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  1. a blacklisted ntl player doesn't have the millions the other lapdogs get, oh noes
  2. this whole thread has been to distract from the beautiful couple and their baby in the video to instead be a kkk circlejerk
  3. Champagne/First world problems to equate non hetero normative upbringing to child abuse. There is child trafficking, raping, physical torture... you know, actual abuse going on? Tu comprende
  4. Seriously mods might as well allow racist threads where the White members here can call the Blacks ******s if this thread is allowed. The hate mongering is disgusting
  5. This has, to some degree or another, always been applicable in video games since the first 'customizable character' They just wanted publicity and you are feeding it to them. Why is it the people who are actually against something you say that always make the best messengers?
  6. Ramza pretended to be a black woman back in sw2 days and I believed it omelette du fromage!
  7. a 27 yo girl with a rich dad cant find a man to marry that you are her family's best option?
  8. or just cut back in food in general. Sounds like he just eats when hes not hungry too much
  9. if you cant beat Google, join the one who can
  10. I loved the hateful 8, this one Im still scratching my head from the trailers wtf is the hype
  11. ye, him responding to Bruce Lee immediately rung Inglorious Basterds character in mind too
  12. No doubt Disney would start their own thing too. The negative of streaming services Imo, it defeats it's purpose
  13. I don't get the hype without the names attached, it looks irrelevant
  14. KFC Colonel Sanders got his start at age 65 and Samuel L Jackson's career didnt start till in his 40s https://www.inc.com/bill-murphy-jr/14-inspiring-people-who-found-crazy-success-later-in-life.html
  15. "...And what about the other lemmings?"