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  1. From the gtplanet article linked in the OP: "Yamauchi did note, however, that these dynamic environmental features will not be available on all tracks in the game."
  2. Im at over 12 hours now and havent got to the 2nd lord yet
  3. "We found that we were able to make a PS4 version and a PS5 version without dropping any quality, so that's why we decided to do both at the same time." 🤷‍♂️
  4. lmao the sheep here are FUCKED up 😂
  5. This forum is literally the same argument over and over. Why post here all the time? Its the same thing . Other forums actually talk about games and stuff and dont repeat the same decade old lines almost word for word. If yall like that shit every day, feel free to continue. Its tiring to me. Small doses sure, but day after day...im good. Im sure when i stop posting for some time again soon youll claim you owned me when i come back Fucking idiot.
  6. You save everything i post to your HDD. Thats the best personal attack in the world
  7. I didnt try any yakuza games until this gen. But ive played most of the Tales games. The only games you play is saving my posts to your HDD Youve been here for years and i dont even know who you are
  8. MadSheep had a 1080ti and bought multiplats on PS4. That tells ya a lil something.
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