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  1. So MS is probably paying Nintendo to put their service on the Switch, in other words Xbox just became Nintendo's sheep. How do you call the sheep of sheep? Bitches?
  2. For real... lemmings are the the ones who should least be talking about quality since they've been supporting mediocre crap this whole gen. But on topic, this is another game that performs better on the Pro than on the Xshit LOL
  3. People who lie about shit like this should get the same punishment as the actual perpetrators of a hate crime.
  4. But recently Tetris Effect released exclusively for PSVR? I think it has to do more to the fact that the developer of Tetris 99, Arika, was in financial trouble. They sort of managed to barely stay afloat by releasing Fighting EX Layer last year. So Nintendo sort of picked up on a struggling dev and offered to help publishing the game in exchange of exclusivity. I don't think they will be in trouble anymore, Tetris 99 is a smash hit.
  5. The only destruction worth mentioning related to this game is the one it inflicted on the scarce lemmings faction.
  6. Is this guy still relevant? I thought the hype was dead two months ago.
  7. That's just fucking evil, the guy's girl has cancer and you gave him even more cancer for free
  8. Lol the quality looks like a MS exclusive. No thanks. They should do what they did with FF back in the day and rename this to Sword and Fairy 1 to confuse everyone.
  9. It doesn't matter if MS still owns the trademark, Platinum can just change the name and release the game as originally intended without MS shit management interfering and bringing the project down. I vote they call the new version "Not-cancelled-bound"
  10. That DOES look better actually
  11. What new footage? Can you link? Because the last I watched was really underwhelming which is a shame. I really want to get hyped again.
  12. They painted a black man blue, that's racist
  13. The good ol days when men were men and women were children.
  14. Jim-level post: I'm down for some crack
  15. If it scores a 4 in GS, the 4 lems left here shall get banned
  16. I see someone is in denial Anyone with a working pair of eyes can see the clear difference. MS loves people like you who fall for their gimmicky cheap marketing tricks so easily, I bet you believed Milo was real lol
  17. I hate to have my place cluttered with stuff so I prefer digital.
  18. Lol Red Faction destruction still looks better and more realistic than that and that one is a game from 2009. This one looks like cardboard legos falling on top of each other