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  1. Here , listen to something else. Black people domt want you as a fan no more
  2. I have amazon prime and dont know what to watch thay already comes with it. i'll check ouy gtamd tour
  3. Googled it anyway. its disappointing like Astrology how generic it all is so anyone could relate https://www.spirit-animals.com/moose/
  4. While ive been googling if the sight of a cockroach or rat means im special all summer for having them therefore as my spirit animals. imagine a moose that already looks like a Demigod animal irl, nevermind the "spiritual" blogspot sourced "article"
  5. Its not but its been over a year and i forgot which site i went to to get free apps
  6. They should execute the parents who sold their kids to him then him to the feds, whichever got/saved them money
  7. Tips and tricks?
  8. you can always tell, itsnot the skin color but the facial features that show race
  9. With enough filters no one can tell im missing a tooth. Irl i'll just have to smile internally till i get a grill or somethin