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  1. Ghostz agrees with the rest of System Wars that he’s been cucked 50,000+ times. Ghostz has been destroyed.
  2. Aka - how many times has Ghostz’ girlfriend had another man’s dick inside her?
  3. The forum has voted unanimously that Ghostz is the biggest freak.
  4. Though he has some competition, it’s hard to think of a bigger freak than Ghostz. Admitting he’s a cuck and his girlfriend prefers other men. Creating BDG (Balls Deep Gays) and almost destroying System Wars. Ghostz was too freaky for even Matt Dayo and Black Hand and drove them off the forum. Prostituting himself for Microsoft for no pay while making minimum wage from lawn mowing. His face is so freaky he’d rather people saw his ass. If anyone can find a bigger freak than Ghostz I’ll personally pay them Ghostz yearly salary.
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