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  1. They always do I one time called due to a faulty battery in my MacBook. A new one was delivered within 24hrs.
  2. Watch the video if you didn’t, the level of detail missing from xsx is crazy
  3. Lmao. Only covering 'next-gen' versions. PS5 Series S|X - Color tone mapping may appear odd because of capture tools, not an issue in the game. - Game has 3 modes. Image Quality Mode, Resolution Mode, Performance Mode. - Image Quality Mode - Focused on boosting world detail. - Higher rez shadow, AO, draw distance. - All versions target 4K but w/ dynamic scaling. 1440p to 4K - Series S tops out at 1440p but mostly 1080p or below. - PS5 has higher average resolution and texture filtering. - Targets 60 FPS and PS5|Series X mostly deliver. - Both tear a bit, VRR so
  4. Ps5 is held back behind features that have been in Samsung phones? lol wtf. ps5 was rushed out the door and missing half the “next gen” features about it
  5. lol maybe if you’re a teen girl. Offset analog>parallel analog. This will never change
  6. If they’re in business by nature it’s overpriced
  7. You’re gonna have to record it and upload it for us to watch it
  8. Every company does it moron, lol. No tech runs at full power, it isn’t efficient.
  9. No... again, phones would randomly turn off if they didn’t do this.
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