a mistake
  13. Lol if you look closely you kinda might see some rt on the spolier , owned ! Lapdog Sheep
  14. Looking at the 4K version of that offline, it is really hard to see what is going on due to the car movement. Really hard to see the reflections let alone if self-reflection is occuring. But one thing that can be seen later in the trailer is that a car far ahead of the player is not using RT (could just be cube maps), or at least RT which does not run every frame (another possible optimation, stagger RT update for things at a distance). The reflection on the car here updates about 1 time every 30 frames. Footage slowed down to 25%.