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  1. It’s just a Best Buy branded credit card. I’ve just used it for $11k worth of purchases this year- mostly outside of bb
  2. What really gets me, the worker says “do you think we like wearing masks? Like no one likes wearing them.. yet we do. I wear one at the gym on the fucking stair master, walking around the store with a mask is far from a major inconvenience.
  3. This game will be the top seller of the holiday no doubt
  4. Up to $220 in rewards, waiting on about $30 more to process.. and Best Buy gave me a $100 gift card for spending 11k+ this year alone. Ballin.. basically $350 in rewards in ~7 months and I’ve actually used probably 50-100 in rewards already.
  5. not bad. I was paying 15 for the family music plan plus $3 for storage. Now I get Apple TV plus and Apple Arcade for basically a dollar a month.
  6. Is it hard for you? You’ve already been told to stop spamming.
  7. Was just about to post this. Not only did the protestors do as described in the OP, they actively blocked roadways to the hospital and chanted “we hope they die.” the left, y’all.
  8. Not one to defend halo but I think 5 is the best selling xbox exclusive
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