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  1. They are in no position to decide. Being the laughing stock of the gen has left them with having to pick up Sony's leftovers.
  2. I think for MS the console is an afterthought right now, they will go all in with cloud services.
  3. Not only that, after the next Xbox releases, if ever, Sony will release the PS5 Pro 1 year later effectively cancelling any power advantage from MS. Sony is strategy king.
  4. Sold like shit on Xbox. I guess MS just set it free to get some of the investment back. Even MS doesnt trust their shit Store.
  5. Looks like the same story as always for this type of movies but Michael Keaton is in it so I'm gonna stream it.
  6. E3's location is too small for Sony already.
  7. Couldnt agree more. Squaresoft was the godliest gaming company ever.
  8. Sony buying MS and then closing it
  9. Is not that PS4 owners are bigger Rockstar fans, it is that lemcels are not gamers