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  1. 3 Skus including 1 streaming is exactly what I predicted months ago. Given what they seem to be going for it makes sense to them. Will be interesting how they market them all simultaneously at launch.
  2. MHW just continues to impress. Up to High Rank encounters now and some of these monsters are amazing. Seeing territorial fights between Monsters while you're hunting them also makes for some incredible battles. I think it will end up being in my Top 3 games of 2018.
  3. Surprised you haven't put 300 hours into it if that was the case.
  4. Yeah, it's as stacked a quarter as there has ever been.
  5. DS3 isn't there yet and no date has been announced, just that it is going. Maybe wait till Feb and just get Anthem then too ;)
  6. I'm coming off RDR2 and AC Odyssey so I'm extremely keen for a light, brainless platformer. I'm sure I'm gonna love it.
  7. Not really very interested in Darksiders but it shows that EA is going after other devs to support their service.
  8. Nah, but first time since I played them on psone (meaning i never revisited them after I played them then, unlike Crash which I played many times through the generations)
  9. I'm not evening reading a word of your convo with Gouk, just what I've seen you post in the past and what I asked you. Which was a very clear, 1. PS4 2. Xbox One 3. Switch (for Nov/Dec) and you listed the reasons I mentioned as you why. For that to happen Xbox had to beat Switch in Nov, by a decent margin too, cause Smash is defs beating Xbox (and probably even PS4) in Dec. The fact that Switch beat Xbox in Nov means you're 100% wrong on the Nov/Dec thing, the only debate now is if PS4 or Switch is no.1. I'm saying just take the L, don't be a pussy and turn this into a 'oh it was close', cause your prediction is Nov/Dec and if you lost Nov the total result is not going to be close once Dec comes out.
  10. You're not only a sore loser but don't have the balls to stick to a prediction. Pussying out with single post that has a maybe about the possibility of a hardware sale (Which no fucking shit it was gonna have so form of sale for BF, but it had by a country mile the worst one and still substantially more expensive than the others) amid the hundreds of other ones saying the opposite. It's amazing how every NPD thread turns out the same month after month Yet you'll go into Dec with an imaginary perfect record in your deluded mind. Which is fine, more fun for us
  11. You're embarrassing yourself man. Everything you said indicated a prediction for an OBVIOUS Xbox win (over switch). In sporting terms it's like you predicted a 30 point win in NFL game and now come here and say shit like you're feeling vindicated cause you lost by a field goal We all saw you go on and on and on about why you were certain Switch would be last, especially in Nov. BF and Nov in general is all about sales and price point, there was no doubt that PS4 and Xbox would sell given the crazy deals that they had, you mentioned continuously a litany of reasons Switch wouldn't do the same (No proper deal, most expensive, no longer a new item, no RDR2 or big 3rd party games, etc etc). The fact that it actually beat X1 and came decently close to PS4 in Nov is crazy. 75% up YoY in Nov in incredibly good and again complete opposite to what you said. Just take the L and move on.
  12. Dyno now pretending to be happy that it sold so close to Switch when before he was all about there being no doubt Switch will come last, 'Nov is all about price and sales', 'Switch is no longer a hot holiday item', etc, etc. For this prediction to come true Xbox HAD to be above Switch (by a decent margin too) in Nov, because Dec doesn't have BF so price is less relevant and Switch has Smash. If anything it's possible Switch becomes no.1 for Nov/Dec now.
  13. Should've been more specific, I'm talking GT v Forza. Has and always be the best simulation between it and Forza. There was a time that GT was also the better game but not anymore.