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  1. How many of those have the “Must Play” tag attached to them at Metacritic ?
  2. Lol I’m just saying Vega 64 is like the worst offender when it comes to Teraflop and real world performance. Since you were comparing Vega 64 to a 1080 I believe
  3. True BUT With a Power Mod which allows a 18% core increase Vega 56 outperforms a GTX 1080 and holds its own vs RTX 2070 The modded Vega 56 is about 12.2 Teraflops https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3382-rtx-2070-versus-power-modded-vega-56
  4. 1ghz wouldn’t seem improbable if the 64 CU Limit is over
  5. 1Ghz seems low as fuck And are the rumors that Navi would transition away from the 64 CU limit already dead?
  6. I want At least 12 Teraflops In-Game option for locked 4K Native 30 FPS In-Game option for locked 4K Reconstructed 60 FPS In-Game option for 4K Native with unlocked Freesync FPS In-Game option for 4K Reconstructed unlocked Freesync FPS
  7. Really thinking about getting a 2080 Ti.
  8. 80 FPS minimum on a 60hz TV Might as well Keep cranking up the graphics until the minimum hits 60-65 in the benchmark
  9. I got my PSVR for $180, came with Astro-Bot and Moss
  10. Fucking loved the first Metroid Prime on GC and yah it’s an adventure game
  11. Fucking nerd, you're dead to me
  12. I’m ok with it, snowflake