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  1. I made a japanese cooking thread @ japanophile isle. Come cook with me :~)
  2. Hello 🖐️ I decided to use my local Japanese Grocery Store a lot more, including cooking more japanese style dishes. The best japanese recipes are at Just One Cookbook https://www.justonecookbook.com/ Let me know if you find other recipes at other sites. I cooked the site's recipe for Gyoudon And Curry Udon The protein in the Beef Gyoudon (gyou means beef) is thinly sliced beef. But the Protein in the Curry Udon is Pork Loin. The Pork Loin was really good for the recipe. For the soup base, I put 4 dehyd
  3. The best anime movie is Ghost In The Shell 1995 Such a godlike movie - the sakuga animation remains the best (sakuga is an animation enthusiast subcommunity, and good clips of animation are called sakuga). The story is top notch, and it inspired the other best movie ever in the west... that one is called The Matrix. Even though this is anime, it's definitely one of the best movies of all time. Maybe there should be another movie that's awarded best anime movie of all time. Because this is the best movie of all time.
  4. She...............................really did make a post about Jewish Space Lasers creating California wildfires. So......................
  5. I hope not. Not sure how much the Jewish Space Lazer stuff is political theatre because I haven't been following it -- but maybe it's just true... so... that's wack. lol.
  6. I said the device was awesome, but I didn't play a gaem on it yet, too tired.
  7. I created a Jew beam to turn every racist into a jew. Once struck by the beam, they go OOHHhhhOHHHhhhHHhhh NO! *zap*
  8. I think I am gonna watch Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Gou. I should be already, but I have just been too tired, too uninterested in doing anything other than drawing.
  9. I have a PS5, there's one game Im playing, and im not really playing it.
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