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  1. Surprised with what a smash hit Ghost turned out to be, didn't think it would do as well as it's doing. Good hold for TLOU2 also for second month. Exclusives all round killing it .
  2. I don't know what's sadder, that this move lost 20% of ppl or that 50% of ppl didn't give a shit anyway
  3. Was about to say small penis syndrome but got beat
  4. Listen to your own argument. You just said how RDR2 had native 4K on a 6TF machine yet somehow Cyberpunk won't on a 10TF machine
  5. you do know the next gen upgrade for Cyberpunk isn't coming at launch on next gen systems right? It doesn't even have a release window yet. You're probably talking about 2021 for it to have those things you mentioned on XSX and you really think CD Projekt Red aren't going to be able to optimise the PS5. They have witcher running on the damn switch.
  6. already a thread. merging EDIT: Merging changed your thread title Remij, sorry. Feel free to change it back or leave it.
  7. How this guy still gets endless praise from gamers and critics I will never understand. No one has talked more and delivered less from any of the major 3 ever.
  8. This is like Bodycount's wet dream of a thread lol
  9. He doesn't want to return but I'm sure he still checks in. Respect for actually finally cracking and admitting the clusterfuck MS has brought upon themselves, better than to lap it all up for another gen
  10. We'll wait and see I guess. I won't judge 3rd party games till they stop being cross gen too.
  11. Looks decent but hardly a new story. I want a proper doco on the fall out between Sony and Nintendo that led to the creation of the Playstation followed by Xbox entering the market.
  12. Of the vital jobs that are currently open, Playground is still looking to add a Lead Audio Engineer, Lead AI Engineer, Lead Game Designer, Animation Director, and a Lead Scriptwriter to the team. These positions are just a few of the nearly 40 that are currently available at Playground right this moment. https://www.dualshockers.com/fable-xbox-series-x-release-date-far/ Why even show this and Everwild already? and how empty must the lineup be if they are already needing to show these games that are so far off.
  13. Maybe lemmings will finally learn that Halo never left us and it is just now the superior Destiny Bungie still the FPS GOAT
  14. Quotes that have aged like milk in the sun (from Polygon article last month ): https://www.polygon.com/interviews/2020/7/20/21330919/xbox-game-studios-phil-spencer-interview-matt-booty-series-x “I honestly think we’re in the best launch lineup position that we’ve ever been on Xbox,” Spencer said. “When I think about the strength and depth of the games that people are going to be able to play day one on Xbox Series X — not only because of [backward compatibility] — and the way that Game Pass really allows the total cost of ownership of our console, I think is a real strength. “But you know, we also have Halo. The last time we had Halo at the launch of a console was 2001. And we feel really good about Halo.