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  1. There's definitely a good way to make a Zelda movie, surprised no one has tried that. But a Mario movie will do meanwhile, gonna watch it fo sho
  2. It was a learning curve. Nothing like this happened before and the scientific community had to make a plan of action as it was happening, there was no test lab or beta site.
  3. they were confused by the switched hemispheres I think
  4. I miss Jimbo. Drugs are now decriminalized in Canada, so he's probably having a blast!
  5. z,warrior


    that's funny mutha fucka? Glad these petty fools got caught.
  6. watched La la land on Netflix the day it came out, still my favorite movie
  7. you grew up with western art history/philosophy. Anything remotely outside of its aesthetic will seem terribly ugly to you. So yes, it IS because of race and their afro themes. African sculpture wasn't a hot commodity in western art until Picasso came along and literally applied it to the culture/aesthetic.
  8. no it's not. To give you a fair argument, the closest thing to a "systemic" racism against whites could be in South Africa at the end of apartheid, there was a reverse order of those in power going from rich whites to blacks, and while rich whites could run away and emigrate out of the country, poor whites could not. https://widerimage.reuters.com/story/white-poverty-in-south-africa THIS would be an example of "systemic" racism, when literally the system affects the well being of a minority race. The "opinion" that white people are responsible for all bad things on
  9. checked out Velma after finding out Its Always Sunny's Glenn Howerton is in it. I don't mind it at all, I actually liked the 2 eps I've seen so far
  10. Last episode of Alice in Borderland S2 was just terrible... the whole ep sucked
  11. z,warrior


    wooh wooh
  12. I did a little digging about the game's bill and find most gamers crying about the show being faithful, annoying af. Just play the game again if it's its story you really want. They're like GoT "fans" who read the books.
  13. Im watching Alice in Borlerland s2 now and just finished the checkmate ep where they have to tag each other to swap teams. Probably my favorite game they showed so far
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