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  1. They truly don't. MS is pinning all their hopes on Todd Howard and Starfield, either way Xbox is fucked this holiday
  2. See, that's where you're wrong because unlike you my only expectations were Spiderman and whatever Cory Barlog was working on I got what I wanted from Spiderman 2 but I didn't get Cory Barlog's stuff. It's not something I'll lose my shit over unlike your retarded ass that was hoping for a whole slate of day and date AAA SP releases from playstation on PC
  3. This could be big. The original was awesome back in the day
  4. I'll get it depending on the price. We need more info on it though
  5. The only person getting fucked is you getting worked up over this shit, FOH clown
  6. Sony is still holding their first party stuff close to the chest. Still hiding a lot about Sony Santa Monica, Bend, and Naughty Dog are working on? Insomniac and MGS announcement saved their asses with this show They need to stop doing these shitty CGI reveals
  7. Looks like Sony took a page out of Microsoft's playbook and had too many multiplats and CGI trailers Ah well, at least Spiderman 2 looked stellar and we are getting a new MGS
  8. There's already 161,000+ people watching the stream on Sony's English channel
  9. Lemshits punching the air right now. This is their biggest game right now....
  10. Lemtards coping together They can't even make a thread on ShitBox news because there's nothing to report since Phil waved the white flag and gave up
  11. Cuckstz is probably punching the air right now Playstation Showcase today and MS has nothing for his retarded ass other than more Redflop and white flag waving from Phil Spencer
  12. I need all the old Konami IPs reborn. It's such a waste to have them stay dormant and unused. We need Sony or someone to revive them. Give me all the MGS, Castlevania and Silent Hill games you can give.
  13. He has no response to Kinect being the flop of the decade so he's spamming his nephew's PSVR2 and his laptop like that is supposed to impress anyone. Mr. Rent-A-Center Cuckstz Peak sadness right there
  14. Their desperation is at an all time high You know shit is bad when they have to bring up the flop of the decade Kinect. A peripheral that flopped so hard it took ShitBox down with it and MS has spent the last 10 years trying to get out of the hole Kinect put them in
  15. The two lemtards in here damage controlling PSVR2’s success by bringing up Kinect… Who still remembers Kinect in 2023?
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