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  1. They announced this ages ago. The next gen versions got delayed along with the game earlier this year.
  2. Blair Witch being on GP helps
  3. It's not too bad tbh. Bloodborne and Sekiro are much harder imo. Would put it on the easier half of Soulsborne games. Friend is gonna let me borrow miles now so that is probably next. Also my Series X arrived yesterday........but that has nothing to play lol I set it up then played demons souls
  4. PS5 - adaptive triggers. That alone makes it the better version. Stunned at how good they are in Cold War too.
  5. Alright all trolling and bias aside. my 1080ti PC but no HDR (or obvs ray tracing) on my monitor (4K though) or a PS5/XSX version (whichever is better)? Prob gonna end up waiting to hear how each version stacks up but curious to hear thoughts.
  6. I miss the 360 Goes to show how only the games matter. My 360 RROD on me 3 times and it is still my fave Xbox ever. A lot of things don't matter if a system has the games. Same way design, power and all that crap means nothing without games.
  7. This is the exact rumour we've always had..... and again, PC about to get PS4's first great exclusive.......5 years later. Maybe when we get Bloodborne 2 hermits can get excited about Demon's Souls Remake.
  8. Decent sesh last night. Leechmonger, Dirty Colossus, Old Monk and Penetrator all down.
  9. You do you, I do me. Me has Demon's Souls right now and Astro, and Miles and Sackboy if I want. Let me know when any of those come to PC.
  10. and where did I say you or anyone bought a PC to play PS5 games? I said you didn't buy a PS5 because you are happy to wait years for the POTENTIAL of a game coming to PC. Meanwhile, I'm happy to just drop the $500. You mentioned age. The older I get the less and less value $500 has to me. If I was a kid I couldn't just drop $500 for a launch console. I would've had to wait.
  11. I'm old enough that I can spend $500 to not wait multiple years for the chance of getting a game
  12. Is BotW running via BC lol You've been shitting on BoTW in relation to Switch all gen and now totally flipped narrative on games that are not even cross gen (like BotW was) but just optimised on new hardware.
  13. In every post I've practically said it will prob happen. The ownage is having to be a peasant waiting years for something we are playing now I don't care about oldish games much. Things getting ported late are basically worthless to me cause I always have multiple systems. Even in regards to BC, I couldn't care less is PS5 had zero BC (like PS4). Haven't played a single PS4 game since the new gen, and not planning to ever. You think I'm gonna care about Demon Souls even late next year when R&C, GT7, Returnal and Horizon will be out and hype intensifying for GoW2?
  14. BotW is a Wii U port but MCC, released in 2014 is a Series X game.
  15. Gonna be massive owange in 5/6 years when we are getting hyped for PS6 and Demons Souls might be getting ported to PC
  16. A new player has joined the Hopes and Dreams party Lemmings and Hermits. Begging for Sony scraps
  17. Nearing the end of the Cold War campaign. Actually a big fan, they do a a decent amount of chances to make it feel fresh. A lot less emphasis on giant set pieces and it works. Astro bot speed runs with my friends. What a fucking game. This is a legit killer app.
  18. This thread The list of XSX excuses is growing as fast as the list of better multiplats on PS5
  19. They did say it was the quietest Xbox yet. So quiet no one noticed it’s release
  20. Astro's Playroom really deserves so much more attention. This is a killer game. My friends have just started getting into speed run time trails too now and evertime I put on my PS5 i get notifications when times are beaten. It's a superb little game. Btw man, I still don't have you on PSN. Dm it to me if you want (if you don't want to post it publically). Not really into MP games much but I like to see ppl's trophies haha. Btw same goes for anyone else here with a PSN. I think I only have Ike and lynux.
  21. Ghostz has talked more about PS5 in a week than he's played Switch all year
  22. So damn good. The graphics and lighting are bonkers.
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