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  1. https://streamable.com/3i8pum https://streamable.com/tv43jj https://streamable.com/tv43jj
  2. Maybe ill pick it up. I assumed it was going to be very hard.
  3. Looks like some Playstation games are coming to Netflix. Thats funny .
  4. I dont think this thing is going to run AAA games too well if at all. Especially if devs arent going to optimize games for it. If its just the PC version, turn the settings down and good luck....well, good luck. 64GB model you are lucky to fit one new game , and many games you wont be able to fit period without buying more storage. If the 256gb model was 400 bucks i think they may have a decent product. It really does show how much of a rip off the Switch is tho. And at least you can play all of Switchs games on it too. Ill buy one in 6 months for 99dollars after they flop. It ca
  5. Bloober with a budget is something im down with. They make good games but they are all cheaply made. Sometimes that has some charm sometimes it just feels unpolished. I think with the money behind them it will be worth checking out. Itd be worth checking it out without the money behind it tbh
  6. Ive not had any issues with my current one.
  7. You might be able to get away with that PSU but good luck changing it if you cant. Youll get lucky and maybe be able to just not use some screws or youll have to cut out part of the case.
  8. Is it easy to swap out the PSU in that PC? That PC lives and dies with its CPU. Get something better.
  9. Why would you not spend a few hundred more and get something that isnt trash? Everything about that PC is junk. You can probably throw your 2060 in there and be good until cross gen is over i guess but why waste the money on junk. Spend a bit more and get something with a good cpu. You can probably put a 3060 in that PC but any more than that might be iffy with that PSU. But why would you want to put a better GPU in that junk anyway. Spend more.
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