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  1. Totally forgot Celeste. That is no.1 without a doubt.
  2. This is such a real side effect of having so much choice. You end up wanting to try everything and hopping back and forth and never really getting into one thing. Such a strange negative side effect and one that totally changes how I usually play (usually only play a single game at a time till I finish it before moving on).
  3. Rocket League (2015?) Cuphead Hollow Knight Fall Guys Inside
  4. Confirmed or guessing? Missed this earlier the year and would be awesome to check it out.
  5. About 8h or so into DQXI. It's a good jrpg. Still not sure it's what I'm in the mood for though.
  6. But dusk told me that the PS5 will struggle doing 4K, let alone 4K/60fps Also get ready guys, PS5 might be the more expensive console
  7. Luckily they'll have no idea it's a last gen system cause they'll both have nothing to play at launch
  8. You keep referencing both trailers as evidence (even though that tweet of next gen features would have zero impact on framerate in a trailer lol excessive loading screens on last gen systems does not translate to framerate dips in trailers) yet we have already been shown a trailer on PC in a Sony show, and that was for a PS5 console exclusive not a multiplat. If the PC version was so infinitely better why wouldn't they show it running on PC? Sony obviously have zero issues letting square not only show PC footage but fully announced it prior to showing it (something that didn't use to happen a
  9. Because none of that makes any sense, based on every single bit of factual precedence we have had in gaming history, Capcom's own actions, numerous reports from other devs and every logical point of view. The only reason you would believe this is for some reason you're desperate for this ps5 not being powerful enough narrative to be true. Dusk is saying this is due first half 2021, so less than a year from console launches. Every major 3rd party multiplatform game is ALWAYS cross gen that early. Why would Capcom release a huge game like RE8 on a market that might have 20m or so con
  10. This deal mustve happened fairly quickly imo. No way MS greenlights Avowed which is a direct TES competitor if they knew they were going to get Bethesda. I'd be all for cancelling it and putting Obsidian on FO and leave TES with Bethesda.
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