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  1. Dont know about the specs but the Housemarque thing seeming even more likely since they just announced that they will be revealing their new AAA IP benig made alongside an unnamed partner. Everything points to it being Sony and for PS5 cause otherwise they could announce it.
  2. Nothing says great thread like one made by vini, first post by jonb and two likes from spicoli
  3. Yeah, the game coming out is really gonna take away ALL THE DUMB ASS SHIT YOU SUGGESTED
  4. They should clearly release the PC version now. Then a few weeks after make MS create the first ever xbox one x exclusive, destroying their entire strategy they've built for years leading into a new gen. Then a month after that release the first ever PS4 Pro exclusive version. Then maybe late this year release the PS4 version and finally early 2021 release xbox one version. Having 5 marketing campaigns and destroy all your relationships. Makes clearly the most sense.
  5. I'm sticking with laughing at the stupid shit you say. Couldn't give a rats ass about the delay or why. But you did say exactly everything i'm laughing at you for.
  6. 'Release the X Version' He actually gets dumber. He now wants CDPR to make MS abandon their entire strategy and release the first ever Xbox One X exclusive (when MS said they never would) when MS themselves aren't even releasing XSX exclusives The more you let jon talk the deeper into the dumb hole he goes.
  7. No I'm basing this off you saying to abandon the xbox release and just release it on the other platforms Don't care about the rumour, all i said regarding the rumour was some xbox trolling. The rest of my posts in this thread is laughing at your stupidity.
  8. You sure fucking do You're still suggesting it even after it getting explained to you. You live in a very simple world, I don't want to burst your bubble. Yeah, abandoning deals between giant corporations involving who knows how much legal documents and ruining your relationship with on of the largest players in the game heading into a next gen they might win is obviously the smart decision. Tell us jonb, how many games in history had a planned simultaneous release on a Sony and MS system and then ending up abandoning one system for launch? Tell me. It's never, cause it's quite possibly the stupidest thing you've ever said and you say stupid things with every post so it truly is an achievement.
  9. Don't think it's Kojima though, think it would be Toyama. His team is due a game, been a few years since Gravity Rush 2. Was hoping for a revival of the Forbidden Siren but seems to be a new IP.
  10. Their marketing deal is with MS too.... jonb suggesting they abandon the platform they signed their marketing deal with
  11. Let's release the game and abandon the platform who we have been on their stage last couple E3's and completely ruin our relationship with MS going into a new generation. THATS SMART. Genius here. Submit your resume to CDPR straight away mate, I'm sure they are dying to have your insight.
  12. You basically like the cheap chinese knock off of every good version of that game TR to UC HB to GoW TWD/LiS to Detroit/Until Dawn