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  1. Biden is the lamest candidate the democrats could have chosen. They are done, Trump is going to wipe the floor with Biden, he barely even remembers his name. Maybe the democratic party deserves to burn to the ground.
  2. Iran was being nice enough, pretty much abiding by rules and fighting ISIS alongside the US and Russia. Hezbollah had been super quiet. Now everything has been reignited, Hezbollah is back to threatening calls, attacks on US bases have restarted. Iran is not stupid, they knew the deal was good for them cause their economy was much better when sanctions were lifted. Now Trump has pretty much made sure that nobody would want to make a deal again with the US cause they can completely whimsically step out of it at any point without much justification. I'm glad Europe is not following Trump here and letting him deal with the mess in Iran pretty much on himself.
  3. Like I said, the US is not obligated to anything, you can do whatever the fuck you want and you have shown that through decades of irresponsible foreign policy that creates more problems than it fixes. The fact is that the nuclear deal was working fine as 90% of the parties involved reported and Iran was not attacking or being hostile to anyone. In fact, the only one they had been attacking was ISIS and they managed to be a main role in its destruction. When Trump unilaterally decided to get out of the deal and impose renewed sanctions while menacing everyone else who doesn't follow these sanctions, he basically assured that the hostility of Iran will come back and that the conflict would escalate. But like I said, ever since 1979 the US has been dying to start a war with Iran and now the imbecile Trump pretty much is making everything possible to start one.
  4. The US keeps demanding nations like Iran to step up and improve the quality of life of their citizens. With those sanctions, Iran is doomed to remain an underdeveloped third world nation. In October 2012, Iran began struggling to halt a decline in oil exports which could plummet further due to Western sanctions, and the International Energy Agency estimated that Iranian exports fell to a record of 860,000 bpd in September 2012 from 2.2 million bpd at the end of 2011. The results of this fall led to a drop in revenues and clashes on the streets of Tehran when the local currency, the rial, collapsed. The output in September 2012 was Iran's lowest since 1988.[98] Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment do not fall under international sanctions, but Iran is facing shortages of drugs for the treatment of 30 illnesses—including cancer, heart and breathing problems, thalassemia and multiple sclerosis (MS)—because it is not allowed to use international payment systems.[115][116] A teenage boy died from haemophilia because of a shortage of medicine caused by the sanctions.[117] Deliveries of some agricultural products to Iran have also been affected for the same reasons.[118] Drug imports to Iran from the U.S. and Europe decreased by approximately 30 percent in 2012, according to a report by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.[119] In 2013, The Guardian reported that some 85,000 cancer patients required forms of chemotherapy and radiotherapy that had become scarce. Western governments had built waivers into the sanctions regime to ensure that essential medicines could get through, but those waivers conflicted with blanket restrictions on banking, as well as bans on "dual-use" chemicals that might have a military as well as a medical application. An estimated 40,000 haemophiliacs could not get blood-clotting medicines, and operations on haemophiliacs were been virtually suspended because of the risks created by the shortages. An estimated 23,000 Iranians with HIV/AIDS had severely restricted access to the drugs they need. The society representing the 8,000 Iranians suffering from thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder, said its members were beginning to die because of a lack of an essential drug, deferoxamine, used to control the iron content in the blood. Further, Iran could no longer buy medical equipment such as autoclaves, essential for the production of many drugs, because some of the biggest Western pharmaceutical companies refused to do business with the country.[120] In February 2019, France, Germany and the United Kingdom announced that they have created a payment channel named INSTEX to bypass the newly-reimposed sanctions by the United States, following the unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA by the Trump administration.[144] The Trump Administration warned that countries engaging in financial transactions with Iran could face secondary U.S sanctions.[145] These are the types of sanctions the US went back to, they create unrest and destroy slowly the economy of the country. In the end, the common people are the main affected. It's another type of war.
  5. I never said it is morally obligated, I said it is immoral to doom an entire country through sanctions since innocent civilians are the ones who suffer the most in the end. It is a common foreign pressure strategy from the US which is highly immoral but I don't expect much moral integrity from the US in foreign affairs. They have shown their concern is minimal there.
  6. The US is not obligated to do anything, that doesn't mean their foreign behavior is morally sound. And the US is a pretty hostile state too, so hostile states making deals with other hostile states is not really something new.
  7. It didn't but it was predicted by anyone with a brain that it was going to happen. You can't just impose country-crippling sanctions (which is also immoral) to a country you have been hostile with for decades and expect they will just put the tail between their legs. The USA knew very well what was going to happen, as I said, anyone with a brain could. They wanted it to happen, they have been asking for it for years.
  8. All of that happened after the United States stepped out of the nuclear deal and imposed sanctions, that was the catalyst for all this and it's pretty obvious stirring shit was their intention.
  9. Well he was the one stirring the beehive that created all these situations including the plane shot down so he's in part responsible as Russia was also in part responsible for stirring shit that downed the malaysia airplane some years ago.
  10. Until now... my guess is that this will reignite proxy wars and terrorist recruitment motivation for the next 5 decades. That's the "anti-war" america right there
  11. I approve 100%, too many people on this planet to be limiting ways to keep more from being born. Although after your third abortion I would support the government forcefully castrating you because you're clearly retarded and procreating shouldn't be your right ever.
  12. They have some funny dances, also they're probably fucked. They'll dance their asses to oblivion.
  13. Now I can tell her, "do that vocal fry thing" when she's going down on me. Thanks