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  1. What are free or cheap android games worth playing? League of legends wild rift is cool, and I cant wait for diablo, but i know nothing else thats out there
  2. Is this referencing the movie Mother! Or nah
  3. Content unavailable, wtf is up with these private posts
  4. Watched Sonic 2 and Uncharted Now to give Mr Robot season 4 a shot
  5. "built for mobile" take my money! pre-registered
  6. Havent got a chance to listen to any yet but I cant wait to cooke, love you
  7. Needed something to watch on hbo max now that Euphoria's over
  8. US news propaganda. He may be Jewish but that doesnt prove the nation is not made up of nazi mentality
  9. US news are most likely over dramatising what is going on over there. Ukraine and Russia are fine
  10. Ok just finished watching it finally. Great episode
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