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  1. Heh ask the mods. I made the poll public to spice things up. I think one admin *couch* Cooke *couch* made it private
  2. south park is outdated. It's all about rick and morty now and they need to come out with seasons as fast as south park. I need to know where this Morty clone storyline goes
  3. are you seriously confusing my "if you were gay" thread to being lowtcp's? How much of a racist do you have to be to confuse black people even by the content they write we not only look all the same to you, but even sound the same???!?
  4. Why is this vid not the intro to every corporate training videos, I don't know but it should be
  5. Oh no I mean unpredictable like GoT did-they-just-kill-off-the-good-guys stuff. Adventure Time and Regular Show have a predictable structure they adhere to. I didn't know where Devilman Crybaby was going from climax to ending
  6. They're slowly fading into irrelevance now muahaha. And its a good thing they passed, the real horror is when they buy your stuff and dont produce it, but now they own it and you cant move forward either. Meanwhile Netflix and Amazon is giving everyone and their grandma a tv deal and there's a lot of to shift through soyou really gotta make yours stand out. Yes I want a job! I'll slide in your DMs
  7. GD snazzing up this thread again with class HolyAx, uh yes, it was called SLAVERY, thanks for reminding me my great-great-great-grand mother got raped. Really, thanks.
  8. Yes. It all happened when I pitched my show to a huge network who turned me down. I havent been the same since and took a step back from drawing, to read and write, cause story in any movie or animation matters way more than how good they might look. So Im working on my writing craft and finally thinking to myself I'll be able to rape again soon, and then the whole "metoo" movement happens where they kick all the rapists out in the movie/tv industry. Now wtf am I gonna do? It's been really depressing
  9. I'm asexual ever since i've been tramautized by unsolicitated sex, and everytime I try to feel normal again and put myself out there, I attract even more obscene unsolicited sex that tramautizes me again. The life of a rapist is not easy. ^ this has always been my posting style where I'm "joking" but some parts of it are true but Im not saying which part is :) An actual true confession is I'm learning to be a comedic screen writer and I wanna make sure I got the chops before quitting my nonexistent day job
  10. is it the animation style you're bothered by? I didnt mind it (since I thought it was intentional, not lack of expertice) but it's the unconventional story that got me hooked. It went from 0 to 100 quickly and I loved that I couldnt predict it. (never seen or heard of the original)
  11. btw that league of legends screen was intentional. How am I still labeled sheep when that's litereally the only game i play lol
  12. Masaaki Yuasa (creator of Devilman Crybaby) is bar none my favorite anime director/animator/story teller. (After Satoshi Kon in some respects) I've got a couple groundworks/sketchbooks from different shows/ppl and his is always nearby! Dont watch his shows with any preconceived notion of what is the "correct" way to draw/make anime