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  1. Good to hear it doing well. Great for the series going over and rewarding the decision to have a longer development time with this one and improve the quality from the last few.
  2. I think you definitely need to be a fan of the challenge, but that has been a crash factor with the previous games too. I think the level design is great though and added complexity while keeping the core crash theme.
  3. Yeah the Quality of Life differences were small individually but huge when all added up. Online infrastructure a million years ahead at the time not to mention the giant PSN hack. Controller far better. PS3 had the whole sixaxis without rumble stage too. 360 had achievements first, etc, etc. Other than ending up with more and better exclusive games I don't know if PS3 did anything better, but for many that is all that matters.
  4. Finished Crash 4. Last few levels hard af. Cleaned up some trophies too. Superb game. Have now very much satisfied the platformer need with Psychonauts 2, Sackboy and Crash 4 back to back to back lol Time to move to other things. Got Deathloop due to arrive this weekend.
  5. Very true and don't get me wrong, my fav games were on PS3, the last few years were epic, however overall, if we are talking about consoles as a whole, not just exclusives, I think I edge it to the X360. It had a great start, some great games, pushed XBL and online in a whole new way on consoles, introduced Xbox Arcade and started the smaller indie sphere on consoles and the premise of digital only games that weren't just seen shovelware. It was also a gen where a lot of multiplats truly were better on the X360 and I don't mean from a stupid 10% performance range we see now, but where some wer
  6. PS4>>>>>Switch>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Xbox One 360>>>PS3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WiiU PS2>>GC>>>>>>Xbox PS1>>>N64>>Never had a DC?
  7. a month...not even worth the 'leak' news. Jeff Grubb becoming someone that just likes to be the 'i want to let you know I know stuff' guy. Meh, nothing lost. Could've delayed it to 2022 even.
  8. The guy who gets so mad for real that he has left SW multiple times yet always comes back You always lose your shit then accuse everyone else for being upset lol yet look at my posts with others and then look at you losing it as always. You live this shit so real that you dedicated your entire life to just generations of xbox
  9. Do you realise where you post yet after all these years? Every single time with after like a couple replies you lose it 'fucking idiots, IRL DUMB, morons, dick sucker, suck a dick, grown ass man, you IRL stupid, try to get personal, etc, etc'. Why you always so upset and angry?
  10. Why you always get so angry? You've been here like 20 years and still lose your shit daily at trolling
  11. Why are you even replying to a discussion and reply I was having to Ramza you moron The sales discussion was in reply to his post. You calling the guy that plays on everything a RL fanboy while you've been a pure lemming for literal decades
  12. The only Insomniac game jonb has ever liked or been interested in is the one that was an Xbox exclusive. What an amazing coincidence Absolute zero interest in any other ones, especially ones that take the SO formula and vastly improve it
  13. Sales indicate popularity, which indicates if it is something that people see as having value. Yes, when the majority of sales are exclusives it very much shows that people see that there are enough of exclusives to justify the consoles purchase lol It ain't complicated. 'Not enough exclusives to justify a console purchase' -Most of Top 20 are exclusives, clearly showing there is plenty of them and they are very much justifying a system purchase as that is what is selling. As opposed to you guys that just hate something because it's not on your box
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