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  1. And yah, it’s looking like the only thing that can keep the 3090 intriguing to gamers would be much higher power limits. The 3080 power limits are pretty weak, even all the AIB 3080’s. Wouldn’t be surprised it that’s a direct order from Nvidia to make the 3090 more desirable
  2. they had at least 63, question is what is 10+ is it 11? 20? 30? Like I said EVGA HQ is 15 minutes away so I can totally seep 20+ of each of those 2 EVGA GPUs altho I’m surprised they didn’t get any FTW3’s at all.
  3. Not sure thats how it worked at this location. But they surely had hundreds of 3080's. Hopefully EVGA keeps those 3080's coming to my Microcenter. EVGA HQ and Microcenter are 15 minutes from eachother
  4. The 2000 series being such a weak jump in rasterization performance as well as being overpriced played a huge roll here obviously.
  5. Went to Microcenter 2 hours before they opened, The line wrapped around the building and down the block.... I had too much to do at work to just sit around
  6. Navi21 is also being called Navi2x because it’s double the performance of a 5700 XT i fully expect Navi21 to outperform a 3070, and get pretty close to a 3080 Basically it’ll be closer in rasterization performance to a 3080 than a 3070
  7. Air Quality is worse in Vancouver than it is in So Cal
  8. I have a 1000 cubic foot oven at work, thought my gas lines were leaking haha
  9. And today it smelt like Natural Gas in OC, all from a chemical leak 20 miles away
  10. Air quality is shit, ashes falling everywhere but I’m not in any in any immediate danger.
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