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  1. The display on my phone is better than yours, LOL.
  2. That’s the end game. But with tv progressing from year to year it’s hard not just to trade in annually.
  3. Tv was 700 at the time, will be returning for hdmi 2.1 in a few months tho. Still ain’t getting shityy OLED tho
  4. Ghostz exclusive right here. An insider told me it’s 100% happening. LOL. Tclhbo
  5. TCL QLED isn’t just one of the best lcds for the money, it’s one of the best in the game. And it’s hdr is top notch. https://www.cnet.com/reviews/tcl-65r625-2019-roku-tv-review/ OLED sucks in the day light, literally eats away at itself.. and if hdr can ONLY be enjoyed on OLED, it’s trash anyway
  6. They aren’t hurting anyone. Lol. Their thoughts won’t lead to annihilation of other groups of people
  7. Liberals can’t complain about this, as they have several of their echo chambers at the forefront.
  8. I believe so. Let me check for the record, I assume it has to be something with my settings but I copied the calibration from rtings
  9. Rtings has my tv better than several of those flagship brands
  10. I have a industry leading hdr on my iPhone, have a tcl series 6 (which is rated highly for hdr) and a computer monitor that does hdr that’s rated fairly well. It looks like shit on all three, tho the OLED phone does look best.. tho it’s small