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  1. jimbo is a pedofile and a threat to society
  2. my PC blows your's out of the water https://www.neogaf.com/threads/finally-getting-into-pc-gaming-help-lol.1511620/page-2#post-256565943
  3. You seem like a closeted homosexual to me with how much your mind is focused on gay spins on my website. It's OK I have nothing against that lifestyle I just think you should let it out isntead of keeping it in since your so angry all the time
  4. I don't live on this forum like you do jehackoff I also must be the only alt-right Bernie supporter in the world you stupid fuck
  5. LMAO jehakoff mad and bad "Bububu let's let iran do whateve rit wants attack Americans disrupt trade in the gulf fund nuclear programs with billions we gave them plot terror attacks hell let's give them more money" cuck am total
  6. Not a Trump supporter at all can't stand the guy I voted Bernie and will again but your dumb AF if you think Iran would ever honor that weakass agreement, Imagine taking Iran in good faith ever I bet you'd pay them a few more billion if you could ROFL
  7. Jejackoff thinks immigration will solve low replacement rate problems Typical gaming forum nerd thinking he's smart
  8. I've posted pics of my family for years on my forum what have you done? Incels gotta lash out at normal people instead of working on self improvement
  9. If you make fun of someone's grammer or spelling it means you got nothing else you already lost ABS wins again
  10. Lol you crumbs should be congratulating me because in your words I don't have a wife and kids? So dumb show show jealous and small you really are can't even keep to your beleifs Meanwhile I'll be enjoying the holidays with my family you'll be
  11. Here'ssome history knowledge for you people got married long before TV sitcoms. Delusional manchild Mr. Wine Aunt will be 80 years old in a wheelchair with no sons or daughters to care for him show him love but at least he's hooked to to PS8's VR
  12. Married and have a lovely daughter Mr. Wine Aunt but thanks for your concern