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  1. What you say would make sense if Xbox had some big bangers coming instead of this but they’ve had fuck all for 10 years. They’ve bankrolled garbage like Bleeding Edge, Crackdown 3 and Crossfire X but somehow feel a KOTOR remake and Marvel IPs are too risky. Make this makes sense. For the longest time, one of the most requested games by the Xbox community has been a KOTOR remake and Phil had the opportunity to give it a shot and instead he chose Crackhead 3
  2. How fucking clueless are the guys working over at Xbox?! You can make excuses for Spiderman but KOTOR is an original Xbox game! How the fuck did they turn this down and allow Playstation to acquire it? Phil Spencer is a fucking clown!
  3. Dude is basically bringing up the concerns that myself and a lot of sane people have been bringing up over the years. We've already seen that Phil was full fo shit as he claimed that GamePass would lead to more retail sales, neither Fartza nor Halo lasted more than a month on NPD top 10. MS doesn't give a shit about the overall health of the industry or whether people will stop buying games. They just want everyone on GamePass no matter the cost as they chase this race to the bottom style of gaming. All the consolidation with buying publishers is to ensure
  4. About time. That service is a total scam. The promise is day and date AAA games from MS, the problem is MS released a maximum of 2 games a year in the best case scenario or in most cases 0 . You spend the rest of the time paying $180/yr for some day 1 indie releases and third party flops you would never buy to begin with.
  5. Bundles correct but remember HFW was still charting at no. 3 the previous week without bundles. The game has a lot of legs especially for a game that came out 3 months ago. I totally agree with your assessment that Sony would probably be breaking all kinds of records now if they had the stock. This global chip shortage has really fucked them up. According to their latest financial report they may be a solution soon. They have a new SKU coming out later this year that uses more available parts so that will probably greatly improve their current situation towards the later hal
  6. I remember lemshits calling this game a flop and yet it still keeps charting high every week since February. Like Miles Morales it has a lot of legs unlike Halo Midfinite and Fartz who have long since flopped out of the charts since they launched. If this game is a flop then Microsoft’s entire releases for this gen have been beyond epic flops
  7. This is some straight up delusional lemshit Copium. There isn’t a single game on Xbox that is on the same level as Spiderman, FOH!
  8. Well both of you may be right but as a business you just don't say no to the hottest IP creator on the planet right now like Marvel. Yea, knowing MS and their history the games they would make would be mostly mediocre but there's always a small chance they could land a hit. Especially now that they have so many studios working under them. I bet you Phil and the folks over at MS were punching the air when they saw how successful Spiderman was for Sony. Even if they go to Marvel right now they will just get laughed at, they fucked up a once in a lifetime opportunity. This to me just shows that P
  9. "Some users not me" <----ghostz, the lying lemming retard. DRM affects every Xbox, doesn't matter if you were lucky enough to avoid it on that day. It's an Xbox problem, and the other consoles don't have it.
  10. No, read the article again! They could have got Spiderman or Wolverine before Sony did. You're acting like Avengers is the only Marvel IP there is, there are tons of them that could have made MS a lot of money. Square Enix fucking up Avengers is a SE problem. Sony was able to make billions out of the Spiderman games and consoles sold. Spiderman on PS4/PS5 is the most successful superhero game ever with over 25 million copies sold. No reason MS couldn't have at least one of the Marvel IPs like Wolverine right now and making millions out of them. They have the
  11. Turns out the reason Xbox doesn't have a Spiderman game or an exclusive Marvel deal is because the retards at Microsoft passed over a deal in with Marvel Marvel reached out to both Sony and MS and the retards at MS said no to making a Spiderman game while Sony said yes Fast-forward years later and Spiderman is the by far the most successful superhero IP brand and MS are out here looking like idiots while Sony are living like Kings eating off the Spiderman videogame money. Anyone who still thinks Phil Spencer is the guy is a retard. Phil is a moron and those guys at X
  12. GT7 is one game and was down for 24 hrs. Your entire game library was down for more than 4 days you clown, stop trying to equate the two situations. Xbox’s entire library is under DRM you moron, that’s way worse than one game on Playstation having DRM . https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/xboxs-online-drm-under-fire-as-some-users-left-unable-to-play-games-for-4th-day/ This is why everyone calls you retard. How are these two very different scenarios equivalent in your eyes?
  13. You may have internet but from what we’ve seen in the last week MIcrosoft servers are ass and they go down faster than a $20 hooker
  14. No, you idiot but the option is there. Your ShitBox is a brick without online, FOH
  15. How can they remove the license if you never connect to the internet you retard? Don’t tell me through the power of magic.
  16. If you disconnect your console from the internet you don’t have to worry about being banned. Sony’s games work without you having to connect to renew licenses or any of that bullshit MS requires. Even if they ban you your games will still work as long as you have them installed and don’t connect to PSN. Sony is doing a much better job at this than MS is. Their system is no different than Steam. There is no firmware update you have to worry about either and the CMOS battery issue has been fixed. I own a PS3 that I haven’t connected to the internet to in years, no updates or firmware
  17. The license is permanently on your hard drive you idiot, you own the game as long as you don’t delete it from your hard drive you retard PS5 doesn’t require you to keep your console online to check the license. After you install the game to your console you can disconnect it from the internet and never have to check-in again you moron. That’s my point, you can’t do the same thing in your ShitBox
  18. “No….you don’t” This is why everyone calls you a retard ghostz You own almost every single digital game on PS5 with the exception of online only games. If the servers go down, you will still have access to them provided you aren't sharing accounts and you had them linked to you account prior to the servers going down. in other words, you own every PS digital game you buy from the store and you don't need to connect online to verify them after you purchase them. Xbox is the only console that requires check-ins and is the only console you don't
  19. I agree but you can blame shitty MS and lemshits for that. That’s the type of “innovation” MS brings to the market, microtransactions with Bathesda on Skyrim horse armor and paying to play online with XBL. Absolutely shitty company who doesn’t care about anything but how to nickel and dime their customers and feed them shitty products. If MS hadn’t come up with this way to scam their customers and lemshits hadn’t gone along with it Sony and Nintendo would have remained free to play online till today. It was only after they saw the mountains of cash that MS was bringing in through c
  20. Actually you do on PS5 and Switch because unlike ShitBox both consoles don’t use DRM to lock them when your online goes out. As long as you keep them installed on the hard drive or SSD they stay with you forever. You lemshits are the only ones that don’t own your games and that includes digital and physical
  21. What a fucking idiot. Why the fuck are you equating a digital game store where you buy the games and get to keep forever to a shitty sub service where if you stop paying you lose everything? How the fuck are both of them the same thing. Also WTF does expandable storage have to do with a PS Store? Are you just throwing shit together so that you can start an argument. None of the things you’ve mentioned so far have anything whatsoever to do with PS Store You are a fucking imbecile and it’s not surprise that you are considered a joke on this forum. I’m starting
  22. PSN alone generates almost as much revenue as the entire Xbox gaming division and almost as much as the entirety of Nintendo. This is nuts. Not too surprising though since they sell way more games and services than the other two companies. With the PS Plus revamp coming next month this number is only going to increase. Crazy when you think about it. This is why I laugh at fools that think they’ll be copying Microsoft anytime soon. PS shits all over Xbox when it comes to generating money. Their current model of still selling games traditionally and releasing them later f
  23. They aren’t putting their games like God of War on Xbox, keep dreaming. Bungie is already multiplatform so this means they plan to have service games that will be multiplatform probably.
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