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  1. And STILL crushing the competition
  2. iPhone single handily taking 40% of USA Q1 sales
  3. JonB and I both have sprint, on the same Towers. 😂My iPhone is faster LMAO
  4. I get faster data speeds than the s10 LMAO
  5. What was the dead dragon breathing? I thought it was ice before, but it looked exactly like fire.. just blue, but there were no blue flames on the ground? Nothing was frozen?
  6. I don’t know much about this shit, but what are the downsides? Why was it not like this at launch? Is it this highest it can be boosted?
  7. Some of us actually have homes
  8. I never thought PBR was that bad. Just didn’t want to be a hipster.
  9. Why wouldn’t it be free? What are they offering? Gamepass would cost money, as would games if they offered them.. but lol bro no one is paying for messaging.
  10. What’s the release date for Android? And yes... 75% of profit came from iOS from Nintendo’s last mobile game.. LOL
  11. Lol @ complaining of fan service and moments for fanboys while seeing the movie the night of the premier and then comparing it to the FaNtAsTiC quality of the first one.
  12. 75% of their revenue of Mario came from iOS, LOL the iOS version probably had a closed beta months ago.