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  1. I really try not to even associate myself with them. Embarrassing group
  2. Jon you’ve been on vacation this whole gen
  3. Pats & chief games were very similar this year. Both games, I honestly thought KC was better but that tends to happen when pats win close games... gotta hand it to Brady & those 3rd down passes tho
  4. Yup, one of the best. But tbh without Eminem no one probably would have heard much from him.
  5. iPhone SE outsold every single galaxy model in the last 5 years tho
  6. Thanks for finally answering. (Looking at others ITT, not u Jerry) i assume something like this will end up happening, that’s why I asked
  7. I wasn’t. I was bringing up a situation in which you could save them, but it’s obvious you don’t actually care about them.
  8. Just funny to me y’all don’t care about the dreamers like you claimed to. LOL now it’s “to hell with then”
  9. Still haven’t answered. Wonder why.
  10. I’m not asking about a deal lst year. Are y’all fucking stupid?
  11. According to who? The 4 people who bought it? LMAO
  12. Gouk and Jerry better pray these benchmarks aren’t real. LMAO! another year of disappointment for galaxy fans well there aren’t many lol, but I can’t wait for gouks to get his hands on an already out of date device that won’t have support from any major devs
  13. What was that vapor ware hardware console that never released? Forget
  14. You just can’t help but bring up the past. Why? this has nothing to do with anything occurred in 2018. This is about now if trump offered it, would libs take it? Yes or no is really the only thing you need to say, or I’ll ask again after you respond.