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  1. See a doctor for testosterone replacement
  2. Today was a giant win for trump
  3. Being a liberal makes you chemically a female.
  4. I got it downloading right now on my SSBU edition switch and I have a copy coming in the mail in a few hours for my original launch switch
  5. They make fun, deep, beautiful games simply because they love the art of game development. They've rejected this games as a service lootbox cancer meta and they consistently deliver extremely high quality games that everyone, not just dorito eating incels, can enjoy. They are a global treasure They've delivered 3 GOTG contenders within 2 years on the Switch. They're back and better than ever. Long live the big N
  6. That is a ridiculously attractive price point. Might have to build a new PC around this. Still rocking a 4th gen i7 and a 970.
  7. I know tons of nongamers (lems) IRL who are going ape over this game
  8. Sheep won this gen. 3rd GOTG in a 2 year old console. This has never been done before