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  1. Ran out and bought a VR headset thanks to the fantastic games mentioned itt
  2. I want to play this but ill wait to it pops up on gamepass
  3. LOL this greasy fat lard ass cant go one thread without diverting attention to him. Luckily he is only a few fast food meals away from a heart attack
  4. GoW sounds like a real stinker. Sounds like it was made purely for the retarded Sony fanboy baby gamers that post Xbox memes all day on the internet.
  5. DF said its best played on Xbox. lmao quoting ign and tomsguide 😂
  6. LMAO this kid lying about playing GOW cause "the lemmings he created" hurt his fee fees 😂
  7. DF said its best on Xbox why are yall even debating this lmao clowns.
  8. Bhytre doesnt even own a xbox but these lunatic sheep call everyone a lemming 🤡 The mental damage is severe, these dolts will be making up lemmings here until they are DEAD 🤣
  9. PEEDOHPOWER probably sitting on a golden joystick RN 😆
  10. Someone already made the same thread. DUMBPOWER 🤡
  11. Yeah thats better, a businessman that follows 12 year old system warriors on Twitter 🤣
  12. Did you use the same software to create those pics as you do to create lemmings? 😂
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