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  1. Yall dont play games REmeber how you hide you PSN account cause you were playing old inferior xbox ports? 🤣
  2. The one on the far right looks what Jerry found in his brothers undie drawer 🤮 "Hmm, wonder how much this will fetch on Ebay! 🤡 "
  3. Have fun with another gen or 3rd person action adventure games. Ill take Zenimaxs entire diverse cast of games please 😎
  4. Lmao you cant even comprehend what i am saying 🤣 Stop mashing REFRESH so fast ROFL http://www.slashfilm.com/wp/wp-content/images/ZZ6FE4C26C.jpg
  5. Its obvious you cows are MAD AF cuz you got the weakest console again this gen LMFAO
  6. All 6 of them ? lmfao why would i care what people like YOU, think about me. Or people that dig into peoples real lives....or have decade old pictures of me on their HDDs 😆 Why would i care what those people thought? LMFAO SystemWars.com the most elite 7 man active user forum on the net
  7. Coming from the guy that WONT leave this thread until i do Go log into your other account....i still see you talking about we when im never here LMFAO
  8. Already at the point where a 1000+ video card cant run a last gen game at 60fps LMFAO
  9. Guess you cant get over it LMFAO. Better get to Ebay to sell junk ROFL fucking DUMBO 🤣
  10. Remember when Xbox was SOOO big?? How they get full featured RDNA2 in that box and Sonys last gen box its 2x the size with RDNA1.2 and 2+ less TFs ROFL
  11. Are you a cow now? Or hermit? Still banking on yet another CyberPunk delay so you can finish your PC build ? 🤣 Its missing features like you are missing Pc parts 🤣
  12. Looks like BC games will need patched on a ....... case by case basis LMFAO PS5 is a MISTAKE
  13. HOLY SHIT Not only is PS5 2+ TF WEAKER, its also LAST GEN LMFAO TCHBO. Its the size of a mini fridge too FFS PS5 is a MISTAKE Tom Warren @tomwarren · Oct 28, 2020 Microsoft is confirming today what many of us have known for months. Xbox Series X|S will be the only next-gen consoles with full RDNA 2. Does that matter? Time will tell. Xbox Wire @XboxWire Xbox Series X|S will be the only next gen consoles with full RDNA 2 integration, thanks to our close working partnership with @AMD. Learn more: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/10/28/
  14. Yeah it is . Its MUD STOMPING that shitty PC ROFL
  15. Seeing a 500 dollar console BEAT THE FUCK UP a 2000 dollar PC will sell more consoles than a exclusive patch LOL
  16. Dumbofuckhead I lol'd. Every game MS makes is on Pc, so you want them to hold back a patch ? Thats some hermtarded logic right there. Imagine your tears if they did hold it back Its already BEATING UP 2000 dollar PCs.
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