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  1. i mean didnt that xbox leak awhile back already confirm this? im sure they will announce theyre new series x redesign that they said was an idea they had and things changed as damage control for having literally all their future plans leaked. ms handheld?
  2. did you actually post this as defense?
  3. its be smarter to sign up for one month of gamepass and play it and cancel then buy it and im sure most people who want to play that realize it and are doing it.
  4. you don't think the anti glare thing is legit?
  5. i thought about that as well, actually pretty sure i could get it cheaper. However i feel like steam deck will survive and all these other companies are gambling much harder in the market.
  6. ive been considering a mid tier gaming system for way too long now but suddenly a steam oled seems like a good alternative. Whoever has bought one, how do you like it?
  7. i broke up with my girl of 5 years cuz of this. she wanted some half million dollar home and she didnt have any money herself and i didnt want the house but signed all the papers. within a few days my heart felt like a rock and i couldnt sleep cuz it just felt like all she wanted was money and to live out her dreams and didnt give a shit about me
  8. https://youtu.be/XgC0SB4EFw0?si=WXvP4GgpIrty68Qb
  9. restrain basic limits and make developers have to get creative again. shit is stagnant now. 7ish year game dev times now? fuck this shit
  10. give me the og xbox 360 interface
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