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  1. I loved playing baseball but I can't watch a game. It's tedious and slow. Meanwhile I don't like playing basketball much but it's probably the most fun I had watching a game on TV.
  2. Yea like no else has ever been to a big concert or game. Lmfao, shut up.
  3. At least I'm not a sheep or your worthless ass.
  4. I've played all those sports. Absolutely boring af to watch and a complete waste of my time. Like your posts.
  5. Actually steam should offer a Gamepass like service for old games. At a cheaper fee of course.
  6. 30FPS for cardboard box sprites and Gamecube level assets. Even my old PC from 2012 could run this at 60FPS. Switch is easily the worst gaming console of all time. No games and the shittiest performance you have ever seen.
  7. It was amateur league boxing with the protective headgear, it cost like 10 dollars. I wouldn't pay hundreds, let alone thousands of dollars for one fight night.
  8. This is literally the absolute worst thing that could happen to PC gaming.
  9. I can confirm for boxing. Even relatively close to the ring it still much harder to follow what's going on, you on floor level and the boxers are elevated, you get a better view on tv. I can imagine UFC fighters in the cage is even harder to see.
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