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  1. I can easily afford a porsche... but I live in Pittsburgh where it doesn’t really make sense to own one. but the facts show that iOS users make way more money, sorry bro. you’re likely to make 20k MORE of you are an iOS user.
  2. Only 20% in China too... the rest are iGods “We will offer Android solutions. Why aren’t we doing that right now? Let’s take a look at the United States. 91% of Porsche customers have an Apple device. So, this is how you most efficiently invest your money. But if you take China for example, of our current customers in China, 80% of them have an Apple device, which is also staggering.”
  3. Bruh ESPN just stole your headline
  4. At this point I have HBO, stars, cinemax, showtime, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple+, disney+ still can’t find shit to watch
  5. It’s not really a surprise or even worth bragging about. Nintendo is dominating.
  6. Lmao it’s just not, not at all. Take a pic on your snap or IG camera, LMAO!! Also lmfao @ you using the 5g note 10...YOU DONT HAVE THAT
  7. And yet, it’s still behind. Neither are close when it comes to recording videos. Apple DOMINATED
  8. No, you see... they did. Photos + video is exactly what a camera does.
  9. Video camera is a major part of the camera, some would argue the MOST important. thank you based dxomark
  10. I lost the arguement... by having the worlds best camera? ill take it
  11. What did I lose? They rated iPhone to have the best camera
  12. What did I lose? It’s better than both of your phones. it’s also the best phone in the world if you average video and camera, which... wel..that’s a camera. you got hosed, again @-GD- ask him what phone he has again and why he’s arguing for phones when his sucks