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  1. Yeah it's disgusting. We're going to prove that violence is wrong by using violence, burning shit down and looting Nike apparel.
  2. I love how this little beta runt incel sits on his keyboard all day and has appointed himself forum bully and the final word Get a life retard.
  3. I'm not american. I don't have a dog in this fight, but you'd think if the democrats cared so much about all this shit they would have a better guy running than some senile old man who can't complete a sentence and is obviously going to get slaughtered.
  4. So one guy gets killed while being detained and it's an excuse for all the hypocritical murders, violence and looting that took place in response? Burn the country down why don't you. What a fucking joke.
  5. It's definitely a terrible port. The guy says it gets worse as it goes on like Skyrim on PS3. Probably due to it being an obsidian game and the engine is archaic and not very scalable to weaker hardware. I would get this for $10 because to play it handheld because I don't even turn my PS4 on but $60 for this trash?
  6. Obviously. Shit sucks compared to the shit I used to get. Nobody deals down here anymore and if they do they're just reselling this dry shit.
  7. Wow I totally missed this You and Liquid Remy still beefing?
  8. Damn I don't remember any of this. I really did a number on you guys.
  9. Weed in Canada is dry as fuck. They say it's health regulations because they don't want it growing mold or some shit. I miss my dealers.
  10. So how's life in the chatbox with Jimbo? When are you going to finally grace us with a photo?
  11. Totally shocked to see you reply in 30 seconds. I've probably posted here aprox 122 times in the last 5 years.
  12. Still bitter after all these years I guess living on SW is not the life you envisioned