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  1. Top 15 in Firestrike Extreme HOF ! Haha
  2. It’s fucking huge AIB prices are stupid tho GPU hits about 48 degrees in firestrike (with GPU fans at full blast lmao)
  3. gonna be 3 now lmao also newish GPU
  4. I’m just messing with ya. Daughter wants a PC now, figured perfect opportunity to troll you
  5. Also her hair thinned out and hasn’t really gotten better
  6. She says burgers taste like metal/iron lol
  7. Remember when I was a lying gaggot about having a POs Bmw? Haha good times
  8. My sister got it like 3 months ago. She still can’t taste food right
  9. HDMI 2.1 seems to be gimped everywhere. LG OLeD bad VRR limited bandwidth on PS5 and XSX? hdmi 2.1 receivers have faulty hdmi chips big ole shitshow ill upgrade my TV and receiver in 2 years ... when a RTX 4080 Ti can actually lock 120 FPS @ 4K Ultra
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