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  1. if yours is the bull mine is the lube
  2. Having a private self and public self is legitimate. Whether someone screws that up by intermixing the two is on them, but it should be up to them (not "ought to".on paper,it is anyway) . So whether your butthole is an out only or a free for all, you getting to choose whose nose goes in there sounds like a basic human right.
  3. limited freedom in a governing society makes sense to me. It's a shared space, public, and at the root of it, certain people's "freedom" would impose on others. The issue is what laws deem an imposition on others or not. E.g. PDA banned in certain countries Imagine in a post surveillance war we're in now, where it's become a norm for people to check on you in your private space. The tech behind it, I'll leave it to your imagination/a Black mirror episode. In that sense, "Governing society" is a degree closer reaching the omnipotence of God. Are you fine with that? Not having even your private space for your "free will"?
  4. nvm, there's no world made from scratch that wouldn't involve some suspense of disbelief I know of
  5. Adam and Eve were in Heaven already. I would say they were the most distant from primitive by being closest to God/most trusted, he didn't keep an eye on them. Yet, ironically were the prime and "animalistic" (everything sagging openly, naïve) so we're cultivating ourselves to be fancy for God, making what we deem to be the "right" choices (self examined or based on established text/policy, whatever). When in the end, the omnipotent already knows/(predetermines?) our faith? Is the "free will" just a multiple choice question/Choose your own adventure book? right to choose =/= freedom
  6. the show gets better by each season, s4 was fantastic. Cannot wait. And love Miley Cyrus
  7. What did you think of the finale/s8? better than Matrix sequels
  8. true. literally it's sounds like something we'd ban in hot tub sessions, but figuratively I think it aligns with what's written in religious text and repeated differently yet the same concept; Im gonna quote Vini on this- "the simulation could also be part of a larger simulation". if God is in control and free will is given, is it free will? Sounds like determinism/ fascade of "free will"
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