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  1. I couldn’t even sell my 360 back to GameStop. It’s in my closet gathering dust because they said the model I had was notorious for RROD. They didn’t want that piece of junk
  2. Congrats, you showed your ass in this thread and how much of a retard you truly are
  3. Makes you wonder why they keep coming up with this FUD when MS were the guys that released the console with the highest defection rate in gaming history. it definitely comes from a place of insecurity. They are so desperate for Sony to also have their own RROD situation like the dumb fucks at MS that they resort to spreading bullshit and FUD by any means necessary
  4. Basically they conclude that both the new and old PS5 are the same thing. The SOC on the new PS5 is slightly warmer. VRM is cooler on new PS5. Memory temperatures are basically identical. Performance for both consoles is identical. All the idiot lemmings that were arguing that Austin Evans was right in using exhaust temperatures to come up with baseless conclusions have been owned. This is why you should avoid going to clickbait Youtubers for your tech news.
  5. So a random Twitter clown with 48 followers is your source that PS5 version of BF2042 has issues and is the reason for the delay? C’mon man, this is dumb.
  6. Lemshits suddenly caring about review scores after a whole generation of getting fucked by MS. Even if we go by review scores of highest rated games on both platforms PS5 still wins there
  7. Wow, a whole point higher, a statistically negligible advantage. You're still getting raped by more reviews on R&C no matter how you spin it
  8. lol @ 33 reviews. Most reviewers skipped it lol, no wonder it flopped hard in sales
  9. it's an 87 retard. You pick the review score with the highest number of reviews, that's how aggregates work moron. Also nowhere in my post did I mention Ratchet. Your idiot lemtard boyfriend brought it up as a pathetic attempt at damage controlling Psychonaut 2's poor sales. Why would I damage control R&C? It got great review scores (MC 88 with 126 reviews) and charted #1 on its debut month, it's still on the the top 15 NPD charts 3 months after release unlike Psychoflop 2 that's not even on the Top 50
  10. Then why the fuck do you keep bringing up it's review scores? At least when I say R&C is a great game I'm talking from experience because I own the game and personally enjoy it but your stupid clown ass is out here hyping the scores of a game you've never played and don't own because it has an 87 on MC. Then how do you turn around and say I'm the one that cares about critics' scores? Make this make sense you lemshit retard because you are completely contradicting yourself right now
  11. Number of Xbox gamers with GamePass isn’t even up to 40%, stop the damage control. Last official numbers for MIcrosoft put GamePass at 18 million subs across PC and Xbox. The idea that it didn’t chart because it’s on GamePass on Xbox is complete bullshit especially when we have Phil showing his ass in public and saying GamePass is supposed to boost retail sales. Gamers supporting games they claim to love is worth celebrating, doesn’t matter if the games cost $70 or $10. What’s hilarious is frauds like you praising a game like Psychonauts as a GOTY candidate and then not even show
  12. Not even charting on Xbox Top 10?! What the fuck are those clowns playing over there?
  13. My thread is to celebrate gaming and the real gamers that buy games on PS5, PC and Switch. It’s also to laugh at desperate lemshits like you that have been deepthroating and damage controlling for MS for years. You claim you don’t care about reviews but you were the first person to bring it up with Psychonauts. You are so stupid you can’t even see the contradiction in your statement. I brought up Psychonauts flopping in a sales thread and your first defense was bringing up its review scores. Now you are claiming you don’t care about reviews? Make this make sense you lemtard because
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