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  1. MS is so desperate for positive PR that they are trying to spin their disastrously bad sales in Japan as a positive. “Highest growth market” when you are selling an average of 500 consoles in a month compared to your competition that moves tens of thousands is a joke.
  2. Hehe, that third pic actually looks like my personal photo I posted on Resetera. I took it to show that even the random NPCs have crazy detail. When you zoom-in in photo mode you'll notice that the miners' helmets have full raytraced reflections of their surroundings
  3. But I was told the Series X was the only console with RDNA2 and that all of MS' first party games would hit 60fps minimum lol. Lems were too busy examining PS5 and checking for 60fps and RT they forgot to check their own games. So basically this won't have raytracing at all in gameplay and will be capped 4K30 on XSX but they tried to clown GT Sport for having RT and 4K60 in gameplay last year? The irony
  4. Nah, the perhaps was just diplomatic speak. You could tell they were floored by it. I've not seen any game make them drool like the way R&C did. Come end of the year it will probably sweep all their technical and graphics awards 😁. Insomniac are just that good lol.
  5. LOL, you're going to have till 2027 or later to get it on PC if Sony keeps following their plan of releasing only their last gen games on PC 😁
  6. Not this time buddy, not this time. You're gonna have to wait a little longer for that win because Ratchet is the current graphics king according to DF and most outlets 😁 I have no doubt that PC will eventually surpass it but it's gonna be a while.
  7. Damn, this thread is huge. Is R&C: Rift Apart causing this much salt in the Hermit community?
  8. It's going to be a bloodbath if Sony announces a show in the next few days. Can you imagine if Sony starts their next show with God of War Ragnarok gameplay? It's a wrap. Ratchet and Horizon right now are dogwalking everything MS showed at their conference. Hell you go on Twitter now Sony and Playstation are both trending a lot higher than Xbox and Bathesda even though they didn't show up
  9. 7 months into the new gen and they are still getting dogwalked by Sony's 1st party AAA games lol. I guess the devs didn't get the memo 😂. I love how the power narrative ended as soon as Sony started showing their games like Horizon and R&C. I don't see MS touting that power BS anymore.
  10. No firm release date either. Still listed as “Holiday 2021” after a year long delay
  11. It was all a lie. Don't get your news from Jeff Grubb and these Xbox insiders. Today proved how they don't know what the fuck they are talking about. They were all claiming MS was gonna purchase 3 studios (Crytek and even SEGA were mentioned as part of the potential acquisitions) and nothing happened. They also claimed we would see Hellblade 2 and Starfield gameplay with a potential release in Holiday 2021, that was a lie as well lol.
  12. On the day of Microsoft's E3 Press Conference Sony and Playstation are still trending higher than them on Twitter . No Starfield, no Halo campaign, no Avowed, no Hellblade 2, etc. It was snoozefest for me. Thank goodness Turn 10 came to save the day with Forza Horizon 5 or it would have been a shitshow. MS needs to cut down on the bullshit CGI and show gameplay. We bought these powerful consoles and PC graphics cards for a reason and it's not to drool at CGI, we aren't in fucking 2003 anymore. Overall I would grade the show a C-. Would have been a sold B+ or A
  13. At this point Phil and Nadella sound like broken records. Every E3 these two clowns make statements like this and yet Xbox is still the only console to launch without any 1st party exclusives
  14. Sony can get gamers to buy games twice, MS can’t get people to even buy a game once with their dogshit games . Phil sounds hurt. Not sure how this is supposed to be a jab at Sony. He’s indirectly complimenting Sony without realizing it.
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