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  1. This is a good thread because I needed to replace mine.
  2. GeorgeW1000


    Truth is I hate stuff like this. I don't mind trans as individuals but I hate that it's a fad.
  3. Again, all you know is weed, "diversity," rap music, basketball. You don't know what it's like to shape civilization.
  4. I can feel your anger. People like you don't know what civilization is, let alone what it's like signing up for the military. You don't know what duty is, or what a nation is.
  5. Is it lonely living around people that aren't like you? Well, at least they won't shoot you.
  6. You get shot at just by living in your neighborhood, brotha
  7. GeorgeW1000


    Why don't you get on HRT?
  8. I risked my life to serve this country, what did you do?
  9. I'm a Portland Hipster with a magical girl anime avatar, I'm just right wing.
  10. No one does radio and free speech as raw and awesome as Michael. I remember listening to this in the car as a kid.
  11. lol warren. Hurr durr you're a billionaire!1 lol you're a sociopath, get off the stage, bitch.
  12. Where is the lie though? https://nypost.com/2020/02/18/bloomberg-in-2011-black-and-latino-men-dont-know-how-to-behave-in-the-workplace/?fbclid=IwAR0IL60Xo4aZNjDwq-XpysTu2xliQRcpmlcN6zm7J69uw_F51ufTKbmZNOo