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  1. He really did help the entire Sony conglomerate and is underrated. Btw, I know where you could get the original interview of kaz laughing with his head pushing out forward. Kinect e3 presentations became more ridiculous in the long-term cuz of how badly it eventually flopped. It was an ambitious concept released a bit too early yet lives on spiritually through HTC Vive etc
  2. A TLOU series would be great too
  3. There are game IPs that are immune to flopping, like Mario. Doom is one of those as well. I remember all of you guys and I never imagined we'd all be here still in 2020. Things have been getting better for us !
  4. Don King smilies never sucked! I'm finally winning the spiritual battle so I have the energy to be back. You know how the environment was much lighter to our conscious as early as 20 years ago? Well we're finally starting to get back into that soon.
  5. Wow there were so many moments and to think Sony PS3 still survived after that launch is one of the biggest miracles in the industry.
  6. PC always winning
  7. __MACK__

    New emoji

    Some ideas above. Well?
  8. Those are the symptoms of a demonic possession (negative energy/spirit) when they are panicking in you. It'll be increasingly more common, manifesting in millions of people over the next few years.
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