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  1. For PSVR2 the novelty is AAA games like RE Village, GT7, Horizon etc. in VR. While I expect the new Steam VR headset to be awesome I don’t trust PC VR when it comes to providing AAA VR games as much as I trust a Sony VR headset. Either way, I’ll probably end up getting both lol.
  2. It will be sold in stores. Sony can’t rely only on PS Direct, it’s too limited in scope. They’ll still need brick and mortar stores like GameStop and Best Buy to sell it like they did with PSVR1. PS Direct is there to aid with the scalping situation of PS5 not to replace physical retail. I don’t see PSVR2 being scalped, it’s too niche for that.
  3. I don’t have it preordered but I’m getting it. I don’t preorder shit. I’ll just walk into the store when it launches and pick one up.
  4. The retard is trying to copy my tactics because he doesn't have the brain cells to come up with his own. I was the first one to tell you to post a receipt with your name on it to prove you had a PS5 and you failed to do so. You can't reverse it on me after you utterly and hilariously failed. You have been completely dragged and raped and doing counter bets isn't going to save your retarded ass. Everyone now knows you're a fraud and broke bitch that poses with his nephew's PS5. No amount of mental gymnastics or requesting do over
  5. Never claimed I had a receipt or agreed to post one. Threw mine away 2 years ago when I bought my PS5 at launch. You're the retard who claimed to have a receipt then posted one without your name because it was your nephew's receipt.
  6. Your name wasn't on the receipt like I requested bitch. You also took too long to respond after I posted my PC and PS5. A key indicator that you were lying about owning one . Posting the paper towel and PS5 controller proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was your nephew's PS5. It shouldn't have taken that long to respond if you were indeed posting your own PS5. You got exposed as a liar and a fraud posing with his nephew's PS5. You even lied just now in this thread that I said you didn't own an Xbox when I said nothing of the sort. You're a kn
  7. Ran away from what? You already lost clown, you got raped. There's nothing to bet. What do I get from betting with a loser that has already lost? I posted my PS5 and PC, you posted your nephew's PS5, end of story. It's time to eat that L and move on, you can't turn back time retard
  8. You’ve already lost the argument. I already posted proof of my PC and PS5. Your lying retarded ass just got exposed now. You tried to lie that I said that you didn’t own an LBox when I said nothing of the sort. If you can lie about something that’s so easily debunked why wouldn’t you lie about owning a PS5? You couldn’t even post “your PS5” immediately after I posted mine. You posted a controller and a paper towel and then waited hours later for your nephew to go to school before you posted his PS5
  9. I said the PS5 was your nephew’s. Stop lying you retard when my post history is very clear and I even highlight and bold where I say you play on your nephew’s PS5. I know you’re a retard but at least try and pretend you can actually read. As you can see, my post clearly states “nephew’s PS5” not “nephew’s Xbox” like your retarded ass is claiming now Everyone knows you’ll do anything to buy an Xbox even if it means you selling your ass on the streets but you definitely don’t own a PS5 lol.
  10. The PS5 is your nephew’s. Everyone knows you spent all the money you had on an LBox. You’re a hardcore lemshit and you will definitely do anything to come up with the funds for Phil
  11. You would know this better than anyone else seeing as you also bought an Xbox Series console this gen.
  12. When you have the world's best console with the best games to play, you actually spend money on games instead of gimmicks like "pro" controllers. MS got you clowns used to buying controllers because they had no games to offer. Tricking you lemshit clowns into thinking you're "pro" gamers by playing on a gimmicky "pro" controller and now Sony is milking you dry as well Also, who the fuck plays FPSs competitively on a controller? It's M/KB or GTFO.
  13. https://www.politico.eu/article/eu-issues-antitrust-charge-sheet-against-microsofts-69-billion-activision-bid/ "The European Union has issued Microsoft with a formal antitrust warning over its $69 billion bid for Activision-Blizzard, three people close to the matter have told POLITICO. In a so-called statement of objections sent to the U.S. tech giant on Tuesday, EU antitrust enforcers laid out the reasons why the deal could threaten fair competition on the video game market, the sources said. “The move comes after the EU launched an in-depth investigation into the deal i
  14. You're still getting dragged and raped in every thread
  15. Reminds me of the Shitspace Engine reveal with Halo Engine reveals and fake gameplay reveals need to die. It's gotten so bad that the only gameplay reveals I believe these days are from Sony's first party studios because they seem to be the most consistent, especially from studios like Insomniac. What they revealed with R&C and Spiderman was exactly what we got in those games and more.
  16. I own this game on PSVR and as a Genesis fan it takes me all the way back to when I was a kid. A huge nostalgia trip when I play it in VR.
  17. Same here, I didn’t upgrade from my iPhone 13, didn’t see a reason to.
  18. Yikes. I’m an Apple guy and iPhone 14 was a joke, not surprised.
  19. I can’t wait to play this. Hilarious how Ghostz abandoned this thread like his hairline and his PS5 receipt abandoned him.
  20. How dead is Xbox ShitPass that ghostz is now hyping up 11 year old Vita ports?
  21. He posted this pic like 10 hours after I told him to and he forgot to post his receipt! Ghostz, your nephew better not catch you posing with his PS5 or you'll be sleeping in the garage.
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