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  1. Doesn't take much to see that it easily is. MS's biggest franchise. Insane amount of years in development. Created a new engine. Huge development issues and a near restructure in leadership. This will be the most expensive game ever made, without a doubt. Will be an astronomical cost once marketing is factored.
  2. I think they look alright. Much better than before. But this game is the most expensive game ever created so they need to do a hell of a lot more than look alright.
  3. Hasn't that always been every single megaton at every single E3 ever. Every major E3 moment in history has been about a game reveal of a game years out.
  4. In all seriousness, it was a boring show but there are gonna be some bangers from that showcase. Returnal, Kena and Deathloop are gonna be great. I think Solar Ash is gonna be excellent and Sifu and Abe have potential. I am super jealous you haven't played FFVII yet and this update is coming out. It is excellent! Highly highly recommend it. One of the best combat systems in a JRPG ever, 10/10 soundtrack, great story, plus you have not nostalgia to the OG so the ending won't have any negative effects.
  5. Yeah these state of plays are simply never going to be close to an E3 showcase because you can just hve 4/5 of them in a year and just show small snippets of the upcoming 3 months. This is the new standard unfortunately
  6. MS practically showed as much as Nintendo and Sony and they didn't even have a show.
  7. Crazy there wasn't even Ratchet, let alone Horizon. Revealing TLOU2, GoW and DS so early and having only that to show for 3 years has really scarred them lol. They are literally only focusing on their next first party release at any one time now (which is Returnal), much like Nintendo do after they announce stuff.
  8. Best Deathloop showing yet. That last couple minutes of gameplay looked amazing. Plus it's Arkane, zero doubt it's gonna be amazing.
  9. Kena looks so friggin good. Better every time they show it.
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