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  1. Hardware reveal before E3 makes perfect sense so then you show the games at E3.
  2. can you please direct quote me dumbo so I can tell that you have responded Then when you learn to do that. Learn the difference between question and statement. DF: Will PS5 be a $500 consoles? (Question) DF: PS5 is a $500 console. (Statement) Good boy
  3. Oh well if thats case forget anything I said. Was just basing it on that pic.
  4. Very specifically leaving out X from that Series. We will see the Series S too without a doubt.
  5. You really should go talk about Jerry's personal life again. Nothing shows how not mad you are than constantly resorting to personal attacks against a guy on a video game forum
  6. Do you live a life where everyone who speaks to you is always mad?
  7. DF: Will PS5 be $500? Dumbob: DF says PS5 is $500. Act like fact. What a mistake Sony is making.
  8. is that the legit logo for the Shelter House.......
  9. Finished Jedi Fallen Order. Was a consistent ‘good’ but nothing more throughout
  10. To be fair Sony has never said that metric wasn't important, they actually never say anything. Just release full metrics on everything and let ppl talk. Pretty certain they have always valued the importance of active users. Their whole exclusive model is just to get user into the PS ecosystem. The whole forum warrior thing was only because MS flip flopped and only gives info they want ppl to have, while Sony and Ninty have always reported everything even in less successful gens.
  11. Which was my exact point. Who does something first is meaningless compared to who does it right. Ms is doing cloud gaming right but when it comes to metrics they are horrific and being the first to act like MAUs are the only important thing doesn’t change the fact they are horrible at revealing metrics that matter, made all the worse after they talked about how important those metrics.
  12. Well I guess Sony was ahead of the curve in cloud gaming having bought Gakai and released PS Now well before anyone else. MS following their lead I guess
  13. They made a case for if being so important that now (when it’s more important than ever) they don’t even report those metrics truly ahead of the curve.
  14. None of those things change the fact that in regards to metrics they are currently by far the worst in reporting meaningful data, even behind Nintendo who each quarter report exact software sales for all first parties even when not successful. They did so during Wii U era also. MS has flip flopped too much to be called ahead of the curve on metrics, you don’t know what they would be saying if they were leading hardware and software sales and if gold numbers were higher than Plus, etc. Meanwhile Sony announces everything, they announced sales even when not leading for a majority of last gen and have every gen.
  15. The difference is that Sony reports both users AND sales. We know PS Plus sub numbers, monthly active users PLUS hardware sales and software sales. MS has changed their opinion on relevancy based on how well they are doing each generation. Last gen they wouldn't shut up about hardware sales. Then it became MAUs and then it became MAUs compared to their own previous MAUs. Hard to say MS is ahead of the curve on reporting meaninful metrics when we don't know GP sub numbers, software numbers, Gold numbers, etc
  16. None of this means anything before pricing for everything is revealed.
  17. IGN: 9.0 Dreams really is something that needs to be played to fully grasp an understanding of. It’s unlike anything else: an ambitious project that has been expertly brought to life by Media Molecule, and an audacious experiment in game design that gives you endless ways to enjoy your time with it. Metacritic: Currently 91 but early days.
  18. No better way to try bring ppl to VR than to make a new Half Life exclusive for it. It doesn't stop a regular Half Life being made later.
  19. Yeah the Coronavirus stuff is definitely an issue in regards to production. There is no doubt it’s gonna have some impact on launch units available. Hopefully nothing major enough to warrant a delay. Price for Sony is probably dependant on what Series X will be priced at. If MS does $599 then Sony will happily do $499. If MS goes $499 and eats a loss then I think Sony will want to undercut them and be cheaper. Maybe $449 but that won’t have the level of effect as a $399. however the possibly supply issue might also come into effect. If numbers are going to be more limited you might be more inclined to price higher cause there is defs that market of ppl that will buy day 1 at whatever price. So why not price it $500 and sell it at that price if supply constraints aren’t gonna let you benefit from a cheaper price anyway cause the units aren’t there to sell
  20. Yeah the way they are talking is very strange. You wouldn’t do it unless you simply knew what you were creating is so far ahead of what is currently done. A part of me doesn’t believe it but then I look at what they did in a single gen last time. Started with UC and ended with Last of Us. Those two games have a generational leap within the same gen. They’ll prob do the same here
  21. $499 expected for PS5, $399 would be amazing $499 Series X would be pretty good though. $599 would be a tough sell even though the hardware is worth it.