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  1. Still three more weeks until delivery 😕
  2. I did not, I had it back around Halloween but never really produced any symptoms other than feeling like I smoked a few too many cigs last night
  3. Overweight virgin lmfao. I’d snap you in half and your little lady knuckles would break upon impact with my abs 😎
  4. Who’s had it? Recent studies indicate we have 5 months of immunity. Heading to Florida next week still rocking the goods.
  5. Imagine being 21 and never playing the original because you were too young also I’m over 6 ft and will easily prove it if you accept a ban bet
  6. I’d pay $120 for it game is unfloppable, reviews don’t matter either
  7. I hope I get burn in when next years model drops they come and pick it up while installing the new tv. I sit back and hit my vape pen and relax
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