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  1. Maybe you should try playing it @Hot Sauce i have a script. Move his post or ban me. Rinse and repeat. Until you die
  2. Maybe you should try playing it @Hot Sauce
  3. And you keep on not playing games. You just can’t let it go. Dont worry, I’ll remind you with every post you make.
  4. and you can let it go, or continue to spam the thread. Makes no difference me to, I’m happy to remind you that you don’t play games.
  5. Sure, I’m fine with that. Either way, Mala is a mini you. Now, stop quoting me bitch.
  6. I’m talking about the OP, not you. please stop trying to derail the thread, go back to playing gamepass games.
  7. Just curious how you can say what your favorite race is when you haven’t see 10% of them. A bit odd.
  8. *Gets PS5 for GT7* *one day later, quits GT7 and plays games that are half a decade old* Jerry Jr
  9. Do you swallow her (his) load too?
  10. built on UE4, 5GB open beta, so it's a WIP missing small visual and audio flourishes that punctuates actions SX, PS5 - dynamic 4K/60, close to max settings on pc SS - dynamic 1440p/60, slightly lower dof and shadow quality nearly perfect 60fps. some drops to 58 on ps5 in offline character select can drop due to high quality characters/rendering multiversus has a post-processed look, while smash goes for a more raw image smash has much more intricately designed stages, multiversus is rather static and simplistic multiversus chara
  11. Ah interesting. After a quick search apparently it’s something that will be coming down the road.
  12. Why wouldn’t Steam Deck be able to support Gamepass? Without looking it up, I assumed it did?
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