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  1. I would be willing to pay extra just to keep my games organized on the steam cloud. Whenever I game, I expect to spend around $20-$60. Maybe hardcore gamers care more about deals.
  2. Steam is great ramza. They carry tons of my weeaboo reading games.
  3. kojikun if you want to send your cock to someone DM me
  4. You owned a whole faction of the forum, as well as the logic this site was created with.
  5. It's a pretty lame talking point when Xbox puts its games on a windows only PC, and the other fan boys are like "There's no exclusives." Lmao. Do they not realize an xbox is a computer like the PC is?
  6. I think the PS5 looks really cool in person, we had enough stupid black box things. I got mine, don't know what game to get.
  7. Why does the self proclaimed fascist read resetera and not neogaf
  8. You know the smart gamers missed this and wish it was real, because they were ready to stick it up their ass.
  9. I remember raiding his forum with @bhytre
  10. lol GD is so alpha he thinks stupid bragging shit is just weird. 🤣
  11. 😟looks like someone was into them
  12. Anyone from online communities? Mostly I got luck through twitter... every other internet thing is people who lived all over. I don't go on the portland reddit.
  13. Uh, I guess so, yeah. But everyone knows it's different.
  14. So it's only dates? Don't you meet up with other online people?
  15. Damn, lol, yeah. So were Americans though. Remember the Smurfs? I actually watched a few episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle which was meant to oppose that.
  16. People here look pretty fly. I know that SA and 4chan have very ugly looking people, at least in a way you can find the worst looking ones and defame the whole forum.
  17. Some poster said you were gay on here.
  18. Cows get milked when they visit pornhub on playstation 5
  19. It can be a little dangerous, but also, tons of fun. I've met a lot of interesting people, including weird people. All around, it's great. What happened to you? What did you two do? What site was it? (dating apps count IMO). Do you use strategies to make it safer?
  20. Yeah those seem dope. Would love to get lost in a tony hawk game.
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