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  1. Not doubting the list but listing that information when it's just gathered from a group of panelists is just meh. Would be cool if they actually used time played metrics across Steam and if other companies helped provide data but obvs isn't gonna happen.
  2. Wish I cared about HP cause this game actually looks great.....but I dont.
  3. It's a very legitimate concern and it's been my main concern with where the future seems to be headed even though atm it is a great value to the consumer. As a kid, I would've absolutely been all for it, but now monetary value is worth a little less and time playing quality titles is worth a lot more and there is no feasible way that GP increases quality of games.
  4. One effect that low stock numbers are gonna have is that software for Sony is just going to have much longer legs because not everyone that wants to play that game even has the console they want to play it on. GT7 is going to be a staple in the Top 10-20 all year and you'll see boosts for other titles continuously as stock increases
  5. I actually think it looks decent and can fill a big gap that exists atm. That fun mindless AA type game just doesn't really exist anymore.
  6. LMAO how didn't this get posted. https://www.polygon.com/23122317/nintendo-saudi-arabia-investment-crown-prince-pif Saudi Arabia now owns 5.01% of Nintendo, making it the Kyoto company’s fifth-largest shareholder, according to a Bloomberg report. The Financial Times calculates the Saudi investment to be worth $2.98 billion. The purchase was made by the Public Investment Fund, a sovereign wealth fund that makes investments on behalf of the kingdom. The PIF is controlled by Saudi Arabia’s controversial crown prince and effective ruler, Mohammed bin Salman. A Nin
  7. Well at least there's some entertainment from this current dead period lol Europe is just as important for Sony as US as is the cumulative WW market since Sony actually matters in more than 3 regions lol Even without winning US Sony still outsells Xboxs weekly and that is with extreme supply constraint.
  8. Yous should really watch the doco if you're liking the show. Not sure what angle the show is taking but the doco is superb.
  9. It matters as much as the other 51 weeks of the year that PS beat Xbox. Zero. Japan console sales figures are even less significant than the UK weekly sales lol
  10. Remember when lemmings thought Hellblade 2 was a launch window game?
  11. now Japan sales matter for this one week
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