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  1. Wow, a shitty thread detailed by a beggar having a meltdown. Amazing
  2. Didn’t Phil the Clown say that GamePass would increase game sales! How is this possible?
  3. Hobopass continues to deliver mediocre experiences for broke lems who don’t buy games.
  4. You can't lose something you've already used and tossed out. Rejoicing over getting an old ass game cows have already forgotten and moved on from LMAO. It's like you rejoicing over getting my used Chevy Tahoe that I sold to a dealership after using heavily for 10 years when I've already graduated to a new 2021 Mercedes Benz AMG GT. Face it dude, you're still a beggar rejoicing over Cow table scraps and sloppy seconds and it doesn't matter how you try to sugarcoat it
  5. And the only thing you have is waiting for Sony's table scraps and last gen ports. Sony and cows thank you for funding future PS5 exclusives with the money they get from selling you 10 year old ports Keep begging for the old ass games that people have moved on from. You fools getting hyped for Uncharted 4 like we are back in 2015 again Keep begging, and with any luck you will be getting the port of Returnal in 2028 LMAO!
  6. Completely triggered beggar in denial!
  7. Imagine getting this emotional and resorting to petty insults because someone correctly identifies you as a beggar. Accept what you are and stop living in denial. Embrace the beggar you truly are.
  8. You’re a beggar. If you keep praying for Sony’s leftovers you’re a beggar, no two ways about it. You can use whatever mental gymnastics you want but you’re still a beggar. I don’t beg for games or wait for ports. I see a game I want, I buy the system it’s on, it’s that simple. No waiting for Sony or 3rd party devs to have mercy on my system and port games 10 years later, I get them when they are brand new and if I want I get them on PC later if they eventually get ported. While you and your fellow beggars are combing through databases and looking for hints and rumors I already finish
  9. Incoming downgrade. The same way Anthem was “in-engine”. You dopes never learn that’s why we keep getting broken and downgraded games like Anthem and CP2077. Devs know that there’s dumbasses like OP that will believe whatever bullshit they say. If they are so proud of the graphics of the game why couldn’t they show gameplay? It’s been how many years since they announced the game, it comes out next year supposedly so why no actual gameplay?
  10. Yea a more fancy way of saying you are port begging. How’s Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls on PC? Imagine waiting six to ten years later to play Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls, couldn’t be me. That’s why I own a PS5 in addition to my PC. Call it whatever you want you’re still a beggar begging for console scraps and waiting a decade for games to come to your preferred platform
  11. Nice, hopefully Sony is able to show these amateur companies how to bring the hype with a conference. E3 this year was lackluster AF, outside of BF2042 and Elden Ring I don’t think any game really excited me in a big way. If Sony shows up you know they’ll at least have something big to show like God of War Ragnarok or maybe a surprise big 3rd party exclusive.
  12. MS has always invested billions into their gaming division. They invested billions with OG XB1, invested billions with 360 and XB1. They are masters of throwing money at problems and getting little results. Look at Zune, Mixer, Bing, Internet Explorer, and Windows Phone if you want to see other examples of things they have thrown crazy money at and failed at. Xbox like Mixer, Zune and Windows Phone is just another project they are throwing tons of money at and reaping zero profits from. GamePass is already a money sink, Jez Corden of Windows Central and even Matt Booty of Xbox have both ackno
  13. MS has been worth way more than Sony even before they got into gaming and it didn't stop Sony from handing them their asses every single gen Mentioning their net worth is meaningless as it doesn't factor into the popularity of the Xbox brand They may be one of the richest companies in the world but they are the hobos of gaming and their gaming division is a fraction of what Sony's is. PlayStation is a much bigger brand in the world of gaming than Xbox is with years of delivering great games and highest selling consoles in history. 4 of the top 5 best sellin
  14. Playing my heavily modded Skyrim on PC and Ratchet and Clank on PS5. I'm also lightly playing Elite Dangerous Odyssey on my PC but the game is currently too buggy to play seriously at the moment because Frontier are greedy idiots and released a mostly broken game.
  15. LOL more port begging and eating Cow sloppy seconds. The game was always a timed exclusive, no surprise here. Cows are already playing Intergrade and getting ready for the sequel while you are combing databases for a hint of a port, pathetic.
  16. You sound hurt bro. If anything it's you lems that have been living in denial. You should thank Cows for putting MS under so much pressure that they finally woke up and spent money on some decent Studios. For the past 8 years you lems have been living in denial. While Sony was releasing games like God of War and TLOU y'all were pretending that trash games like Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 were enough to challenge what Sony was bringing out. Sony has been releasing GOTY winning new IPs and the response from you clowns is that what they were doing was "anti-consume
  17. There is no issue with exclusives. I’m actually happy for you Lems that you are finally getting some exclusives worth a damn instead of lying to yourselves like you were doing for years saying that exclusives were “anti-consumer” 😂. I’m just telling you that it’s too early to be talking about cows being jealous considering Bathesda’s last open world RPG was a total flop and we haven’t seen any gameplay from Starfield. If they showed gameplay you lemming clowns would have something to gloat about but as it is we have Todd Howard teasing cinematics and logos for years now with no hint o
  18. Nobody is jealous of no gameplay. Bathesda acting like they showed some Gold with that dogshit Starfield trailer. All an attempt to build fake hype. I have a PC and will be able to play the game on day one if it’s good and I fell asleep watching the trailer. It was boring as fuck. I haven’t seen any cows in social media begging for that dogshit after the snoozefest trailer. The low number of views of the trailer compared to games like BF2042 and Elden Ring shows how boring it was. They announced this game years ago and still have no gameplay and are depending on a placeholder rele
  19. MS is so desperate for positive PR that they are trying to spin their disastrously bad sales in Japan as a positive. “Highest growth market” when you are selling an average of 500 consoles in a month compared to your competition that moves tens of thousands is a joke.
  20. Hehe, that third pic actually looks like my personal photo I posted on Resetera. I took it to show that even the random NPCs have crazy detail. When you zoom-in in photo mode you'll notice that the miners' helmets have full raytraced reflections of their surroundings
  21. But I was told the Series X was the only console with RDNA2 and that all of MS' first party games would hit 60fps minimum lol. Lems were too busy examining PS5 and checking for 60fps and RT they forgot to check their own games. So basically this won't have raytracing at all in gameplay and will be capped 4K30 on XSX but they tried to clown GT Sport for having RT and 4K60 in gameplay last year? The irony
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