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  1. Yeah it is . Its MUD STOMPING that shitty PC ROFL
  2. Seeing a 500 dollar console BEAT THE FUCK UP a 2000 dollar PC will sell more consoles than a exclusive patch LOL
  3. Dumbofuckhead I lol'd. Every game MS makes is on Pc, so you want them to hold back a patch ? Thats some hermtarded logic right there. Imagine your tears if they did hold it back Its already BEATING UP 2000 dollar PCs.
  4. Yeah, a Gears patch will sell consoles lol You sound mad that a 500 dollar xbox is beating up on a 2000 dollar PC ROFL
  5. Why would the enchancements be console exclusive lol (factually better than your pc )
  6. 4k60 with higher settings than what PC has now. a 2080 cant do that. So yeah, i do .
  7. https://www.resetera.com/threads/10-minutes-of-gears-tactics-gears-5-xbox-series-x-footage-4k60.307207/post-48599092
  8. bu bu Befesda games are coming still !!! bu bu PS5 is not a mistake, it really is more powaful!!! TCHBFR
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