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  1. They really got to fix this progression stuff. The progression for the even is even worse than regular progression. Have to hope you get a specific challenge relating to the Event, then that challenge takes up a spot instead of being in addition to. Then in addition to that, these challenges are making ppl play in stupid ways to just complete challenges, instead of playing to Win. Trying to get kills with specific weapons, or in specific ways. No progression is tied to actually winning matches as there is no difference if you win or lose or how you perform in a match at all.
  2. My main issue was having to play through the same scenes over and over (hearing the same thing over and over) to get to the specific part you need to change or try something new. Thankfully it was short enough to not be too big of an issue.
  3. Finished S3 of Money Heist. Really cool season! Didn't expect much but it delivered.
  4. Great concept that was poorly executed but hopefully it's an idea that becomes a cool inspiration for others.
  5. Amazing voice acting aye? Glad you've liked the start!
  6. Given the separate release dates I'm pretty sure there will be separate MP and Campaign reviews at multiple places now
  7. That's defs a lot more than 2 hours though. You've probably played a similar amount to me (5ish hours) Ranked matches have a 12min limit. Some finish earlier but some also go OT. BTB usually can last longer. Then obviously some very one sided matches can be quicker.
  8. Even then though, it takes 1000 pts to level up. Matches are around 15min by the time you get out and in the next one (sometimes more). So say 4 matches an hour. If you somehow get super lucky and get extremely easy challenges that match up perfectly that they can be done in the single match (very rare, I've had things like Play Ranked match, Kill a spartan in a vehicle, etc, stuff not possible in 1 match), you can maybe get max 300 points a match (again, no way this is happening every game). That means at absolute peak progression, you're getting 1 level an hour. But in reality there is going
  9. Money Heist S3 is moving a lot faster pace than the first 2 seasons. Been great so far.
  10. I don't know what it is about BTB either. It just feels stale. Haven't seen any cool vehicle stuff or team play or anything really. The pickups for the most part are meh.
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