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  1. Fixed your OP so it has actual content. Thing to note is the poster that has leaked that stuff has questionable credibility. Nothing too out there from the 'leak' though, all seems very likely
  2. Must be hard being a lemming. Can't pretend that sales matter and can't pretend that game quality matters either
  3. How many of the GOTY nominees of the last 2 yeras have you played johnny? I've played all of them
  4. The difference is Sony also has GOTYs and some of the best games of the gen. MS has Forza and a bunch of 5s
  5. At least lemmings got consistency. Stuck in that 4-6 range all gen
  6. Days Gone has done so much better than expected. Days Gone was the 2nd best-selling game of April, with debut month sales that rank as the 7th highest in history for a Sony-published title There was never a doubt about MK. That franchise is a beast.
  7. Started watching The Society. Better than I expected so far.
  8. Anyone else wanna get a few last kicks in before this gets locked? All I wanna see is HBO's subscription figures before and after this month lol
  9. Wonder if it's GoT or not though. FROM don't really do licensed games. Still blows my mind that it's been 8 years since the premiere of Game of Thrones and not a single proper GoT game was made.
  10. The whole point of streaming 'off device' is to save on hardware costs and reach a massive market share of customers with existing devices. Would be retarded to make your own tablet as you negate every positive. No way it happens.
  11. Part of their Medium Term plans for PS Now said to increase CAGR to over 50%, then it says: 'Existing capacity investments support 5 mil subscriber base'
  12. This is also the first confirmation of God of War surpassing 10m lifetime sales. Massive success
  13. I think DS is still 50/50 but I fully expect the other two to be PS4 only. TLoU2 is a certainty. It will launch prior to PS5 release for sure. Plus have a look at those sales for the remaster. No way Sony won't do that again.
  14. I think the 'bring PS Now off console and to other devices' is the major one there. They've been very realistic with their expectations early on for streaming though. The max capacity their infrastructure could maintain was 5m. Obviously that is looking to change with their new deal with MS and Azure another interesting stat to note since a certain someone here continually brings that topic up. 90% of all PS4s have conncected to the PSN over the last 12 months. With 94M+ active monthly users.
  15. Just added the link to the full presentation. Well worth having a look through. Some great info.