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  2. At the end of the day it doesn't matter as Corn_Rages is the victor
  3. I'm nautrally big boned and have a lot of muscle and I can say despite being in my 30s I look and feel 21.
  4. I think I could the gigolo lifestyle off pretty well being the natural pimp I am
  5. Wasn';t a fan but sad news regaurdless. I feel for his family
  6. Looks embarrassing beyond all measure Honestly I'm not shocked in the least Sister Wars thinks this looks good.
  7. You should go through with it sounds like she's a loving woman don't let the forever alone neckbeards here discourage you they just want you to be as bitter and lonely as they are for the res tof your life. I am happily married best decision of my life I wish this kind of happiness on others.
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