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  1. Overweight virgin lmfao. I’d snap you in half and your little lady knuckles would break upon impact with my abs 😎
  2. Imagine being 21 and never playing the original because you were too young also I’m over 6 ft and will easily prove it if you accept a ban bet
  3. I’d pay $120 for it game is unfloppable, reviews don’t matter either
  4. I hope I get burn in when next years model drops they come and pick it up while installing the new tv. I sit back and hit my vape pen and relax
  5. Best Buy warranty covers burn in. My shit is cranked to vivid with full brightness at all times
  6. Just bought a new air to replace my 2016 pro, I’m hearing great things on the air and the m1 in general. Opted for the 16gb version but curious on if anyone has one and their thoughts. Bonus topic: anyone have a Lg OLED and MacBook? Airplay works amazing with iPhones and my old MacBook just curious if I can expect the same here as I may use the OLED as a second screen more often
  7. And here you are, spending your time in an Eminem thread hi! My name is, my name is, my name is jurrrrrr-reeeeeeeeee
  8. Every post you make bumps it to the top of the forum. Right where the GOAT belongs.
  9. Never met him, LOL, but look how riled up you are you have no shot, no opportunity.. this is everything you ever wanted, but you let it slip
  10. He’s still hating he’s lost his damn mind, at this point. he thinks 6ix9ine is one of the GOATS
  11. https://www.hiphoplately.com/eminem-is-the-best-selling-rapper-of-the/
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