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  1. Samsung DITCHED the feature for the s20 because it flat out... DIDNT work. Yikes, again... they don’t support it, but y’all do. LOL.
  2. I’ll trust the OXFORDS studies over your attempts to try argue your way out, LOL.
  3. Don’t take it up with me, reach out to the OXFORD for your rebuttal.
  4. @Goukosan Well uh, If only it wasn’t already debunked as inaccurate a long time ago According to the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University: There is no evidence that any smartphone technology is accurate for the measurement of blood oxygen saturation. Furthermore, the scientific basis of such technologies is questionable
  5. No - I asked. Seems like you don’t know, though. Sorry, not interested in your new arguments.
  6. Wow... so @jehurey WAS correct. This indeed looks to be widespread, specifically the GS7.