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  1. *checks who is calling HK exclusive Hmmm
  2. From what I played of the MS games on PC (Recore: Definitive, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Luck Tale), Recore was easily the best one. Nothing great still, but a solid 7/10
  3. Why are ppl acting like Hollow Knight was some Switch exclusive..... The switch version is already a year old port.
  4. Gotten a bit further into Hollow Knight and after you get a little more abilities it is already infinitely better than it was
  5. Playing a lot of different games cause once September comes along anything that has come out prior basically doesn't exist. Some playing them to get a feel for the game but probably won't get through and others I want to finish before Spiderman. Main game: The Evil Within 2. So damn good, will definitely finish Secondary chill games: Dead Cells and Hollow Knight. Both are excellent. Probably won't play too much more Dead Cells because the grind is real and I don't have time to try things over and over and over. Also im playing it on PC so not that convenient. Hollow Knight on the other hand will probably be my secondary game for a while. Got it on Switch so it's great while listening to a podcast or while watching some background show or in bed. Also checking out We Happy Few and Mafia 3 with no real intention to finish either. We Happy Few has an awesome setting but I don't know why they went for survival elements into that game. Would've been so much better as a focused story based game . Mafia 3 as bland a open world game as possibly but with an interesting story.
  6. We are both saying the same thing. It was incredibly close (don't forget 360 had an extra year head start). You felt the need to come in here to correct a potential small swing either way if the suggestion was PS3 ahead of 360 yet was fine with the totally inaccurate portrayal of TMF figures.
  7. PlayStation 3: A Sony press release reported 80 million sold as of November 2, 2013.[24] 3.4 million were shipped in 2014 and 0.4 million in the first quarter of 2015 The 84m does have factual credence directly from Sony though and at worst you have a very small range of possibility. Regardless, it's not a gen where either really 'WON' sales wise, ended up even af regardless of which system may have sold 0.5m more. Far from the figures TMF was using to show 360 near doubling PS3 sales.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_game_consoles https://venturebeat.com/2018/07/31/playstation-4-sales-pass-over-82-million-nearing-ps3s-lifetime-numbers/ 84m is figure associated with PS3 lifetime sales. 360 near identical. Regardless, the chart TMF posted is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off. Both ended near identical.
  9. Both ended recorded sales at about 84m but PS3 continued to be sold for far longer than 360 did
  10. Yeah, i think it will. Because tbh there hasn't been any other major reasons to buy a switch for the average/casual gamer this year. Those 2 are giant hardware movers especially with the holiday season upon us.
  11. Why are you only using NA? (and VGChartz) By the end of it's lifespan, PS3 ended up selling more than 360 Worldwide. Not by much but it did.