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  1. Highly doubt it will be Rapture though. I think Space is going to be the theme.
  2. About right from what I've played so far. Fans of the original will like it though, stays true to the series while modernising it enough to feel new.
  3. I think enough time has passed to give Bioshock another go. Was always going to be open world this time around
  4. Yeah I did. Pretty fd up too. Not really a fan of the movie in a general sense either tbh. Melancholia is prob my fav Lars Von Trier film. Martyrs easily my fav torture genre film. Ending is so damn good too.
  5. Watched all those too when I was in that phase lol Fucked but nothing too bad. Went into ASF so cocky that nothing could phase me. I was very wrong.
  6. It's the only thing that's gonna heal him now........years.So fear not Twinblade, you'll be fine in a decade.
  7. I'll say this once. Any plot details remain in spoiler tags, including stupid reactions or hinting. Anyone posts anything outside of spoiler tags and outside of this thread and insta ban. Enough of the spoiling shit for others every new game for SW points. I won't be back in this thread.
  8. Twinblade taking that shower as we speak and realising he's gonna need a lot more than just a shower
  9. Even before the end. The newborn shit is the most fd up thing ever. I don't even know how that shit was legal. Whoever even thought of that shit should be put in jail lol let alone filmed it. and then to top it off with the end
  10. Given what they showed at the reveal, it definitely looked like it could run on a Switch.
  11. HAHAHAHAHHA omg i'm dying. The timing was impeccable. Guess I was just a bit too late. But I tried to save you None of the violence and torture aspects bother me too much. it's the other stuff in the film that is simply fucking sick. Stuff I don't even want to type.
  12. Nowadays, nothing. But back in the day the best sports games were THPS, SSX and PES4. Smackdown series was amazing also.
  13. ASF is a whole different level. This is probably gonna encourage you to watch it even though it's not the intention but it is by far the most fd up movie I have ever watched and probably the only movie I would probably have preferred to just not have seen. It is far beyond torture porn. The fact it has pretty good production values for the genre just adds to how screwed up it is. Imo it's nothing like Spit on your Grave or Martyrs (fucking amazing film) or any of those films. I would honestly say, don't watch it.
  14. I can't stand when devs say they are putting a new system to full use when it's like year 1 of the cycle lol. Happens every gen. These games now are gonna look ugly and old as fuck by the time the generation nears it's end. None are even close to maxing out a PS5 or XSX
  15. Game on PS5 and PC and a game you bashed on Switch years ago but now love on Xbox Just how you're gonna be loving 'movie games' soon too.
  16. Exactly. They have milked every last bit out of these last gen exclusives. They are all basically free on PS Collection or have been given on PS Plus too. There is literally nothing left to extract from them in the console space. They won't sell any more systems and they won't generate anymore software sales. PC market is a whole new way for them to not only make a shit ton more but also strengthen the IP for the eventual sequels on PS5 that WILL be exclusive. Great strategy.
  17. Hasn't this been on every single free and paid service by this point?
  18. Oddworld Soulstrom Returnal at the end of the month. Now please you do the same for Switch and Xbox with the same conditions.
  19. I think it's a project that is probably already well underway and they would've known it wasn't going to be with Sony so most likely UE (can't see him using Unity). Rumours probably coming out now since maybe they've had to shop the game around since the Stadia stuff has fallen through. Yeah that would be sick and exactly what I want, even if not the episodic nature. But a 5-10 hour PT style game, set in a single location with a bunch of hidden things for players to discover.
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