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  1. Not much. Just enjoying holiday break. What about you?
  2. TBF, Sony's user base is double that of MS on consoles and allows for PC users( I think).
  3. Worth a download? Looking for some smaller games to fill the 200GB memory card I bought for my wife's switch.
  4. Meh... I'll give it a download thanks to game pass.
  5. Purchased a Xbox one x pubg edition for $329, Fossil sport smartwatch for $177 and a Gen 3 Fossil smartwatch for $115. Plus a 8 inch lenovo smart display for $99, 2 insignia smart clocks for $25 each and a Google home mini for $24.
  6. Just wanted to say that the iPhone X has horrible reception issues. Added my fiancée to my account and went through two Xs before going with a 9s+ which had reception where the x had none, 3g when the x had no data, and lte when the x was chugging along with 3g.
  7. I have more cards than I need plus I'm carrying a biggir balance than I'd like. Although, the vast majority is interest free. Prior to that balance I had a credit score of 779 but currently sitting at 720. Once my bonus comes in a few months I'll pay it off fully. Current cards in rotation : Discover it (5% cash bash on rotated categories) Navy federal cash rewards (Costco card) Usaa American express (main)
  8. I saw that they're in offering 10% cash back at Whole foods next week. Too bad I'll be in San Diego so I won't be able to take advantage.
  9. What if you don't want your steering wheel to fall off while driving? Mazda 6 is known for having the most spirited driving dynamics among mid-size economy cars. Now it has a decent engine to match. http://money.cnn.com/2018/03/14/news/companies/ford-steering-wheel-recall/index.html
  10. Unfortunately, I'll be going with a compact suv or mid-size truck for my next vehicle because I'll have my future wife and 3 dogs rolling with me. Looking at the Honda cr-v, Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota rav 4 and Toyota 4runner.
  11. The Mazda 6 optioned with their new 2 liter turbo. 225hp/315 torque Best looking car in its class.