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  1. You are a switch owner and are complaining about jank? LMFAO. Its not jank on pc.
  2. You should just buy it now. You have a 2060 super right? idk what cpu you have but a 2060 super with a decent cpu is enough for 1080/60 at ultra settings with dlss and you could prob do 1080/30 with RT. Its a good game.
  3. I have a shit ton of side missions available so good to hear they arent trash . It was annoying getting phone calls every 5 mins about cars tho lmao
  4. Also in 20 hours i had next to no bugs in this game. All i came across was a couple times when an object randomly fell from the sky, and the one part in the diner the waitress looked dead....wouldnt even say that was a bug but it was just wierd. There were some other small minor things but nothing like i read up on. I played this game at ultra settings with DLSS and the game held 60 almost the whole time . Put NPC to medium. Some cutscenes dropped a few frames and occasionally i would get small dips driving thru the city rarely. OR in the awful braindance parts....It pushed my cpu
  5. I didnt do many of them at all. Im def gonna go back in and do the interesting ones tho.
  6. Sheep have to stream games cause the console cant run them LMFAO. Switchia
  7. This did happen to me with one game but its easy to fix and will go away on its own if you dont fix it. gamepass haters lmfao
  8. Reached the point of no return in cyberpunk at about 20 hours so guessing ill be finishing the main story soon. This is a really cool sci fi game and ive enjoyed it a lot. Will probably go back in and do a lot of the side stuff i missed. The main story really pulled me in and i didnt really feel like stopping that to do side that probably isnt as good.
  9. jerry has his running shoes on AND refuses to direct quote
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