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  1. I'm chill, just talking to my crush all night drinking wine at 3am
  2. looks like they will soon have anime clothing. Anime is a huge fad right now.
  3. Excuse me, It is called sake and it is an ocha (tea) set the walls are painted in a mature kibishi (strict) color and are part shibui aesthetic. the figure is kawaii (cute) You're going to have to work on your japanese language degozaru
  4. I got this bad girl and a couple more. Anyone else collect?
  5. I got this cutie today. The owner is a manly sensitive boy.
  6. Hello, My crush is transgender and she's a gamer. I want to buy a game for her for christmas. She likes league of legends and runescape. She's a conservative and is currently grounded at her parents house for not getting a vaccine. It sucks being grounded and can't come out of your room at 30. So I want to buy her a game to cheer her up. She really, really likes pokemon and I got her a pokemon kigurumi hat that looks so cute on her. Any ideas gamers?
  7. I salute him for being such a contrarian
  8. Sometime I got to learn the fortnight dances and make sure I never do them on accident
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