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  1. Probably means it’s somewhat, yeah. anyway. On pace for 15+ hours of screen time on with the battery... this thing is wild
  2. 13 hours on screen time today, over 20% still. With some series 4K video editing and heavy, 60fps gaming. Solid shit.
  3. The BEST night time camera too... man do the rich get richer. 😍😍😍 https://www.tomsguide.com/news/the-iphone-11-is-the-best-low-light-camera-phone-weve-ever-tested
  4. you’re also clinically depressed so hey, who really sucks?
  5. Oh damn bro, you skipped out last year? You’ll enjoy it. Give it a day.
  6. @jehurey see 3d touch was (is) better than anything on android. You always dissed it. I’m pissed Apple removed it, but we got something just as valuable so whatever. It’s not comparable to losing Touch ID, which was significantly replaced by a superior Face ID. Something you still have no idea about. I haven’t entered a password in my phone for years, and the phones do it and a crazy fast rate
  7. This will prob end up being #cameragate better than nothing, but this feels like Samsung did it tbh. Apple has higher standards Than this. https://imgur.com/a/8QLV0RA
  8. Same. I had the xs Max. Prob one of the more marginal upgrades, esp considering I had iOS13 all summer. Still something nice about that new glass feel tho. 🥰 what you got your daughters on now? I’m sure they deserve an upgrade. I do miss 3D Touch tho. I also kinda think the ultra wide lens angle is trash.
  9. It also means I can fund more games than you. Right now. And you can’t spend the same cash without having a new owner. LOL
  10. What does selling a company have to do with being able to fund more games anyway? LOL 😂
  11. Um, they’re not. Not even close. 😂😂😂That’s Apple. LOL. And who do you think is funding Apple Arcade? you realize more iOS units are moved each quarter than Xbox’s entire life span? two old fucking men. Lmao.