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  1. Getting back to a regular balanced life now that kids will be a bit older. Travelling again (already booked) Get back into coding/programming (already started) get back into swimming
  2. Played all the noms and Death Stranding is a clear winner imo. Not the best of years. Some great even excellent games but DS was the only one that reached beyond that level and will probably be the only game truly remembered from this year.
  3. But you don't play any of them so how can you be sick of them I'M SO SICK OF ALL THESE GAMES IM NOT PLAYING
  4. I actually feel bad for you. Don't tell you're gonna replay them from the start
  5. Love LIS, but doesn't play Detroit Love Hellblade but doesn't play God of War or sony cinematic games Love AC but doesnt play Horizon or sony open world games Wants Sony to make non 3rd party action games but doesn't even know of them (you though Concrete Genies was Dreams ) smells like an IRL fangirl oh and also, hates on 3rd person action games while right now loving the Jedi Fallen order You're a walking meme
  6. but but Sony only makes cinematic 3rd person games and I don't like any of them...I know because I play none of them oh btw Hellblade is amazing, Gears 5 was great, can't wait for The Initiatives games and Life is Strange is the best
  7. Medievil Meta 67 State of Decay 2 (your GOTY last year) 66 Crackdown 3 60 and that other game isn't Dreams....