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  1. It's just a name color man... I barely play games to be a fanboy. This is just my childhood forum man.
  2. It would be really chill to play these games again.
  3. Oh wow... yeah I remember kamikaze pie being well liked in real life. I’m not really his neighbor, definitely not his next door neighbor. When I knew him he lived in Vancouver Washington, and I lived in Portland Metro. I was actually nervous about meeting him because I was young and was afraid of meeting people on the internet. And whenever my parents like, took me to Vancouver I would be super nervous, lol. But we hatched this plan to join the military together, right before he passed away. I joined the military anyway, but I’m still sad we never got to do that together. he wanted us to join
  4. From the same exhibit... can you guess what the meaning behind this was?
  5. Not an expert at all... but isn’t that like, smoke? Idk.
  6. You don’t think he’s the funniest rapper on the market??? That stuff is gold.
  7. Hahaha... it’s not bad music... but it’s not serious, like music that would make you think it’s seriously good. When you listen to it you laugh at it.
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