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  1. If the options are EA, Take Two, Activision or MS, I hope MS wins out. It isn't worth anywhere near their 4bn valuation though.
  2. Keen as! Shit house time over here though. 2am ugh
  3. Well this is a SW thread if ever Ive seen one
  4. was trash for a decade..........but it now one of the best action rpgs around
  5. The actual fuck is wrong with people. Laura Bailey is so damn good at pretty much everything she’s in.
  6. No huge surprise tbh. Sucks but probably overdue.
  7. Sane wouldn't be the first word that comes to mind when I think of this place but it's a hell of a lot better than those other places.
  8. Now we're talking Everyon wants Banjo and PD and I want Viva Pinata and Kameo
  9. That's crazy numbers. They've had a little resurgence in one state of Aus and had 40 or so new cases today and are now door knocking in hotspot areas to randomly test ppl.
  10. Legit. The tv is like half a metre off the floor and you're somehow still looking up at it
  11. Would be pretty aggressive from Sony if true, however you take the loss on the digital edition then more than make it up by locking ppl into digital sales forever. Much better cut on games sold. The rumour of the split launch makes me highly doubt this source though.
  12. Great to hear! The footage I saw looks great but also not totally mind blowing but I think they will show far more impressive stuff in the future.
  13. Been a bit busy these last couple days, what have the impressions been like?