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  1. Try jumping the wide swings and just dodging the straight charges then attack instantly after. But anything that doesn't show that Red Japanese symbol should always preferably be parried. Oh yeah he is meant to be skipped for now. Can't even damage him in any atm.
  2. The main ppl I've encountered with spears have been regular enemies and fairly easily dispatched with. Dodge the spear then charge attack and mostly done. I'm not too fussed spoiler wise if you just want to explain which enemy in particular. I'll let you know what I've done so far. All of Ashina Outskirts including all mini bosses and the main boss at the Castle Gate. Made my way to Ashina Castle but not done too much there. And did a little of Hirata Estate. Just not sure which I should doing first atm, Hirata Estate or the Castle.
  3. Okay I think I've played enough Sekiro to have a little more thoughts about it now, still very early in the game though. Firstly, holy shit, this game is spectacular. This might have the best combat of any game I've ever played. It throws everything from Soulsbourne out the window. Any one calling this a Souls game is insane because mechanically it's so different. Gone is the Souls esque wait for an opening/defensive approach, even with Bloodborne's quicker pace it seems like a crawl compared to this. This is about relentless pressure and every single attack, parry, skill move, spirit emblem is so satisfying. You are pretty much punished for back off, it allows enemies to regain posture and pretty much makes you restart breaking them down. Nearly all the stat based RPG elements are gone too, can't grind for higher health or stronger attacks or anything, that is totally replaced by skill trees and coin which can be used to purchase certain items that can help you. Story is much more streamlined than in past Soulsbourne games too. I'm still way too early to say it is definitely better than Bloodborne simply because I need to see all the bosses, plus Bloodborne has a personal advantage because of the setting, however I do think that technically....this is better. Difficulty wise, it is hard, very hard. In ways harder than souls game and yet it balances it out by giving you a res ability and also so much more mobility to escape. The verticalility is a total game changer. I think I've only beat one actual main boss so far yet I feel I have played quite a bit. Curious to hear what everyone else is up to.
  4. How can someone be so consistently wrong It's truly a marvel. Even someone who has zero knowledge on the topic and just guessed from a multiple choice sheet would have a better track record.
  5. On a normal day about 2, but I also suffer from IBS so have days where I'm 5-8
  6. Come to the west brahhh. The Real Sydney
  7. Most believable one I've seen so far. There is zero doubt that price point is Sony's no.1 focus. They aren't going to release a system for more than 399
  8. Exactly, it's going to come down to just how important this Gaming aspect is to each of the companies and how badly they NEED it to succeed.
  9. The only problem with Google is that they are so big that even with the scope of this thing, to them it's a drop in the ocean. They will happily dump is like Google Plus or Google Glass if it doesn't become a hit. Meanwhile for Sony, gaming is basically what saved them and it's their most profitable aspect, for Nintendo it's all they have and for MS it's become a fairly major focus too. Google have the resources and capabilities to become the industry leader but do they have the desire or need to? How hard will they push this? Especially since at launch it is going to be fairly limited in the broad sense of things. I still think the way to go is slow steps into streaming. What google is doing now is like if a console went digital only intstead of slowly increasing digital adoption while still providing all the physical capabilities.