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  1. Is there anything the Xbox Series L is good at? PS5 has the better looking exclusives and now the better looking & running multiplats. Lems proclaimed the Series L was the second coming of Christ before it launched and now that it's out it's getting its ass handed to it by supposedly weaker console. This week alone we've found out that Battlefield 2042 and now Elden Ring run and look much better on the PS5. Will the losing streak ever end for lems?
  2. I dropped $215 on this game over the course of 5 years. I honestly don't expect it to have a full release. At this point I'm only interested in Squadron 42. Chris Roberts is a scam artist lol.
  3. Bloodborne and Returnal make excellent use of the SSD for the quick loads which is crucial since you die a lot in those games. Also most multiplats and games like Astro’s Playroom make good use of the Dualsense which adds and extra layer of immersion to games. Even mediocre games like Marvel Avengers feel a lot better to play with the Dualsense features. Shooters also feel nicer with the PS5 controller than they do with other controllers thanks to haptic feedback and adaptive triggers which also increase immersion. Little details like this push it above the Series L which isn’t even t
  4. https://www.gamesradar.com/ps5-wins-best-gaming-hardware-at-the-golden-joystick-awards-2021/ The previous winner was the RTX 3080 in 2020 (well deserved). Where is the award for the Series L? Lems said this was impossible as the PS5 is a POS and the Series L was God’s gift to mankind even though it runs most of the multiplat games worse than the PS5 and is being held back by the dogshit Series S in exclusives games. No new controller, mediocre games (same HaloGearsForza every year for the past decade) and the completely garbage Series S holding it back. Was there any doubt Sony would
  5. This game is just technically amazing. Best looking and most technically impressive shooter to date. Makes Halo and COD look outdated and last gen I'm waiting for them to fix the gun balance and other issues before I hop into All out Warfare. I don't like the fact the submachine guns like the PP2000 currently dominate everything. I like to play with LMGs and assault rifles and right now they are currently ass. I'm sure when they iron out the issues All Out Warfare will be incredible.
  6. Battlefield Portal is amazing. Yea BF2042 All Out War sucks ass but Portal is legit amazing. I’ve been playing that since launch and I’m having a blast. I found several servers running Rush with BF3 classes on BF1942 and and BFBC2 maps. Anyone judging the game on the MC alone is missing out.
  7. We are still waiting for the tools to mature on the Series L a year later
  8. I just saw the 'update" and I just busted out laughing. This game doesn't have a very bright future ahead if this is their idea of "fixing the issues" with progression.
  9. Most of the trash ass games you listed aren’t worth buying much less renting with WellfarePass
  10. Tales of Arise, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, Guilty Gear Strive, Ratchet and Clank, FF7R Intergrade, Death Stranding Director’s Cut, and Kena. That’s seven high quality console exclusive releases since Returnal launched on April 30th. You can’t make a list like that for Xbox, don’t even bother trying
  11. Looks boring and dated AF. What is this game doing that Destiny 2 doesn’t already do better?
  12. I did better than that, I listed exclusive games that were actually released after Returnal while your dumb lem ass is pulling games like Sea of Thieves from 2018 and multiplats .
  13. Fuck outta here with your “Games that launched on Xbox” bullshit. They launched on every platform you moron. You’ve had nothing but indie trash and multiplats for the last 12 months. This month is the only month since you bought the Series L that you’re getting some fresh games with Forza and incomplete Halo. Your Xbox has been gathering dust like every other Xbox around. Your damage control is sad and pathetic like your Xbox
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