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  1. Let’s hear one of your tracks
  2. WrestleMania is one of the bigger events of the year in all sports. I don’t watch wrestling though nor know who 95% of wrestlers are. taker is still iconic tho also it’s not like there are many other “sport” out there to watch it’s on the front page of ESPN currently lol
  3. Undertaker vs Aj Styles in a Boneyard match...shot in cinematic view. It’s a bit cheese but overall very well done. Link will eventually be removed but here it is (in shitty quality) havent watched the full match but the praise as being one of the best WM matches ever is pretty universal
  4. @lynux3 why is it every time you post, you make a new post for me to bump? Watch it happen
  5. Don’t shoot the messenger the rumors exist for a reason “you have been warned” also, that pic is qquoting...two diff people. So ugh, failure rate just went up
  6. Another AAAE, and the best Of the month. Anime discluded
  7. Holy fuck the Philippine president said “shoot them dead” if any of their citizens break lockdown
  8. I watched that gif too many times in a row to count
  9. Insane haha, good to see it. It even still has the flash games
  10. Idk was just looking back at photos I’ve uploaded.