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  1. For a looks good but lots of pop in I noticed. BF looked really bad imo.
  2. Looks like ass but I’m assuming it’s the 1080p stream
  3. if it has what I said then it is obviously pulling heavily from botw. Not a bad thing, btw.
  4. that would have been a lot of effort to expose something that wouldn’t impact sales anyway.
  5. What looks different? An open world where you fight monsters. I bet it even has the same big boss in the center you can get into a the very beginning of the game if you’re skilled enough.
  6. Lmfao but really - what can be done? People can copy off frostbite? Why would anyone want to do that in 2021? And doesn’t EA own the rights to Fifa, what are the hackers gonna get from it? To make a generic fifa clone? I don’t get it
  7. She’s fine asf I’m about to redownload wArzone
  8. This dude is such a nerd and can’t make eye contact with this baddie
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