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  1. They have some funny dances, also they're probably fucked. They'll dance their asses to oblivion.
  2. Now I can tell her, "do that vocal fry thing" when she's going down on me. Thanks
  3. PS VR is amazing. This gaming technology is here to stay unlike kinect.
  4. Wtf JLO is 50 there? She's a vampire or what? But the blond still wins me over
  5. I feel non-binary today, let the internet praise me! Tomorrow I'll go back to binary and when I need praise I'll be non binary again or possibly ternary squared.
  6. It's part of our evolutionary history. Men were hunters while women were mostly gatherers. Men had to be silent to get close to the prey while women had to be loud to startle animals that were trying to eat the fruit fallen from trees or to stomp the ground to make fruits fall in the first place. Now that we are in modern times is just obnoxious and microaggressive, we should put a stop womanstomping.
  7. I'm not sure I want to date people who choose their partners over a phone. WTF?
  8. are you assuming the scale's gender?
  9. from a scale of 1 to 10, how feminine is her penis?
  10. Well done dude! Congrats on the big step. Go get her!
  11. Why not make a "If I was trans" next?
  12. I'm sure he could find work in porn now. "Angry Midget Boss disciplines the Bagel Bitches" would be my preferred title.
  13. I'm more offended by Hollywood's complete lack of imagination honestly.
  14. Wow it's huge! But why is the cameraman's rear view mirror broken? Maybe he hit the moose with the car?
  15. The Gamepass thing only allows for investing in low budget garbage. All the way up to lemming standards lol.
  16. Che is more like a revolutionary symbol that a reference to the actual person nowadays and like all historical figures that become symbols the real person is really detached from it. Look at Mandela, Mother Theresa or the funding father from the US who were all slave owners. You can pretty much find dirt on any historical figure who ever existed.
  17. I don't know Rick... But anyways that water is going to get nasty soon. Also what about internet?
  18. Sounds like she wants to harvest your organs but it doesn't matter if you have sex.
  19. Hmmm I will give her the benefit of the doubt then... Hopefully she's telling the truth.
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