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  1. 14 + 13, so I take 4 + 3 and then
  2. you misspelled Arrested Dvelopment, started rewatching s5
  3. Cooke is a ginger wannabe blond
  4. To expand on @Literal Nazi Rudolf Hess (who are you?)'s post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIx2N-viNwY '
  5. When your system is a dust collector
  6. I thought home surveillance systems was a common thing
  7. No, always to go back in, cause the door would be locked and I'll always be able to come in the house but only if I have the key on me could I go in my room
  8. The manly tears one was a miss for me, I said bitch is my favorite and the only one I remember right of the bat, Subtitute teach could have gone 30 mins longer of him just taking attendance lmao Edit: Theres a part 2 is a miss for me too