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  1. dakur

    Choke Her

    Be careful dude, she might bite your dick off Don't be fooled by the role play! Women who act as 'submissive' in BDSM sex are AROUSED by other people's pain https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6167335/Women-practice-submissive-BDSM-empathetic-peoples-suffering.html
  2. Where is this 2017 study? Lemmings always fall back on the 2016 one and PSN has improved a lot since then. And even then it was better than Live at matchmaking. No wonder MS is begging for crossplay Soon enough there won't be a single feature where Live is better at. TLHBK
  3. MSHBR Sony always takes everything MS does and improves it 100 times. So long MS, thanks for nothing.
  4. I appreciate that at least Putin doesn't try so hard to hide his psychopathy. I'm pretty sure most world leaders are also mafia like him but they put on a facade and do it with more subtlety.
  5. Yeah I personally don't know many people like the satiric article describes though but I agree is quite pathetic and I do believe they exist.
  6. I hope you see that piece is sarcasm, guys who call themselves feminists to get pussy are not really feminists, that's the point. But anyways, it depends what you mean by feminism, there are feminists I agree a lot with almost completely but there's a portion of the new feminist millennial version that I can't digest. So I have no idea if I'm a feminist or not nor do I care so much about labeling myself. I have dated self-identified feminists and I have found they're not the crazy man-hating stereotype many in the right make out to be. I have found they're actually very intelligent and understanding of men too or at least they are really interested to listen to what men have to say as long as they don't do it in insulting or disrespectful ways. Of course there are other feminists that are exactly like the stereotype but I wouldn't date one of them. The concept of feminism is now used so widely and to cover so many subjects that I think it is losing its usefulness as a category, that's why relatively few women and even less men identify themselves as feminists, they don't want to be thrown into a bag with all that confusing mess.
  7. You got rejected by a prostitute?
  8. Going to the ghetto with so much money is not smart. You could end up kidnapped and raped. Unless that's what you want. Rich people are sick fucks.
  9. .... or maybe that's why he has money