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  1. ive got to put music on an ipod w/o pc use? i dont mind itunes/imusic for myself but im sure they meant for offline purposes.
  2. The question still stands, I guess it’s not “cp” if it’s drawn (because Pinocchio is no real boy and use his nose as you please boys wink wank)
  3. No this really is the first ever incarnation of Rick and Morty by the show’s creator and I think he or they also made a video of Cosby clones that was funny if you can find that one, I believe it was taken down cause the real Cosby (/his people) filed copyright infringement.
  4. I’m still using cables headphones. Is everyone else on Bluetooth??
  5. No they don’t talk like they are unenthusiastically reading a script all the time
  6. Is it 1 or 10 the signifier that signifies the most “feminine”?
  7. Just be happy and that doesn’t sound like happiness to me but whatevs
  8. As long as it’s love and not some use to you or vice versa. Just be happy
  9. Whoever is curating the best of the best, the fact I’m not on there is either I’ve deleted my topics and posts too much or the mods cannot see talent when it’s right in front of them with jams like..... hell if I remember I try to delete as much as I can
  10. It’s called Homecoming by The sane guy behind mr robot