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  1. This game is pretty fun. I only played a little bit but if you played with 3 people you know i can see it being a lot of fun.
  2. I started playing The Good Life. Idk what to expect from the game but it looks like a wiiu and performs like one too....yet somehow i am still intrigued. Only played more maybe an hour but we will see how it goes. Its unique, thats for sure,
  3. After you beat that one, there is one more left. Its about the same time from lord to lord so not too much. But the game doesnt end there . I stopped after i beat all the lords not sure how much goes on after that.
  4. JonbX

    Godlo Infinite

    Its funny how Goobs likes to talk about us "not talking about halo itt" when me and remij did, but says all my posts are about jerry (when ZERO of his are about Halo and all are about me and remij) but refuses to acknowledge that Jerry made 197 posts itt NOT ABOUT HALO And the power i have here. Ill just stop posting , because Goobs only has 20 posts left before he passes me and i know he is jotting down every post he makes in his little pink nintonto burn book I let him know how many posts he can make. Better make them worth it , OBSESSAN 😄
  5. JonbX

    Godlo Infinite

    As i mentioned, i had multiple posts about Halo itt. All of your posts are about me now and you are about to take over LOL. What a LOSER Goobser is HAHAHA LOL jerry had 189 posts itt Sheep are SAD
  6. I see you are a closet lemming thats scared to come out because what people on this forum say LOL IDIOT
  7. Cause we are at the He-Man Xbox Haters Club forum. No surprise there , IDIOT
  8. JonbX

    Godlo Infinite

    and your coming up on 30 about me LOL IDIOT
  9. JonbX

    Godlo Infinite

    yet another post about me lol what a nutter. You honestly cannot help yourself LOL
  10. Any other poll from any other gaming website will be the same. Halo is back, BF and COD are dedz
  11. You brought me up, idiot. How do you function in life lol you are DUMB
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