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  1. that article should have considered the black celebrity gifs involved are being used as individuals who happen to be black, and not necessarily digital black face, like using a black emoji character. They are essentially saying being a non-black fan of a Black entertainer is borderline racist.
  2. ok, now compare the number of white men who have been appointed VP to the number of black women......
  3. And its ok to tell her to be a girl because she likes stereotypical girlish things and vice versa for boys because...?
  4. Thats how White men become president. That's how they become anything.
  5. Will this result in gun control or transgender control 🙂
  6. I'll probably skip Bad Batch (I dont watch cartoons or anime at all anymore, I must've grown out of them) but will def check out Andor
  7. you're the one fake as fuck trying to bang his now ex-wife. Bet you were trying to fuck her while they were still together too you fake ass bitch ass.... fuck ass friend
  8. I agree with her. And thread title is wrong, that is not what she is saying at all. Her main point which stands, is the left should stop fighting amongst themselves, as they do. And instead take what they can get (Biden) to defeat bigger oppositions from the right than the disagreements they have amongst each other. The left is way too tribal while the right has been slowly reclaiming the country to make America into their definition of what was great, again. Look into the past Cooke, who has America always been great for?
  9. Watched the Drug King on Netflix. A Korean movie and that's enough said, Koreans know how to make movies.
  10. Back when I used to do drugs, a friend I used to get high with's house got raided. They took down all cameras except one that recorded footage of them wearing ski masks to cover their faces and they wrecked havoc on the house. It's unfortunate they knocked down Afroman's door like that, but other than that, they didnt really flip his house over like they do on normal raids.
  11. 10/10 will watch, loved the first Gears of War
  12. yes, this is a culture war: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_war
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