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  1. Imagine thinking Westbrook is a good fit with the Lakers. Buddy Hield would’ve been way better and costed quite a bit less. This thing has disaster written all over it. Born & raised in Philly btw. I just hope we can get a decent haul for Simmons. The Sixers are wasting Embiid’s prime. Most big men can’t play at elite levels in their 30s, it’s different compared to someone like Steph.
  2. By ‘cope’ you mean being practical and realistic, right? Fucking fgt edit, worst word censor ever
  3. Mav

    Uh oh

    Wtf where’s the Fake News reaction??
  4. Mav

    Uh oh

    Wasn’t this already shared by our secret insider
  5. 12 neckbeards in Sweden made this game and these people are acting like it’s yet another AAA bomba from Xbox. Ridiculous.
  6. Considering the fact that… - it’s being hamstrung by being released on Xflop One as well - is 60 fps, no 30 fps quality mode, so it’s cutting your resource budget in half - has to have split-screen, again cutting your budget in half …I think it looks amazing. Clean af.
  7. Oops Someone shitbin this thread
  8. It’s one of those obscure games that neckbeards grossly overrate because it’s different and has a wacky jappy motif going for it.
  9. https://youtu.be/0UANjcVtn4s youtube vids don’t embed?
  10. How is there no ‘Preview’ button when posting? Worst forum software ever
  11. :siren [MEDIA=youtube]0UANjcVtn4s[/MEDIA] https://wccftech.com/biomutant-new-gameplay-open-world-customization/amp/ https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/06/26/biomutant-sounds-like-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-but-furrier/amp/ https://www.destructoid.com/stories/biomutant-shares-10-minute-gameplay-montage-development-entering-endgame-595426.phtml https://www.gamesradar.com/amp/biomutants-lengthy-new-gameplay-trailer-will-make-you-forget-theres-still-no-release-date/ :siren
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