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  1. It is! As well as concept artist. We're using this: http://fr.esotericsoftware.com/
  2. For one of the top companies too! ... a much lesser known subsidiary of it. Stay tuned for when I tell you what the best smartphone game (not on blackberry) of all time is, chances are I worked on it!
  3. @Jon2B @Ike from Bullock, about family not being necessarily who you're born with but form a bond with
  4. @Cookester15 Your dad is clearly a great photographer if he managed to make you look good
  5. Yes, Im half and half with how I feel about it. great acting and storyline so far, but there are episodes where they derail and they feel like "filler" episodes, and so far it's always the next ep after a cliffhanger from the previous one. Havent seen Black Lightning, but Jessica Jones s2 was so bad I stayed away from any netflix comicbook shows since
  6. who's excited for Bird Box? you think she made it out ok?
  7. THAT LOOKS AMAZING Though can Lupita work on her accent? Escept 12yrs, she sounds the same in all other movies
  8. Cooke would willingly be creeped on by Kevin Spacey confirmed
  9. Have you been watching Titans as well? Or The Gifted? what comic book shows u watchin
  10. Sup with the haircut in your last two pics? you look completely different from the previous ones
  11. lemmings having fun itt not by a game feature announcement /thread
  12. how does someone who hasnt worked for almost a year, unimpressive resume, in a town where degree is more or less irrelevant, get hired asao?