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  1. Yeah i wasnt expecting to like Elden Ring but its one of my fav games ever. Wo Long i was expecting not to like to much either but i love the combat in the game and the boss battles are super fun. I just get annoyed with replaying shit. Like if i die at a boss and you have to run through a bunch of shit to get back to the boss again. Its just disrespects my time. I tried DSremake on PS5 and i couldnt get into that either. It just felt dated to me.
  2. I was never really a big fan of DarkSouls games. I really did like Elden Ring. Im playing WoLong now and i really like that too. So at some point ill get back to DS3. Im not always in a mood where im fine replaying the same shit over and over after dying.
  3. What a flop. Should be 200 bucks tops.
  4. I have it on PC. Beat the first boss and died a few times after that and just never went back to it. Ill get to it eventually but not in a hurry to try it again.
  5. Id rather play this on a big screen with HDR and higher res than my PC but if it plays best on PC itll probably be that. Pc is a gamble too tho. Ill wait to see how it is on all platforms.
  6. The only thing worth the effort is the BB TE. But the trouble of shipping and ebay is not even worth it. Doubt id get 100 bucks for MVSF id prob sell that since its easy to ship. Ill just toss all the shit in the storage box in my basement where it belongs Maybe put it on FB marketplace just to get rid of the shit to a good home or something.
  7. Tried it on PC and it does play much better. IDK whats up with the xbox version. Will try it on ps5 and see how that version is. Might just get on PC, it ran surprisingly good on my old 2060. No crashes and pretty solid 60fps with fsr2. Will probably wait to a DF review on this one which i never really do but all versions seem to have issues. Then again its just a demo.
  8. I found some other games. Turns out i did have the discs for the DS and BB LEs. Isuka is for PC LOL. Cocaine jutters on the TE pic my bad. That GGX and SFAC are factory sealed
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