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  1. Careful... you can say the same about aza
  2. And I helped your ass get on welfare. No thanks even.
  3. Wow... come on. I’m obviously talking about policy decisions he made, not things that are beyond his control. What policies that bush did were bad?
  4. How is maga cancer? What is the difference between trump’s presidency and George w bush’s? Without the wars.
  5. Like, in the whole world? i can’t imagine anyone more awesome.
  6. “Trump leaves like a bitch for blah blah blah” you realize trump isn’t a “bitch,” right, he’s the president of the USA and you’re some whiny loser.
  7. He’s in my basement taking the pink pill.
  8. This thread is terrible, I’m not clicking the link, part of being a forum poster is formatting the thread right, dumbfuck.
  9. I love my fellow city dwellers so much.
  10. Oh my god... what’s wrong with listening to BLM? Just take tranny pills. Don’t think about it. Who ever your husband turns out to be, black or whatever, he’ll know what’s best for you.