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  1. I can beat the fuck out of all of you, lined up one by one, maybe even if you all attacked me simultaneously, and then fuck your hoes orgy style as you watched in a crumpled heap of tears consoling eachother.
  2. This will kill more people than I did on SW during the golden years. People thinking this is the "flu" still are retarded.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks Ruth from Ozark is hot though not in a traditional way? She's so bitchy I love it.
  4. This game is charming but a little archaic. Orta is way better though. Sin and Punishment 2 is a similar style and one of the best games ever. Trumps them both.
  5. So how do you know one of the guys dicking her isn't communicating with her on the side. I bet she's got some internet secrets she's hiding from you.
  6. I've gotten cucked when I was a wee young lad by a polish man eating ho, hot af, dating guys 15 years older than her. She cucked me hard, especially when I found out she was a paid escort. I rebounded though and have been an absolute menace since.
  7. Ike my man, sexually adventurous, stopped paying the bills, pink eye. Connect the dots, you're getting cucked, probably by a black guy