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  1. Pretty sure it's already confirmed to be coming out on last gen so yeah it's cross gen and will for sure look worse than Demon Souls. From have never been on the cutting edge in terms of visuals anyway (with the exception of Bloodborne mabye but the framerate was kinda shitty) but honestly who cares, it's all about the gameplay 🥰
  2. Nice, I have almost the exact same tv for gaming. I don't game on my OLED either, I'm afraid of burn in . I just use it for movies and shows, the blacks are just incredible, makes every video pop.
  3. Bad idea to go for the exact same UI, combine that with the fact that the controller is identical (and zero new exclusives)... XSX won't feel "new" to the average consumer.
  4. Nothing atm, waiting for Cyberpunk and Demon Souls 🥰
  5. The default one is gonna look good in my living room, although it really is too fuckin big.
  6. Cool concept, I kinda liked the game but the story was fuckin atrocious. Never really felt invested in the story so I never finished the game.
  7. My first girlfriend was a virgin, not very satisfying since they have no idea wth they're doing 😛
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