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  1. My favorite soviet childrens music is Peter and the wolf
  2. Started watching peacemaker, a spin off show from The Suicide squad
  3. I have never heard of smoking affecting the taste of cum. I dont believe your girlfriend
  4. Euphoria s2 premiere was lit I love League of Legends but been living under a rock, never heard of Arcane till now
  5. Great editing and motion graphics skills
  6. 70% of the inmates were black, a deputee told me. The rest were "chicos" (and if a girl, its not chica but "chico bitch") and a few were white ("crackers")
  7. There's 4 of us in what is the master bedroom so theres a lot of space. 7 total in the house, and about 20 people in the program. Some im friends with, others I adapt myself around so their quirks dont bother me.
  8. Damn ghostz is keeping tabs on me and shit lol Same incident; long story short, my lawyer struck a deal to let me out under house arrest at a treatment program but theres a thing called time served where spending time in jail before a sentence gets counted as time already served once the judge sentences you. So i went back to jail because my time under house arrest wouldnt count as time served. After i accepted the plea deal, i was sentenced 3 years probation with one year house arrest included. Turned out my time served doesnt count so i went back to jail for nothing a
  9. I got to hang out with fellow inmates with worst cases than mine. And now im in a treatment program around addicts and crazy people
  10. I accepted a plea deal instead of taking it to trial, but that was pretty much it. Setting your own property on fire is still arson and i was accused of deliberately trying to burn the whole building down
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