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  1. Atmos with 4 ceiling channels or bust
  2. Can you even off-road in that thing ? 10 degree approach angle ?
  3. Not rich yet, busting my ass working 13+ hours a day
  4. God no Less Wheel, more Tire im not your typical Mexican
  5. Are those 37”s? looks like 40’s 40’s look badass, But than I gotta start looking into axle swaps and regearing With 40’s a 4.5” Evo Lift is the standard
  6. It has a 2.5” Mopar/Fox lift when I install 37’s I’ might a 1” spacer to the front and a .75 inch spacer in the rear
  7. I would get around $4800 tho, god damn
  8. Won’t pass in the Senate, even some House Democrats voted against it