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  1. No way they would pull COD off PS consoles. They are gonna milk those dumb cows dry.
  2. They could have told that lore through a recording or something more interesting than the 80th book you found sitting in some random office. And the lore sounds much better than what they are. Oh thats a cool back story, how are they portrayed? Like a fucking dollar store slinky that struggles to make it down more than 2 steps then just unravels and you trip on it later that night. And great, that last part sounds really fucking fun. The ending better be great or im coming for you
  3. Well Sony is a 3rd party now. They for sure will release their MP games as multiplat day one.
  4. Just the fact that he goes to your personal twitter is strange enough. Like who does shit like that.
  5. If you have amazon prime you can get a week of UbiSoft+ for free. I got the trial and not much on there to play so i downloaded Far Cry 6....and one of the first things you get is an attack alligator. LMAO. I doubt ill complete the game but it seems fun enough to mess around with for a while. Im on chapter 7 of Dishonored 2 i really like this game and will be finishing it up shorty. I hope i am almost done with Prey i hate this game most of the time but it has enough great parts to it to keep me pushing through it. I also finished As Dusk Falls a little bit
  6. It because money and they never had a good MP FPS of their own. COD leaving PS would hurt them massively.
  7. It really shows a lot about their mental state 😂
  8. GamePass SONY: They say that from a development/publication perspective, game development typically involves an early stage that is neutral in relation to the platform, before the game is adapted for one or more specific platforms. They believe that all games compete for engagement of the player. Players choose their gaming platform based on pricing, technical features, and available game types. The available content is the main factor for the player to choose a platform. They say that there are few barriers to entry in game development and publishing for PC. That only one d
  9. Imagine being this butthurt about Xbox that you create lemmings and argue with them and they dont even own Xbox LOL
  10. Well it was awful until i realized you can gather spare parts from the health robots and power on the elevator. IDK why they thought it was a good idea to add platforming into the game when its awful just because you didnt have enough spare parts with you. Im about 10 hours in. I stopped reading most stuff. Ive read more emails in this game than ive read irl. Its almost all useless junk and the game should have a spam folder. The game has way too much to read and most of it is useless or uninteresting. I thought DH2 was bad with all the bullshit they think you are going to read. Al
  11. Doesnt sound much different that your experience
  12. Escaping the power plant is quite possibly one of the worst levels ive ever played in video games period. Ive had enough of Prey lmao.
  13. Add on hardware selling to less than 5 percent of userbase is a failure. End of discussion.
  14. Having a GOTY nominee doesnt mean anything. You think sony was like, oh, Gamepost gave us GOTY nominee so who cares that we only sold this to 5 percent of our userbase. A PS4 game selling 5 million is not the same as hardware selling 5 million. You are so dumb.
  15. You sold that shit. Or its your nephews.
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