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  1. Hermen Hulst wrecked his ass today and dude is still out here crying with snot coming out of his nostrils and claiming Sony is doing “day and date” when they clearly confirmed that they aren’t. He’s in a full meltdown
  2. They’ve just said now that they won’t do day and date for their big games, and your desperate lemshit ass is still clinging to hopes and dreams He can’t help himself
  3. You’re the one catching Ls. You said they would do day and date on PC for their big single player games like God of War and they’ve said the exact opposite. I told you they wouldn’t do it a few days ago in fact, and now they’ve confirmed they aren’t doing it. You’re a basket of Ls like your fellow lemshits
  4. I see English comprehension is still a weakness with you lemshits. He said “at least a year” meaning it can and will be longer. This is why you guys keep owning yourselves You may be right about GOW:R but going in expecting a year delay between all their games going to PC you’ll end up catching an L like you usually do. “At least a year” isn’t the same thing as “around a year”.
  5. Expected. It’s like I’ve been saying for a while now. Live service games need the maximum audience so PC release day and date makes the most sense. SP games will release on PC but not day and date. Probably after they’ve exhausted their sales on PS. I’m guessing the “one year minimum” is to cover their ass depending on the game’s performance. A big game like God of War Ragnarok probably won’t come to PC the following year but a smaller title like Sackboy’s Adventure could depending on how well it sells.
  6. Only retards thought Stadia was the future of gaming. I could smell the flop from the day they first announced it. Next one to shut down is Xcloud. These streaming services are all horse shit. Too much latency and nobody is playing full sized AAA games on their cellphones like these stupid mega-corporations want us to. It's all foolishness, trying make something a trend when gamers don't have the least bit of interest in the shit they are selling. " Consoles are dead and streaming is teh future!!1" ..... Another failed prediction from Mic
  7. In all my 33 years of gaming, I've only called customer service once. This won't affect most people. Another pointless thread from ghostz the retard. Must be slow news day.
  8. Imagine what The Last of US HBO TV show is gonna do for TLOU Part 1 sales once that comes out. People were crying and asking if a TLOU remake was need but seeing how Cyberpunk sales are surging, Sony's decision to remake TLOU is total genius. They are gonna be swimming in money and sales next year when the TV show releases. That's also when Factions 2 should also be launching. Perfect timing for these games launching and their marketing. Microsoft tried to do the same thing for Halo Infinite but they failed spectacularly in typical MS fashion
  9. They won't do that. They'll keep doing what they are doing now because this way they get to maximize console software and HARDWARE sales. Steam money is good several years down the line when software sales for a particular game on PS have died out but it's not making up for the sheer amount of money, hype and advertisement they get for their ecosystem when a game is exclusive to PS even if it's for a few years. Look at God of War Ragnarok right now, once that shit drops it's gonna move a ton of PS consoles which will in turn drive PS Plus subscriptions and store purchases (the prim
  10. Looks really good They seemed to have nailed the atmosphere for sure.
  11. Pretty unimpressive. I thought it would sell more. I guess more revenue for Sony isn’t bad but one of PlayStation’s biggest IPs only getting #3 on Steam is meh. If I’m Sony and looking at this, I’ll still release games for PC but it won’t push me in any way to do day and date PC releases for my tentpole single player exclusives. Looks like a ton of people are pirating it instead of buying it which is a shame. I’m personally waiting for a heavy price drop on Steam since I’ve already bought the game twice.
  12. The lies lemshits keep telling themselves The Dualsense shits all over the Xbox controller, it’s not even close. I can’t go back to using my Xbox controller after experiencing the Dualsense.
  13. That stupid host ruined it for them. She started talking shit about how Sony was gonna get smoked in 2022 by MS and that Sony was a “dead man walking”. 2022 came around and LBox is still dogshit and Starfield got delayed so people called out her out on her failed predictions and bullshit she was saying then she pulled out the “sexism” card and went on that rant .
  14. Who bragged about this crap? The game flopped in sales on PS5 for a reason. I didn’t play it. Only people hyping it were the gaming press. It was you lemshits bragging about it rather, claiming that it was a MS owned game and that MS were the best publisher in 2021 LMFAO.
  15. They are on drugs if they think they’ll get someone like me to drop money on their 30 series cards. Going for that 4080 and if AMD offers better rasterization performance for cheaper I’ll jump ship
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