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  1. pretty much word for word what I was saying. Plus theyll be on PS Extra maybe a bit before PC (6-9 months).
  2. It's been a great return to form. Also a much more focused show than GoT. Been really enjoying it.
  3. Would be friggin annoying but just like TLOU Remake this is no doubt a decision based on their tv ventures (which is annoying how much this is influencing their game resource decisions). The huge game sale spikes from game tv shows lately are too much to ignore for them and horizon will be getting a netflix show when this will be out.
  4. Actually looks as good as anyone could've hoped for. Never really doubted it given the team behind this and it being on HBO but good to see they got the atmosphere and tone right. Even the tag line is perfect for the core theme: 'Save who you can save'. Also, for the record, Severance is better than anything HBO has done in quite a while. Leagues ahead of Westworld and prob best show outside of Better Call Saul in a good 5 years. I say this as a big HBO fan.
  5. Ragnarok the only certain tbh. We'll see what else tempts me at the time.
  6. Good game that gets better the further in you get and as you get more powers. Not Arkane's best but still great.
  7. next minute: 'God of Farming sells 4m units in first 3 days' Sheep are a special breed.
  8. Really cool that Sony gave him back the IP as the creator really wanted to support it. Don't know if I'll check it out though.
  9. I keep hearing about the heat from everyone around the world meanwhile it feels like Aus has been stuck in an eternal winter. Last summer was pure floods and rain so literally been like a year since a proper summer. Can't fucking wait.
  10. Really cool to read your convos as you were playing! The way the game's story unravels and at the same time just remains so mysterious is truly so so cool. At first you're just like 'what am I even doing' then you get your first little moments of 'wtf was that' and then a major 'WTF'. Some truly creepy scenes, I started and rolled credits within 2 play sessions and I was still fairly confused when I got credits. Had to go and read some people's story run down on reddit. It is truly one of the most unique ways to tell a story I have ever seen in a game. Think I'll have another sesh
  11. Finished it last week (on PS5). It is very much fixed, still some minor tech bugs (like stuff you may see in bethesda games) but nothing that takes away from the experience. Well worth checking out, it's a great game.
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