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  1. There is nothing I hate more than that type of shit. It sickens me. My entire life core values are based on traditional family values. But none of that links with Nazism. Let's be honest, 99.9% of the shit fucks pushing these things are white and from western countries. How does that link to Hitler killing all the Jews and hating blacks and wanting a pure breed of German? Everything you are arguing against is more against these things than the locals of said countries. Muslims are vehemently against that shit, African Americans in the USA have far more conservative social view (especially when it comes to LGBT issues) than white people. Nearly every culture the west is importing is against those things (which in itself is causing the gigantic shift and issues, because there are people who are strongly opposed to current views being pushed and yet also strongly against ideologies like Islam) so linking a stop to multiculturalism to the solution of stopping those things you mentioned makes no sense. I'll give you as clear an example as I can. Australia only fairly recently had a referendum on Same Sex Marriage. Whether to legalise it or not. Nearly the entire country voted Yes, most especially all the heavy White and 'Aussie' areas. The only area in the entire country that had majority No is where I live, Western Sydney which has the highest percentage of immigrants in all of Aus and is one of the most multicultural places on the planet. So it was cultures like eastern European and other conservative Asian and Arabic cultures that were opposed to those things, not the native Aussies who had been trying to get this done forever.
  2. In one thread I got dyno calling me a black and white thinker and in another I have jerry criticising me because im a 'centrist' and not black and white enough too good. You know it's a Dyno post when he calls Xbox to Hitler a relevant analogy. Look at how threatened you feel and how angry and passionate you are about only a perceived threat to your race/country. Now imagine if not only that threat existed but gained control and killed millions of 'your people', whether that means nationally or race based to you. Then after said genocide you get morons say how the thing that resulted in said massacre had certain good elements, but you know we don't encourage genocide. I'm sure you'd be all okay with that considering just how threatened you already feel experiencing maybe 0.0000000001% of a perceived threat to you compared to what was actually happening to Jews in Germany during those times. But let's go back, where is your line Dyno? So obviously no to genocide. Okay so we take a step back, maybe just the concentration camps without the death? Maybe a little further, just the certain races not allowed into shops and establishments? Maybe a little further where it's heavily condemned to 'cross breed' with a jew if you were German? Just maybe a little further where it's just hate but no actual restrictions? What's your line Dyno?
  3. It got first revealed in 2017 at Sony's Paris Game Week Show I think then we pretty much didnt hear a thing about it for over a year. Happy to hear it looks just as great at release.
  4. There was nothing grey about Hitler. Everything he did was based on hate and race, his hate for jews and his love for what he believed was the 'pure' German. None of that is grey. All the movement and everything around it had that as it's basis which is exactly why it ended in genocide. I say over and over you can only judge an ideology from when it is in power and/or has a majority. That is the standard i apply to Islam when all the leftist spew out 'Islamaphobia'. You don't judge islam based on where it is a small minority in the US, you judge it based on the numerous countries where it is very much the vast majority. Same goes here, you can't say I agree with this and that but just not up till the genocide part. That is the cop out. Especially considering none of that has to do with the current situation, most especially the current situation in the US. All your usual rhetorics can be made without talking about Hitler or Nazism once, you choose to do so because you admire aspects of it, full stop. Stop you stupid ass comparisons to vehicles and game consoles, the xbox didn't result in the genocide of millions of people. If a priest spends his entire life preaching good, actually doing good too, helping the poor, the needy but ends up molesting a child then nothing of the 'good' prior matters. You don't say 'oh but you had some decent ideas up until the child molestation part'. You use another example of someone that didn't do those horrible things. If you can't find anyone outside of Hitler to draw parallels to for your current day arguments then maybe you should ask yourself why.
  5. jonb secretly playing and loving PS4 games confirmed
  6. Yeah and I'm just as harsh on that type of stupidity too but if you flip to 'owning it' then it turns from them being morons to them being justified (since you're actually now legitimately Nazi sympathising)
  7. On SW, yeah. In reality, obviously not, but I'm not an actual fanboy with only one console in reality either
  8. Do you include Crackdown 3 on gamepass? If not then Days Gone. Regardless the point is that SW is and always was about exclusives. Nothing is stopping you from hyping up Crackdown 3, it is the first major exclusive this year. Better than hyping multiplats on SW
  9. None of that matters when the end result was one of the greatest genocides in human history. Same way no one goes around talking about the 'good intentions' of Jim Jones in fighting against racism and oppression and wanting to make a better place for minorities with Jonestown because the end result was fucking mass murder/suicide. 'The ends justify the means' works both ways. When the ends are so horrific then nothing leading up to it matters. There is no sliver or ifs or buts because that road led to this. You can complain and make arguments about current issues without ever needing to mention Germany, Nazis or Hitler. That entire event could not exist and it wouldn't influence how many points or factors you can bring up now. If you have an issue with current issues talk about them currently with bringing up Hitler/Nazi/ Nazi Germany.
  10. You're not helping yourself. Since you are suggesting it had either 3510 (90%) exclusives or 3822 (98%) exclusives.
  11. I aint talking PS1, ffs, ain't none of here in 1994 lol Most ppl here are from GS SW which is 2000-2004 era and onwards which is PS2/3. It wasn't 2% multiplats. PS2 has over 1850 games released.......... they weren't 90% exclusive.
  12. Yeah PS2/3 days were really 2% multiplatform.
  13. When you kill millions of ppl based on race you sort of lose the 'not everything was bad' defense. It doesn't matter what the situation was prior or what facets you agree with prior. The result is what matters. Stop the Nazi sympatising bullshit. You can argue your points without any of it. This coming from someone born in Europe, who cares about Europe greatly and is one of the biggest critics of Islam here. There are many problems atm, none of them need you to result in 'but Hitler wasn't all bad'.
  14. The sheep are really missing out on a lot of amazing games this Q1, but sheesh, I have never seen a SW faction so happy about a bunch of multiplats. Back in the day it wouldn't even have rated a mention.