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  1. Is this a port? Looks like a base ps4 game
  2. How does it not go to the next fight right away after being him?
  3. Didn’t experience any issues. do we need to bring up gt7?
  4. Are you claiming you solely use your ps5 in offline mode?
  5. No, you don’t own anything. You own a license to play the game. They can remove that license one minute after you purchase, if they want.
  6. This has nothing to do with DRM. you own a license, fool. Not the game.
  7. Cows in thread #1: Gamepass SUCKS! You don’t even own the games. Cows in thread #2: PSN rocks because us Sony fanboys buy all of our games digitally. We think this is great even though we don’t own the game. Cows in thread #3: LOL who needs expandable storage. It’s overrated as fuck!!!
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