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  1. Deeno Math Is deenocrap going to cowardly avoid the thread when he's proven wrong again as he always does with NPD?
  2. I still remember the 80s and the 90s the western right wing world was so happy with globalization. Globalization is the best thing ever they would say, we can bring our armies to other countries, take their resources, get cheap labor, install capitalism and put our companies there. Now that the consequences of a globalized world are showing up, when the results of that economic and military domination are coming back in a multicultural hordes of migrants and people in their countries are being obliged to give space to different moral codes they are freaking out and now globalization is the devil. LMFAO. It's sort of hilarious and sad at the same time.
  3. Lol MGTOW are a bunch of gay incels. Anything with a woman scares them.
  4. Meh I think the documentary raises some relevant issues and generated some interesting reactions. I couldn't care less by whom it was done. I didnt suddenly turn into a fan of hers.
  5. Yeah you raised a lot of stuff raised on the documentary too. It's ridiculous how many feminists so easily dismiss these issues and then expect others to respect theirs. The feminism I think is valuable is the one that doesn't dismiss anyones voice or struggles. Because in the end it is the same fight afterall.
  6. Many feminist groups protested when it was going to air it in several universities and they actually managed to ban it from being shown in Australia which I find utterly ridiculous and counterproductive. If you refuse to listen to your enemies how are you going to engage them or solve issues?
  7. She actually says in the end that she no longer identifies as a feminist after making the documentary.
  8. Pros The documentary actually gives some interesting bits of info I wasn't aware of. Like I didn't think the rate of males victims of domestic violence was so high It actually raises a couple of good points about how males can be in disadvantage in today's society and the lack of support networks for males. It had much less feminist bashing than I was expecting It didn't perpetuate the talking points of pathetic groups like MGTOW Cassie Jaye is a babe Cons Cassie Jaye claims she started the documentary as a feminist but seems to be unaware that some of the issues raised by MRA are also raised by some feminist groups which makes me doubt that she was actually a feminist. Most of the "evidence" provided to support points comes from anecdotes and there's no effort to corroborate them with statistical data. (specially the ones regarding parental legal issues) The nasty side of MRA was mostly left out while the good side of feminist movements was also mostly left out. There is no effort to actually reconcile both movements which I think was a missed opportunity. It was more one-sided than it claimed. The perspective of other groups other than white people is completely missing Has anyone seen this documentary? I just finished it and I thought it was interesting but flawed in its intention although not completely. It raises some interesting points about the lack of support males have with their issues and the legal disadvantages they can encounter in the US just for being males. But I think it mostly misses the point and focuses on going against the loud and crazy version of feminism that has taken over in the US and ignores that there's actually a part of feminism that has very similar concerns to the ones raised by the MRA. In the end I was surprised at how much the problems identified by the MRA can also be tackled from a feminist perspective. If only both groups talked to each other but they mostly just shout at each other.
  9. best: with a big female butt sitting on my face (no land whales) worst: with a big female butt sitting on my face (a land whale)
  10. This. It is an issue of grown males that have the sexual maturity of 12 year olds. Religions have to grow away from trying to control the sexual development of people. Also legalize prostitution and make it a public service for incels ffs.