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  1. Which would mean, by nature, if Samsung fans didn’t like money, they are even BIGGER idiots. Example: you 😂
  2. I’ve yet to play it, on my second run thru of botw currently
  3. And at the end of the day, you’re getting less money from those idiots. Whos the REAL idiot? 😂😂
  4. Jerry thinks it’s good his phones worth nothing
  5. No, I said apple returns MORE value than Samsung products. LOL
  6. No, I’m talking about how owning a GS10 for one month reduces its value by 50%. LOL.
  7. An idiot pays close to full price for a used device. high demand = people being dumb. Gouks gs6 was not in high demand, and readily available for less than 50% of the price he sold his for, in better condition. No one wants to deal w a used Samsung, clearly.
  8. Although I did sell my Apple Watch series 3 for 275 after a year of use and they were 279 brand new by the time I sold it. Lmao. Always an idiot out there.
  9. No you didn’t. They cost under $100 brand new. LMAO.