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  1. That's all that matters to them lmao. They are happy to give up AAA sp games , going full multiplat and buying these shitty gaas games that should be f2p just so Sony keeps making money
  2. Cool I'll grab this tomo. I hear the sp story is pretty good
  3. 9.0 gamespot 87 metacritic SMOKES ForgotenDivers and ConnedCord. Still waiting for Sonys Halo killer. And will continue doing so
  4. Infinite gameplay is fantastic. It was a blast to play . Game needed more variety in environment.
  5. Demo ranch channel getting canceled lol.
  6. Hermits recording their porno games LOL
  7. Good one, DeLynnverance More shots were fired than you have teeth in your mouth 😆
  8. They are done, youll see shortly 😆 You probably live in one of the cars in Jerrys driveway 😆
  9. They are done, you hillbilly Texan 😆 You probably fucked your brother instead of your sister on accident because they both have green hair 😆
  10. lmao yes they do. Im not mad at all. Im not a Trump supporter. Everyone is tired of the far left tho, even people on the left. And people absolutely are fearful to speak positive about Trump and you fucking know that. Dont play dumb.
  11. They are weak. That's why the mob and exile anyone they can. You're right tho, it's absolutely pointless to have any discussion with people like them. Not even worth the time lmao
  12. The worst part is the far left had made being anything else a crime. If you like Trump, voted for Trump, don't like bidon etc and speak about it ? Fired from your job. Mobbed. Attacked and harassed . Labeled as something, banned from basically everywhere on the internet etc. Americans that vote Trump or like Trump have to live in fear of even speaking about it. The far left created this is that's the most scary thing.
  13. Will be worth it just to see the far left goonies lose their shit LOL Just look at how they act here. Goocacasan, jerry and Mr Miserable. Come here strictly to argue. No reasoning. Cannot admit they are wrong. Live to fight pointless battles. Only what they say is right even when they get owned again and again and if you go against them they claim you are a lemming. Lol Sounds familiar lmfao
  14. Youre over estimating the amount of people that have this batshit mindset. They took over the internet, big cities and big tech/corpo. Thats it. If there were to be a civil war, it would probably be far left and right vs the normals. The masses just want to live their lives without out of this Jerry Springer drama. Most people are well aware that these people are batshit, selfish narcissistic clowns.
  15. Pretty big difference between that and this
  16. You are far left and you are the problem. Insanity , completely irrational. Narcissistic idiots with no empathy if anyone has a different view than you. Your way , or no way. It's done bro. It's over for yall. Even your president condemns your mindset.
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