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  1. That can be said for any substance or literally any consumable at all. Weed being medicinal is proof enough of its use, even helps people physically. People abuse food even. I dont think this has to do with any substance, but on gratification and abusers/addicts become dependent on whatever it is, compared to a user who have to deal with how abusers ruin the image of the substance they use. alcohol is the only substance i can think of where you holding one beer one wine glass wont get you compared to an alcoholic. The legality of it for years helped its image. Weed is getting there too.
  2. The image of cokeheads arent that of bums though. You're adopting the way users of a particular drug are portrayed. Before weed is universally legal its been way past the pothead image to housewives doing it. Age wise I think in your young 20s you can handle experimenting with substances better than past 30. So i agree, if You're using past age of 30, You're dependent of it and way past "experimenting" Edit "drug use pass age of 30 is odd", same thing is said about playing video games
  3. 3 sw tabs though, and is that sega dreamcast tab?
  4. should have said lower sw.com window or it'll get repeated in every post
  5. Just click prt scrn right now , and Ctrl + V on the comment section (if I remember correctly cmd + 4 on mac) inspired by the joy of finding a 2012 print screen hide what ya gotta hide like I did on those tabs lol
  6. And I'm single now but didn't game or watch tv/movies at all, even by myself, cause together we didn't. (and the next one has to be into tv/movies at least, or bust) I practically have child costudy I hang out with my nephew and niece so much and we don't play video games. Parent rule since they're already addicted to Roblox
  7. Yes. Which is why I only play League of Legends. one or 2 sessions which one at its peak with good players on both teams can last 40 minutes.I get my gaming news on SW And when I have 0 time to treat myself cause even that luxury has to be productive (drawing / writing / housework / chores / healthcare / etc), I delete the game cause opening it is at times an automatic task for me. Downloading it isn't.
  8. You know what grinds my gears? Staying too long in melancholy (I can't own that saying, got it from a teacher) ex: Unless chemically depressed (take your meds) any time taken to be sad / angry / depressed reacting to an event, a person's action (hurt people hurt people. Be bigger and don't spread it), longer than how long those moments even lasted, is not worth it any more and you're just dragging the trauma too much. Cause you know what happens? a bad habit builds up into more bad habits and all the sudden you're melancholic and addicted to gratification to distract from your melancholy, and you can't even remember what happened to you that you became this way. for. way. too. long.
  9. Heh ask the mods. I made the poll public to spice things up. I think one admin *couch* Cooke *couch* made it private