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  1. It does make sense why its console first . Because console are priority one . PC and Ditch and ehhh...if we get to it . Big boy platforms. PC flopped , rtx flopped . Lol this game doesnt even get day one updates on the beta platforms? Rofl
  2. Does it make sense , or is it worth the wait ? It only makes sense to you. Dullard
  3. If you dont care you shouldnt have cane in to defend it
  4. But ...pc players still have to wait You're trying to spin this as a positive when it's clearly not . Dumbo
  5. Cant even watch this tonight. Guess it's no biggie . These shows are cringe and I can just watch the trailers tomorrow
  6. It's probably just some cheap best buy laptop . Even brand new 2019 cheap best buy laptops won't run new games .
  7. Just like Pc gaming to have to wait lmfao. lmao devs don't care about pc
  8. Its not better this way Having a dead community while another thrives because Threads on the Internet
  9. Well, outside of the fact that they lied, and it costs almost as much as an Xbox S, only works on certain phones/hardware, and launched with almost a fifth of what Xcloud FREE beta already has......sure. They claimed 4k60 is what you got with the paid subscription model, they claimed it was some monster next gen PC, and its not beating Xbox 1X Its by far the worst streaming service and the others aren't even officially out. I give them 6 months tops before they pull the plug
  10. Its the only way those inbreds could win Another FLOP for PC.
  11. Sheep have ONE GOTY nominee this year, ONE While Xbox and Ps4 have around 8. These sheep hate themselves. They make a million posts about years old ports, cream themselves when DMC1 and some old RE ports get announced but are SILENT in Remake 3 and DMC5 threads Imagine how it feels to get GENS old games in franchises that dont even exist in current form on the platform LOLh
  12. It was a long, long time for sheep and cows. Sheep had a gimmick console that grandmas liked to play. Then a console that sold 13 million total and had a year with 12 game releases for the whole year Xbox stole every big 3rd party sony game, had better versions of almost all games. This Is why the cows and sheep are so bitter. At least sony turned it around , somewhat with PS4. If only they didn't fall back on nothing but 3rd person cinematic movie games. And now they are going 3rd party and putting games on Pc and Xbox Which is still better than the kids console, Switch....which only had 1 GOTY nominated game this year while the other platforms had 8 or so. Switch still misses every major 3rd party release . Such a sad POS.
  13. Only for the big boy consoles. No PC or Switch
  14. That you have a shitty gpu . Not even X and Pro come close to max settings and definitely not at 60fps .
  15. No, it looks like shit. I have no desire to play that game. Ive never liked Kojima games and this looks to be his worst, most boring one yet.
  16. I played GOW on PC and I might get Detroit on PC. I played some of Horizon and didn't care for it. I didn't play SPiderman, and wont, because I don't like Spiderman. Im not going to play DS, because from what I saw of it looks fucking terrible. The link is, that you are butthurt because I troll on SW. That's it. And I ALSO said, which you skipped over, is that TB is one of the only I listen to....because he doesn't act like you do, and most others here.
  17. Sheep fanboying Sony after Ditch got only one GOTY nominee while xbox and sony got 7 or 8 LOL Hiding behind PS hahaha
  18. Just because I shit on Sony doesn't mean I don't play some of Sonys games. I couldn't care less about platforms. And ill be able to play some more newer Sony games on Pc now. DS will not be one of them. Like I care what people "here" think of games. It looks fucking boring as shit. I watched enough reviews to know its not a game for me. lmao at honestly thinking I wont play games , or would dislike games just because they are on PlayStation. lmao. Like really, lmao. Fuck off
  19. No I didn't and no I never will . The GB video was enough for me to know id hate that game.
  20. TB is one of the only ones that come here and don't act like a DB fanboy, so when he speaks, I take note. Death Stranding was DOOK tho