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  1. First one was 👌👌👌 will check out second with nephew/niece
  2. Teen Titans go to the movies. How this movie got released theatre wide instead of straight to dvd/{is that still a thing?) Or tv movie, beats me. How it has 91% at RT is baffling but watch it for a particular scene where they go back in time to undo them going back in time to undo events that lead the justice league to become Justice league. That scene involving Batman. It's 1sec but comedy gold, well executed
  3. It's true. Someone told me my pics do still look like mugshots
  4. How to trick people to think your last minutr garbage bathroom selfie is more or less, gud. No photoshop, phone app Snapseed. (The screenrecord and gif maker tho, no idea)
  5. Did you get to be on the set? Thats really cool.
  6. after days of therapy, depression pills, selfie class, and thousands of pictures because of that potato comment. the survivors (that either will prob get denied, not a single one staring at the cam): the compensating clean-cut look before, and any effort at all > having a mugshot / "wanted" bum look for years.
  7. What's with the race threads and taking a test to find out your ancestry? We get it, you're dad is 4% black, somehow you turned out -20%
  8. Hey will respond to your email soon. Haven't read it yetbusy with something wrapping up and it's crunch time
  9. You look much different than the pic of you in the back of a truck with your sisters. And what's happening? Looks like a movie clip
  10. Bless GD for being SW's representative taking one for the team by going out at night and making us all look good. And The Mummy movie right?
  11. is crack the same as meth tho? I've heard that used interchangeably