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  1. Print this thread and slip the paper under his door.
  2. I’m gonna joi corn-rages.com and copy/paste this. I put like 3 hours into writing this thread
  3. Who here is down to (start a new account and) join a SW LoL team? LoL is essentially a board game which demands 2 important attributes from a gamer (“summoners”): 1. Hand-eye coordination/awareness 2. Understand the game’s mechanics ^knowing what gets you exp/gold/damage and defense against particulars/etc at its core, the game is just “destroy enemy base before they destroy yours” and do whatever is necessary to get there, the rest is all “meta” (tried and true ways to get there, but the only Facts are doing the math when picking/building up your champ.) That’s all. Not an oversimplification (just leaving a lot of detail out to not overwhelm with info). Played the game just months after it first came out. Been playing it on/off ever since. Willing to start a new account with a devoted SW team, need at least 1 person for duo. The dream goal would be to have a core team of 5 (or more to fill in depending on ppl’s schedules) and use this thread for pre and post game strategies/feedback. The 5 roles and the composition/type of champ to pick for them (Generally but not always) 1. Top = bruiser/tank 2. Jungle = Assassin/fighter 4. Mid = Mage damage 5. Bot(tom) = Range damage/carry 6. Support - healer/Main carry protector Playing solo, it’s ideal to learn all 5 roles and as many of the 150+ champs, you never know what position might need to be filled. But usually ppl master/main 1 or 2 roles and play the same 5-10 favorites. Cinematic showing the gist of some champs and their abilities: Another important attribute of the game is team communication, which other laners can survive without in solo queue, but as someone who mains support, a co-dependent role, communication can win/lose me games and LoL is known as the #1 most toxic online game ever. Ranking/high score lists must be important to you to join this. I’m in it to get way over my highest rank so far ( Gold II). Summoner lvls go up to 60 but everything unlocks at lvl 30/having 20 champs. Requires from you just 4gb ram on pc/mac, and 0 dollars. You do have to commit some hours, but nothing life sucking like WoW or Diablo. Who’s in? I’ll start a new account tomorrow. When we make it Pass Gold II, i’ll Gift you a skin or champ. Qft.
  4. I am in love with Aza, I would become trans just for him. His stories resurrect me. It’s a toss between him and Lostfool
  5. What game are you playing that you could actually *make money off of? And the dlc you pay for us just stuff like character skins, not the rest of the $60 game you bought only 10% of lmao *if you’re any good at playing games, TLBHO
  6. As opposed to women who start at a later or younger age? i feel like you’re implying younger. Like Russian girls start drinking at age 12 (pretend this is R Kelly)
  7. Just noticed who I’m talking to. Inbred hermits wouldn’t know world history even if the globe was shoved up their arse where their head is in all day
  8. That meabs you would consider League of Legends “poverty gaming” yet its one of the top, if not the #1 top grossing dlc game + its e-sports gamers and YouTube/twitch gamers are making a high living off of playing it too
  9. You dig up a 70yo picture of the guy from a different culture/time period/understanding, to call who he is presently, a hypocrite? To top this off, yet you support the “grab her by the pussy” guy?
  10. Not a female, but “another” as in you’re a lez female yourself? TWINBLADE IS A GIRL CONFIRMED
  11. Mods delete this and all my threads lol
  12. https://m.wikihow.com/Understand-Love-As-a-Chemical-Reaction @dakur they go over that in this article too as just being for the sake of/in remembrance of the false “love” chemical reaction. Last paragraphs (I know it’s a wikihow article, it’s to;dr, I don’t think it’s oversimplified )