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  1. I think I payed $199 for it, came with Astro Bot and Moss. That shit was a bargain, Astro Bot was amazing.
  2. Do you have a hand brake ? I want one for rally and drift, but keep hearing how the Fanatec handbrake censor goes bad too quickly. having a hard time deciding between Fanatec, aiologs, or heusinkveld Heusinkveld best build but no console compatibility. (Not even with drivehub I believe) Aiologs nice, works with consoles via drivehub too or Fanatec, works on consoles, plugs in to base so easier wire managment
  3. What wheel do you use for rally? you like that game better than Rally 2.0 ?
  4. Damn Just like a week ago I checked his wiki to see if he was still alive after seeing a madden land commercial
  5. Merry Xmas Gonna count my 83” OLeD as part of my Xmas haul
  6. Finally got tracking will arrive tomorrow if fedex delivers on time guess my son will get to unwrap this after all 🙂
  7. this is pretty cool Champion Sim Drifter gets in real Drift Car for first time ever.
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