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  1. Well that would be fine, considering you could play it on the shitter. Still, who wants to play a last gen game at 30 fps on series x/ps5?
  2. Horizon is hot garbage and GT7 is the worst received game in Sony history.
  3. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/the-callisto-protocol-review-i-dont-belong-here/1900-6418007/ Call lil Wayne, time to bust out the sizurp
  4. What doesn’t make sense to you? Jail breaking an iPhone is as easy as sideloading apps on android.
  5. A simple jailbreak fixes this issue and takes under 5 minutes. Still the best chip on the market
  6. Their phones aren’t anywhere near the highest priced phones and yet they’re the fastest?
  7. What Apple products are over priced?
  8. Notice how they froze after you pointed that out to them, even though it was the third time.
  9. Elons bluffing. No one wants a new phone/os with zero support.
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