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  1. Not to mention the PS4 drops starting happening as it approached 100m in total sales. Obviously it's reaching it's market maximum. Meahwhile Xbox 1 hasn't even hit half that
  2. Half the top 20 are exclusives. Exclusives don't matter
  3. Sheesh, not the way you want to be going into the next generation. As I said previously, they may be making a lot of consumer friendly moves with GP and Play Anywhere and so on but it is having ZERO positive effect in the market. Halo Infinite will give them some buzz back and then they really better hold on to it and capitilise on that momentum
  4. True, true. I'm scared the fuck out of spiders and would have no problem substituting them with moose.
  5. Holy fuck. You guys are scared of our spiders while yous have literal gigantic beasts walking the roads
  6. I'm all against the forced shit but this is a literal non story. Bond retired, hence retiring the 007 codename. She is playing the new agent assigned that codename. Daniel Craig is still James Bond....
  7. Incredible scene in an incredible movie.
  8. Calling Annihilation a plagiarism of anything else is really something lol It's probably the most unique take on sci fi horror that any movie has done in the last decade, if not 2. That does make it a very hit or miss movie (I loved it) but it definitely isn't ripping off anything.
  9. Yeah that was one technique i never really mastered and sort of just worked around it