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  1. I bought one and I think it works. At least I felt different. Could be placebo effect but I liked it.
  2. Why did you buy Terminator 2 twice? Also collect some cool shit like polish movie posters. https://www.polishposter.com/category/film-posters
  3. So MS is paying this summit gay to play the game for months to hopefully keep it on Twitch top 5 and hype it? Smells more of desperation from MS than anything else lol @ Shit of Thots
  4. It's interesting how social media has evolved from stuff that was pretty anonymous and faceless like ICQ, forums, etc and where all content was basically written. To something less anonymous and with less written content like Facebook and Twitter and now kids are only on stuff like Instagram and Snapchat which favor images and videos over actual written content. It shows a prevalence of appearance over actual content even if we are less anonymous it is also more superficial...
  5. Has anyone here tried it? It is really good and fun breaking-4th-wall story, reminiscent of classic jrpgs like Chrono Trigger, and accessible but fairly challenging combat. I haven't heard many people talk about this hidden gem anywhere. Give it a chance. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/09/20/crosscode-review/
  6. Actually those games would be on the list of "Great Games" on the above image but the Xshit has just 7 just like the PS4
  7. I'll cut mine off and make myself eat it, then I'll poop it to fuck me from within. We men deserve this.
  8. In the meantime a Spanish woman was murdered this year in Costa Rica by a Costa Rican but Costa Ricans conveniently ignore that. Everyone is very selectively xenophobic when it is convenient. The fact is that men everywhere in the world are thinking they can pretty much take women and dispose them like garbage. I'm truly ashamed of my fellow men, this year has been terrible. Meanwhile in New Zealand a guy murdered a British tourist and this big profile case in the US of Chris Watts who murdered his wife and children. There's a common denominator here and it isn't nationality. WTF is wrong with men, seriously? Fuck this shit
  9. In Spanish there's the term "fiebre rompe-huesos" which translates to something like break-bone fever and it feels like the one you described. I don't know what the English term is.
  10. I didnt buy shit this year, I really hope no one brings presents. Oh well I put my house for the party so theyll have to accept that as my present! Merry pagan-winter-solstice-appropriated-by-christians celebration!
  11. The Pro still has more and better games so I don't know which "reasons" these are but then I don't get off at shit like Six of Thots afterall.