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  1. The strongest phone In the world
  2. I guess no one will look at your amateur mountain pictures
  3. I clearly stated, so I guess I will again make it
  4. @Cookester15 perhaps you need to remind jerry to stick to the topic.. of a PHONE THREAD why does the galaxy get outsold so bad jerry?
  5. For example, despite having 17% of the market share, Apple routinely takes home 80-90% of the ENTIRE INDUSTRYs profits by only offering a few phones, rather than thousands like Samsung. Great business model, and it’s obviously created a loyal following. Don’t know if the world has ever seen anything like it
  6. Looking forward to this, but not hoping for much. Btw, the game was supppsed to release tomorrow, this is a big fuck you to fans.
  7. Not in phone thread because this covers all tech.. also NOT about phone wars but rather dominance of a piece of tech in a specific industry 10+ years of being the best selling cellphone yearly by over 100 million Units each year it’s not even close. Apple has sold roughly two billion iPhones, the next highest is probably the galaxy line with maybe 300 million total sales? i can’t think of any other piece of tech that has outsold its competition so bad. You could almost say Microsoft, but windows is software based. Apple controls both the software and hardware, which is probably why they’re often considered the most valuable company in human history.
  8. About as many comebacks as galaxy sales. Lmao why does iPhone outsell the galaxy jerry?
  9. Another part of the jerry go round, keep running. Why are galaxys so severely outsold by iPhones? I’m waiting? *waits for Jerry to keep dodging
  10. he still can’t. I’m loving this, he’s trapped
  11. Well, id say they MUST... or what is it? What makes iPhones out sell galaxys 20:1?
  12. You were the FIRST android user to download it im guessing they just don’t care about Samsung devices at this point with the low sales n all LOL.. and 0.1 percent of android users have 9.0... LOL
  13. Fortnite just got 60FPS on iOS. Android left in the dust, again.