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  1. No, the leaps were always huge from one generation to the next. i did completely pass on Xbox One and PS4, and didn’t purchase until the Pro and Xbox One X came out. glad I did, bunch of awesome cheap games to choose from. ill probably do the same next gen if consoles underwhelm with their 9TF crap
  2. Xbox One X came out in 2017, PS5 is going to be 50% more powerful and last until 2027? Underpowered, pass, fuck consoles
  3. It’s not that insane, it’s the bare minimum of what next gen should be. its exactly what us smarter people have predicted
  4. Just give gamers a choice between Native 4K or Reconstructed 4K in the menu also give Gamers a choice between locked framerates or Freesync
  5. Lol tiny hand supporters are mad that this movie is good