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  1. Did they really use the term edgelord? LOL Anyway, GAMEPASS
  2. Pedoman and some other trash ps game lo ok . Just because you are the size of a pokemon doesnt mean adults give a shit about that trash LMAO
  3. The ultra looks pretty beastly spec wise. Im fine with my s10 too but they kept on offering the s21 for free so why not. I mean idk how they doing that but ill take it.
  4. I thought my s10 camera was pretty good but im not a photo snob. Like it worked good for snapchat and fb pictures lol. The camera itself looks nicer tho
  5. Yeah the 120hz is adaptive tho and wrecks your battery. Goes from like 10 hours to maybe 7. It looks a bit smoother but not something id use all the time. the s20 ultras or whatever are apparently a lot better spec wise so if you get that it might be more of a difference, but i dont want a big ass phone
  6. coming from a s10. Phones havent really changed much lately huh? Really nothing new or exciting . Havent tried the camera yet tho
  7. Shouldnt have been 4k on Xbox anyway. Its still using DRS and cant stay at 60
  8. So i finished the first story parts for everyone at about 15 hours in. I enjoyed all of the characters but i see my highest level guy is level 20, i have another level 20 then most others are 8-12. The next story sections start at level 21 at the lowest and go to 27..... so i feel i am going to have to grind or get wrecked. I really like this game but if ima have to grind forever i probably wont finish it. I feel your characters that just sit around when you arent using them should automatically level up. Also i didnt know you could boost your attacks up to 4 times until like my 6t
  9. Yeah i agree. I think most people that get it, its not bad at all. I know probably over 30 people who have gotten it and all said it was no big deal. But i also know that it kills people and some people get it really bad so i do my part to follow the guidelines.
  10. Id rather have Covid again over the flu any day. I know it affects people differently but the flu is fucking terrible. Covid to me was a minor nuisance.
  11. At least TB is honest. Doesnt try to be a bully on the internet to compensate for ......well i think we all know that.
  12. SonyPass is coming. Sony 1st party on PC is coming. Cows (and sheep in cows clothing) can damage control that all they want. The fact is, when SonyPass comes, they will love it, and subscribe. And most of them will buy the Sony games on PC. Hate what you dont have i guess. They do it every gen.
  13. Cant wait to see his The Show Meltdown video
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