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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/tryhardlfg
  2. I'll see you all around nostalgia time again next year.
  3. beef

    Private trackers

    I like doing speedbox racing but with gatekeeping like that they can blow me I just gotta figure out where to blow my traffic
  4. beef

    Private trackers

    lol ive been paying for software for years
  5. I'm on IPT but I want more. What do you use? RED just turned me down because I answered all the questions too correctly and said I was cheating. So that's out. At least the interviewing bit. Fuck that.
  6. can you give me a tldr on that chief
  7. im just a ginger fag now
  8. zero people here know about the forum i actually have put effort into, that isn't to say i didnt put any work into SF but i dont want to have to ground up i want to walk into an echo chamber, give away some shit and make everyone artificially like me people here either fear me or do not like me, with the exception of a couple maybe
  9. this kind of babble is why im looking for a forum
  10. I will never even have virtual friends
  11. I like to talk about games, do weird runs, and enjoy multiplayer content with other gaming gaygays. Have any of you found any forums like this?
  12. beef


    they are retarded its a 1k+ web browser if they let you put real linux on it, 10/10 stuck with chromeOS 5/10
  13. I have some fresh coldbrew waiting for me in the fridge