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  1. Lots of people here can afford a 40k vehicle, not just me
  2. Lmao i was cringing so hard at that
  3. Anyone order one ? Starts at $40,000 Tri-Motor is $70,000, 14,000 lb towing capacity, 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, 500 mile range
  4. Weird, just 2 minutes ago I was finish up up reading about my micro-generation, and now i see this. Or did i see this first, and that caused me to research generations ? Anyway, Xennials are the best :) AKA “The Lucky Ones”
  5. You know that’s not Yoda right Mandolorian is Set 5 years after ROTJ, and 29 years before The Force Awakens
  6. Nothing really with ray tracing consoles right around the corner. You have 3 options 1. 2080 Ti now, you’ll be set for awhile, but cost is too damn much 2. 5700 XT or GTX 2070 Super now, sell it when new GPU Series is a month away, buy that new series GPU 3. Wait for new series GPU