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  1. Why are you even talking about TLOU2 though? This isn't TLOU2 ...not even close and if the characters were doing things now that happen in TLOU2 it would be a horrible show. We are miles off TLOU2 character wise. Not even the 2 games are close in terms of violence and they are games were the gameplay is literally shooting people so obviously you're going to be seeing shooting people. None of the major violent moments from the first game have even happened yet. In fact the only one that has happened is Ellie defending Joel to shoot the hunter and it is way more full on in the show
  2. I haven't liked a single one of these rhythm hybrid games. The FPS ones are even worse imo. Just feels like a needless mechanic to try add artificial flow instead of actually letting your dynamic gameplay do that (like Doom does for eg)
  3. I have and I'm not a huge DMC fan either but it's definitely better than this.
  4. For more combos I don't need to use. I'm talking about actual gameplay, I haven't had to change or mix up the combat a single time throughout the entire game. All I've ever had to do is press LT to a different ally for some enemies. It's poor gameplay imo. The rythmn thing is literally the only mechanic in the game.
  5. I think those other 2 just have a way larger sense of scale and variety in their actual levels and enemies. I felt like i've fought on the same very small combat area so many times with the same enemies.
  6. Game hasn't once encouraged me to really do anything different. The only variations it has forced is the use of different allies for certain enemies. I don't really care about scores tbh (as in not going for them) but if my timing was good it seems I would be getting Ss.
  7. Not to shit on the game, because it's 'good' but I legitimately think it's a prime example of how hype/expectations influence reviews. The fact this was a shadow drop helped it tremendously critically, especially the time it did it. If this was revealed a year or so ago and we had seen multiple trailers and it had a hype cycle then I can't see it getting these 9s cause it's honestly a very basic game. From a level design point it is honestly nearly multiple generation old design. Very linear which is cool but then all combat is practically small designated 'combat' zones and waves followed by
  8. Mostly As some Bs. Practically always get a S for Clear Time. Then A/S for combos or whatever that first one is but the timing one stuffs me up. Constant Cs But also not really going for scores tbh.
  9. I'm up to the final boss and literally haven't used a single combo outside of the XXXX one and the YYY one. mixed in with calling in the teammates obviously.
  10. Yeah, easily the game im most excited to try in the near term
  11. haha yeah it happens. Comes in waves. Eventually some game will come by that will grab you enough to motivate you again.
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