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  1. The discourse in this country has gotten so bad... and I blame the left.
  2. Oh, those little chalk pastels? That's impressive. Those are hard to work with.
  3. Nice blending. Oils can do that.
  4. An example of "Not being a slave to your reference" Is the drawing Unity, in this thread. I drew a live model in that drawing for 45 minutes. Models try their best not to move, but sometimes they move, as well as your head, so drawing from imagination helped me in that drawing. It also helps you to draw faster if you know the body and where the landmarks are.
  5. There's two forms of art talent that I can think of, being able to copy what you see, and being able to draw from imagination. If there is a third, it's using color. Being able to copy exactly has been with me for a long time, but I've gotten better at it since I was 15 or so. I've been working on drawing from imagination and it's far harder. It's not bad to use a reference when you draw, and it's incredibly helpful to have a reference, but drawing from imagination helps you invent things. It also helps when you have a reference, so you aren't a "slave to your reference." Meaning, you can draw your reference with more gesture, from a different angle, or just with more style. Here's what I can do without a reference, probably my best example: The Punishment Cube
  6. I actually gave money to Yang. I think he's cool. I never gave money to a candidate before.
  7. Hello, Post your artwork here. I want to keep up with SW artists. I remember blinddesigns and clearacell were big photoshoppers but I think this thread is just for artwork. Artworks can be digital or fine art. I'm going to post my fine art. tzadik Japanese Garden Girl With an Umbrella Recreation Unity Keynes
  8. It's awesome. I love retro Sci-fi like that. Some others: Turn A Gundam, Space Runaway Ideon
  9. I think I like Warren the most, not sure why though. I like Biden because I like the idea of politics returning to normal.
  10. Higurashi and Civ 6
  11. This thread is terrifying. do you know the word 怖い And im not scared for you, im scared for the innocent people you are 'helping'
  12. I was in McDonalds and suddenly saw the Simpsons on one of their flat screen TVs. They made a homage to Stanley Kubrick. I liked that at least.
  13. My DJ friend lost his girlfriend to suicide. I go to all his DJ shows, where he performs at local bars and I dance and have fun there. Suddenly, he posts on facebook that his girlfriend is missing. They post up fliers and they called the cops. It turns out she jumped off a local bridge, and the body resurfaced in the river. it was very sad and I felt sorry for him.