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  1. Thats made up. 3 of 4 modes in DMC run better on Xbox COD 60fps mode runs better on Xbox. And Xbox wins 120 with VRR Assassins Creed is now best on Xbox. Was better anyway with VRR Cerny magic is made up breh. Watchdogs is a wash
  2. Damn, i hope that doesnt happen to me lol. Its the worst part of it so far for sure.
  3. Of course it is. If i do die tho, yall better make sure Jerry gets banned. Ill post my new Pc before i die if i do die. Follow thru homies.
  4. Jerry will be banned if he doesnt show actual proof of him playing Polish Punk on release day. This has already been discussed. We not tolerate lying gaggots here at SW.
  5. Likeeeeeeeeee, did you think that was gonna sound funny?
  6. You.....literally dont have any games to play. Its been like that for months. Xbox fans , have tons of AA+ games to play. Honestly sheep should be banned for talking about not playing games.
  7. Uhhh.....you were playing wiiu ports breh....and nothing else . Like literally. You have no games to play. PERIOD. I have a STACK of AA+ Ditchcluded BANGERS. Talk shit on tetris while playing 6.0 fucking flops. LMFAO you post here for ME, not for games. Sheep are fake. Mental Case losers that post here for dudes. FACTS You have NO games to play.
  8. Its either , not his shit. Or he doesnt know how to put it together. Thats all there is to it. Nobody is playing games on a 970 when they have a 3090. It aint his shit. He will NEVER post pics of him playing ANY game on this PC.
  9. lmao this scumbag is getting BANNED bruh LMFAO you broke ass, fake little girl ROFL
  10. And you aint playing NOTHING. Literally NOTHING 10+ AA + games at launch and you have a 6.0 FLOP and LIMITED TIME ONLY WIIU games
  11. Let that obsession get to MAX power Im tired of the sheep saying i have no games to play when you literally....have NOTHING Xbox got like 10 AA+ games in the last few weeks. SHeep got a 6.0 FLOP and some wiiu ports Kill yourself you CLOWN
  12. lol, make sure to bookmark this thread like every other thread i make, you SICK OBSESSED FUCK HDD Full of jonb LMAAAAOOOOOOO kneel down bitch
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