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  1. Never even heard of this franchise and there is 4 of them?
  2. 15h+ in now and I am still continually shocked how they are nailing this. EVERY character has so much personality, even ones that were nothing but complete side or fill in characters in the OG. Each chapter is feeling very distinct and it's tone and visual style can vary greatly. Lastest chapter I played was so Yakuza inspired in the absolute best way. For me this is already the best FF since X.
  3. BCS was awesome. Felt like that standalone episode that BB use to have (like The Fly). Was shot so beautifully and dark humour at the end was so well done. Felt like Curb music could've played at the end
  4. Looks like a Detroit special edition controller. I like it, very ergonomic. Think the buttons need to be coloured though. The black edit version looks great too but I think this hints at the PS5 design quite a bit.
  5. That’s great to hear man. Was no small feat to try and improve on perfection but it sounds like they’ve somehow managed to do it. What a time for JRPGs lately between the Personas, Fire Emblem and FFVII.
  6. Man when a JRPG hooks you in, it really hooks you lol Love it. Absolutely smashing it. Really hope you give FFVII Remake a go after this. Curious to see what you think.
  7. I'm actually curious to see how Return of the King holds up now in a post Game of Thrones world because I remember back when that premiered it just set a whole new level of the term 'epic' in films.
  8. Really want to talk to someone who is playing it after they maybe played 10h or so. Regarding a story thread. I don't know ANY spoilers though, didn't even watch the launch trailer cause it apparently had spoilers so only want to ask to someone who has played 10h or so and doesn't know for sure. Let me know once anyone has done that.
  9. PS4 with 2 AAAAEs and a AAAE in the first 3 months of 2020 and TLoU2 and GoT aren't even out yet
  10. Absolutely loving FFVII Remake more and more. Still can't believe they've achieved this. This is probably my favourite real time combat system ever in an RPG.
  11. Westworld was brilliant. Along with everything yous said, the music in that ep was epic. That short fight scene at the 'auction' especially. The reveal now seems so obvious that I can't believe I didn't think of it (those are the best kind of twists). Loving this season.
  12. review embargo up in about 4.5hours. Today for me in AUS anyway