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  1. Need a hell of a lot more than that if you they 26 studios. Insomniac just shipped Miles, SM Remastered and Ratchet in 6 months lol.
  2. Yeah Avalanche is 100% one of them and will be revealed at their E3 show. Crytek seems to be too given other rumours. Both of those are meh to me. Ioi on the other hand is amazing. Obsidian level get imo.
  3. Bloody hell. BGS has really fallen off the wagon since their peak. Quality and output at all time low levels.
  4. Open world Souls with horses is 100% what it looks like Which is fine I guess, just had to adjust my expectations. They just did Sekiro anyway which was a massive change to setting and gameplay so no problem going to something more familiar. I have no doubt the gameplay hook is gonna be amazing. The open world structure itself could be a big enough change to make it feel vastly different too.
  5. They need some new IP to look mind blowing. They need Halo to look significantly better. They need to get multiple MAJOR third party game/s day 1 on GP and I don't mean like BF cause that will be there anyway eventually with EA Play. But mostly they need games with dates that aren't years away. Some plan, some semblance of a release structure.
  6. Trailer was decent enough, but I don't know, maybe I expected more of a deviation given the hype of 'a new world'. This literally could've just been Dark Souls 4. I was hoping for more of a Sekiro like departure in setting. Graphiaclly was hoping for more too but I guess concessions have to be made when going open world. I have zero doubt the game will be amazing though.
  7. Poor lemmings even have to wait months for MS' own games
  8. I don't know, not sold. MP Only and WTF is the tornado shit in a BF game. Day 1 GP is the only way I'd try it.
  9. pretty much every E3 stream this year is at horrendous times for me so probably won't be here for any of them but please lawd, show us Elden Ring.
  10. Yeah, it's something that really isn't given enough importance in the industry but the management of a catalogue and the producers/managers on individual projects are what makes Sony as good as they are right now. It's a bit of a strange time because Sony are right now the least vocal, consumer open and friendly/personality driven as they have ever been and yet there is no doubt they are at their absolute best atm (first party catalogue wise and business wise). Meanwhile it seems to be the total opposite with MS. Phil seems so focused on image and public perception and yet MS have
  11. Well it was known that they didn't want to sell to anyone for a long time. Rejected Sony numerous times over multiple gens. I think the move with MS was another step towards independence for them (by being the first IP they retained the rights to) but then I guess SO didn't do that well financially and they went back to Sony. I wonder what made them change their mind regarding finally being willing to sell though? Could've been the Spiderman IP or even just the owners wanting a big pay day and didn't care so much about being independent anymore. With that said I don't think Sony ge
  12. Legit question. How long till MS first party (with their multitude of studios) releases games to the same quantity and quality that Sony first party have released since the launch of the PS5. Now we know XSX has no exclusives and cross gen is a thing this time around so I'm not even talking about exclusives, simply new first party titles (so not counting like SM Remastered or any possible future/present next gen ports or pre released titles) Sony since PS5 launch (8 months): Demons Souls - AAA Miles Morales - AA Astro's Playroom - AA Sackboy - A MLB
  13. Haven't watched a single vid and gonna resist. Just waiting to be blown away this friday
  14. I love ND, but it terms of quality to output levels, Insomniac is the absolute GOAT and practically on another level to ANYONE else right now. The quality and consistency of their output right now is out of this world. Add to the fact it's through a Covid hit production where everyone else has been absolute butt fucked. The most 'in form' developers atm and at the best they have ever been. Can't even imagine what they pull off with Spiderman 2 and it wouldn't even surprise me if they release it in 2 years time. and Sony bought them for peanuts
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