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  1. Marketing works, and Jerry is the audience for this
  2. You have every opportunity to use your name on this forum, why don't you?
  3. I know right? I thought it was hilarious when I read it. I'm never responding to that guy seriously ever again.
  4. I don't know much about the engine other than I like the idea of it. A cheap way to licence indie games and tools for developers to teach themselves how to make games.
  5. Why do I "Lose" for not answering something you have no idea of the answer either?
  6. I don't have an explanation for that specific date, but that's about when "globalization" began.
  7. But that's exactly what's happening. Entrepreneurs are finding ways to make productivity without workers. Machines and globalization make it harder for workers to ask for higher wages, because they're not being more productive, machines are.
  8. Im sorry, but the people who make the products are the entrepreneurs, not the workers.
  9. As an economist I assure you productivity and incomes are very much tied, and that the 1% are being more productive and the 99% aren't growing in productivity.
  10. So you're saying that since the 70's the 1% has been doing most of the productivity?
  11. Maybe the productivity of the country continues to grow, while the productivity of most workers stays the same? Machines are making us more productive while workers can't do much to make productivity grow on their own.
  12. The video literally shows how they detox in Jail / prison hurrr durr conservative media is bad!1