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  1. I'll be getting street fighter 6 day one, I'll be in the dojo, day and night. Training to crush all in my Path.
  2. My doggo is better
  3. Last gen should only be able to play with last gen, straight up.
  4. There is no justifying a 120 dollar controller, sorry.
  5. To be honest after Jack was gone..the game felt emtpy, I hated everything after him...so here's hoping village doesn't have the same effect.
  6. I'm really enjoying re8 right now...I'm only at the castle..but the first impressions of the game are immense. I love the winter season with the village being the hub... currently I'm at the castle. But it is a gorgeous engaging game...only negative thus far..the shooting could definitely be tighter.
  7. That's a good thing to hear about the movement. I agree that Call of Duty movement felt more responsive to me. I'm very excited for battlefield.
  8. Yea it's pretty cool there
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