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  1. Yup, heaps of people don't know this and you see 'Game X is 50Gb and I have 60Gb free in HDD, why does it say I have no space' threads and questions at various gaming sites often.
  2. Yeah, every PS4 game is like that. You basically need 50% extra than the actual file size to install because it unpacks the 'installer'. The 'installer' is then deleted upon installation.
  3. Lvl 22 in AC. Yeah this is clearly better than Origins. This world is just amazing but the biggest jump in quality is actually narrative. The quests have some really awesome unique turns and surprises and the actual choice making has consequences and differences based on what you do. Loving it all but Red Dead in a week and I'm going away for a week too so prob will hardly play more for a while
  4. yeah loved the first season even though after doing a bit more research I realised how incredibly biased it was. Keen for S2!
  5. I will definitely pick this up at some point. Just not with Red Dead a week away
  6. slow johnny continues to be slow. At least Dyno got the reference.
  7. Dear sir, since you ordered RDR2 from the PS menu let me offer you these exclusive sides with your meal. Enjoy
  8. Oh look another thread where jonb says there is a meltdown yet every second post in the thread is his
  9. Holy fuck, finished ep 5 of Hill House. Yet to see ep6 that you guys are raving about and this is probably already my favourite Netflix show ever. So so so so damn good. Everything about it.
  10. As an Aussie, seeing that sequence in a game for the first time was epic.
  11. I treated each War Story individually, wasn't a fan of some but loved others. Thought The Runner was really good especially. The Desert one was cool too. Flying mission being my least fav too and I also felt the tank stuff went on for a little too long. Still though it was a great way to highlight different regions.
  12. BF1's War Stories was an interesting take on a SP campaign and worked well I thought. Expecting them to improve it further here and like you said it gives them the opportunity to do more unique things in it's SP without being held to large over done events. Dont' get the backlash at all, who gives a fuck even if it wasn't based on a true story. BF1 had a female playable character in one of it's war stories too and ppl didn't care back then.
  13. So many haters. Game looks awesome.