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  1. I consider Bayo 2 inferior to the first so not a loss, imo.
  2. Hopefully RE3 remake is up is as good as the RE2. Pre-ordered.
  3. Gotta pick-up fire emblem for next year's deployment. Astral's combat looks fun, but the side missions and overall structure looked boring as fuck.
  4. Ring fit adventure pokemon shield final fantasy 10 and 12 XCOM : Mario edition Telltale Batman series diablo 3 128Gb microsd dark souls 3 complete edition evil within 2 1tb Xbox one s XCOM enemy within (iPad) civ 6 (ipad)
  5. I often leave at 5:30am and get home around 6pm if I’m lucky. Military life got me fucked up. Next year I’ll be away for 10 months. Should have some cool port visits all over Asia though.
  6. I remember picking up a Tb slim for $170 at the exchange two Black Fridays ago. Solid deal for those looking to jump into this gen late, but I’d save that $200 for the new consoles next year.
  7. I hear Colorado has a great brewery scene.
  8. It's been sitting at $41on Amazon since release. Waiting for another drop.
  9. Wife wanted to play let's go Pokémon and now it just collects dust. We both bounced off smash within two weeks.
  10. Looks low budget as fuck but I'm sure it'll still be fun. My next $60 switch purchase since smash? Maybe
  11. McDonald's workers start at $12 here on Oahu, Hawaii. Cost of living is high, most people live in multi-generational households, but we also have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. I know many retail workers making $15-$18.
  12. Not much. Just enjoying holiday break. What about you?