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  1. seeing this a while back made me want to try it:
  2. I'm in the US and overweight. I used to weigh 140 two years ago, now I'm over 240. (I'm 5'9"). I have a gym subscription at planet fitness and only went once and I lasted 10 minutes. I can't put on socks without a struggle, and I'm well aware the food I eat is junk food but they've been a substitute over quitting drugs and almost quitting cigarettes (I just smoke less now). I don't know what I'm waiting for to go to the gym and eat healthy but I'm open to it.
  3. not my proudest porn watch but that's what it reminds me of
  4. I have to go to canada one day just to ravel the untouched Cooke
  5. Im still on episode 4 of Westworld season 4, I've been watching other shows everytime I pop open HBO max. Im not into it as I was with season 1 but it's still sad to hear it's been cancelled. Read that one of the actors, Thandiwe Newton went to rehab and got replaced by Selma Hayek in a Magic Men upcoming sequel...
  6. Agreed, Alicent is not the same at all after the time jump. And so many kids, it's hard to keep track of all the names. Things happen at such a fast pace, characters dying don't hurt as much as they did in Game of Thrones because I didn't get to know them long enough. Still was a great season though and I hope season 2 will be different now that the characters are established.
  7. and another 6 more years to go, TLHBFR
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