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  1. Legend! RIP. Cocaine industry about to take a hit.
  2. Played through Man of Medan. It's no Until Dawn but still worth a play. Pretty short.
  3. Demons Souls - 92 Miles - 85 Astro - 82 Sackboy - 80 Already 4 bangers out the gate for Sony first party Probably the best launch ever when you add: DMCV:SE - 87 WRC9 - 85 AC Valhalla - 85 Dirt 5 - 80 COD - 77 All Switch excluded game
  4. They announced this ages ago. The next gen versions got delayed along with the game earlier this year.
  5. It's not too bad tbh. Bloodborne and Sekiro are much harder imo. Would put it on the easier half of Soulsborne games. Friend is gonna let me borrow miles now so that is probably next. Also my Series X arrived yesterday........but that has nothing to play lol I set it up then played demons souls
  6. PS5 - adaptive triggers. That alone makes it the better version. Stunned at how good they are in Cold War too.
  7. Alright all trolling and bias aside. my 1080ti PC but no HDR (or obvs ray tracing) on my monitor (4K though) or a PS5/XSX version (whichever is better)? Prob gonna end up waiting to hear how each version stacks up but curious to hear thoughts.
  8. I miss the 360 Goes to show how only the games matter. My 360 RROD on me 3 times and it is still my fave Xbox ever. A lot of things don't matter if a system has the games. Same way design, power and all that crap means nothing without games.
  9. This is the exact rumour we've always had..... and again, PC about to get PS4's first great exclusive.......5 years later. Maybe when we get Bloodborne 2 hermits can get excited about Demon's Souls Remake.
  10. Decent sesh last night. Leechmonger, Dirty Colossus, Old Monk and Penetrator all down.
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