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  1. Cooke following MS' lead and catering to the hermits over their console peasants.
  2. It's a great game but i'd still say it's a very niche game too. The combat and gameplay is nigh on perfect but rougelike elements blended with metroidvania and procedural levels can make it quite repetitive and at times very frustrating where it doesn't feel like you are progressing as much as you should. For me Rogue Legacy is still the best. Perfect blend of feeling a sense of progression in the midst of having to retry levels over and over.
  3. A lot of my examples are games i thought were good but just never reached the level of enjoyment that ppl associate with them. Things like Metroid Prime, many 3d Zeldas and Smash bros.
  4. Great results for Octopath and the continued resurgence of japanese games in the west! Good month for Switch, about par month for PS4 but I this has been the quietest period of the year games wise for the console and anyone that hasn't bought one will surely wait for Spiderman now. Xbox stays last, nothing new there.
  5. Don't really think we need more mods but if you had to then Remij is a great choice.
  6. Vita did that by having 3G (at the time) versions and they tanked hard. No one was really interested in them. I guess since they are primarily a Japanese company and from what I hear, wifi is literally everywhere in parts of Japan they probably thought wifi only was enough. Still though, atm there isn't that many multiplayer games that really require it. You'd be fine offline for 90% of the stuff.
  7. Xbox's best ever generation.............still sold less than Sony's worst
  8. no one would ever want you permed from here johnny. What fun would we have if so. Hence why MS flop after MS flop and still no one wants to hold you accountable for all the bets you take
  9. The question is answered moron. You think it's fine to condemn 99.9975% for the actions of 0.0025% and I don't. Since you believe that though then feel free to stop living yourself also.
  10. They are Sony Interactive Entertainment titles, what more do you need explained to you.
  11. Literally everything he says is wrong amazing track record
  12. What makes the human race worth it slow jonny, when far more than 0.0025% of it's population are pure shit that do horrendous horrendous things. Using your own logic we deserve extinction.