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  1. The avatar for 'Typical Gamer' Who do you think we are Sony.
  2. Tbh it is what I expected. The absolute speed at which Insomniac release games is astounding but also not a speed at which you can truly make or use new game engines and do revolutionary graphical upgrades. The game will run gloriously though and Im expecting even more fluid traversal which is key for a SM game. It's gonna be great, no doubt.
  3. The most in form publisher/developer around atm imo
  4. There is no doubt Fable will be at the show. I will be absolutely mind boggled if not. So much HAS to be at this show. Sony's show sucked cause they didn't show unannounced stuff, MS hasn't show stuff announced bloody years ago lol Like you said Fable, also Everwild, Perfect Dark,etc Fucking Hellblade 2 was touted as a launch release game (lol) and weve seen next to nothing. Got to get a release window at least. Forza already announced for the show (and it will look great) and obvs a shittonne of Starfield. Honestly don't know how this show can't be amazing. Also expected that from Sony b
  5. Nearly makes you think what state that game truly had to be in to be cancelled lol Or maybe it was just easier cause it was a 2nd party kind of deal. Just don't fuck up Fable pls
  6. Yeah started with Zenimax but game has also been long enough under MS for them to have had chances to fix things. Plus anything to do with the state of release falls on them too. I think they have a big problem where they believe being completely hands off is a positive all the time.
  7. It's actually incredible just how widespread MS' developer issues are. Far too many to be a coincidence at this point
  8. Probably the biggest single month of releases in quite a while: - Street Fighter 6 - Diablo IV - FFXVI Plus smaller games that might find an audience too and review well: - Amnesia: The Bunker - Crash Team Rumble - Layers of Fear - Sonic Origins Plus - Harmony: Fall of Reverie (Dontnod's new game) Personally will be getting Diablo IV and FFXVI and eventually checking out Amnesia on GP
  9. Think it's too early for one given we have literally only even had the current consoles readily available for a few months now, seems a waste to now instantly shift production resources onto another SKU. From Sony's perspective they just got the supply issues of PS5 sorted, released a PSVR2 and announced a Tablet. It's just too much shit to go with a Pro atm imo. But with that said they will no doubt happen eventually, consoles becoming more iterative as games continue to consolidate in terms of development and be heavily scalable and released on multiple platforms with multiple modes (P
  10. Looks like it could be fun. Had a great time with the first person spell kind of powers in Ghostwire
  11. Big hours. Assuming there's probably still a lot to do if yous wanted.
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