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  1. I think I hate moe now. Retro moe anime had a lot of stylization and originality. This is just bland waifu garbage.
  2. Smart people still go to college because it's a great institution to learn at
  3. So they go from $25 to $50? you know people make $25 per hour right? Not years of collecting?
  4. It's white genocide from a brown country
  5. Nothing but respect for my president.
  6. I sold all of mine before I lost money, but Ill probably buy some throughout the year.
  7. Damn, I got owned. I bought one - I knew I would tho.
  8. I bought Doge coin and Etherum because they have great branding and brand is the only thing that seems to matter with cryptocurrency.
  9. Im gonna get a pool membership this month. Im 190lbs at 5'6" and it kind of sucks. Don't know how it got like that. What is the best way to lose weight @-GD-X ?
  10. I had like $5k and then I spent a bunch when I moved. 🙂 Now I have like $1000
  11. I got that under pfizer, it goes away after 2 days.
  12. They're big as in expensive, thinking about taking mine and selling it
  13. I've been in them a lot when I went to the gym all the time. They're nice, especially in Oregon's climate or after a swim.
  14. But it could be the least safe... which is why governments are banning it in places.
  15. I got the vaccine.... gonna get "Vaxxed" tattooed on my ass. See? "property of US government" would make a great ass tattoo.
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