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  1. I hear Colorado has a great brewery scene.
  2. It's been sitting at $41on Amazon since release. Waiting for another drop.
  3. Wife wanted to play let's go Pokémon and now it just collects dust. We both bounced off smash within two weeks.
  4. Looks low budget as fuck but I'm sure it'll still be fun. My next $60 switch purchase since smash? Maybe
  5. McDonald's workers start at $12 here on Oahu, Hawaii. Cost of living is high, most people live in multi-generational households, but we also have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. I know many retail workers making $15-$18.
  6. Not much. Just enjoying holiday break. What about you?
  7. TBF, Sony's user base is double that of MS on consoles and allows for PC users( I think).
  8. Worth a download? Looking for some smaller games to fill the 200GB memory card I bought for my wife's switch.
  9. Meh... I'll give it a download thanks to game pass.
  10. Purchased a Xbox one x pubg edition for $329, Fossil sport smartwatch for $177 and a Gen 3 Fossil smartwatch for $115. Plus a 8 inch lenovo smart display for $99, 2 insignia smart clocks for $25 each and a Google home mini for $24.
  11. Just wanted to say that the iPhone X has horrible reception issues. Added my fiancée to my account and went through two Xs before going with a 9s+ which had reception where the x had none, 3g when the x had no data, and lte when the x was chugging along with 3g.