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  1. ghostz

    Antonio Brown

    That was no fall from grace AH was always a POS
  2. ghostz

    Antonio Brown

    Have you ever seen a worse fall from grace? This year has been insane. He finally ended up in jail.
  3. best I’ve heard em in a while, of course if you’re not familiar w em most if not all lines will seem generic but they mostly have meaning
  4. GOAT, this entire album is double entendre after another.
  5. Triple H is not the fat guy from boy meets world/clerks 2
  6. I mean it just is. The gameplay is better
  7. The art style is great in BOTW but no res improvements will have it looking better than RDR2 at times
  8. It’s a great game. BOTW is better but the graphics are so good it makes up for the gameplay sometimes, which isn’t often said. I’d get it. You’ll get your monies worth. if Zelda has RDR2 graphics Jesus Christ stop making games we hit the pinnacle
  9. Literally it being OLED is marketing BS. Nothing impressive about it. OLED saves on battery, and as others have mentioned, can be quite cheap. but none of this matters as you won’t SEE the screen unless you’re fumbling with the back control, which would, by nature ruin it as is.
  10. This is actually hilarious lmfao. It looks fan made.
  11. https://bgr.com/2020/01/13/ps5-release-date-price-announcement-and-preorder-details-leaked/
  12. One at 400 and one at 600. LOL. The 600 device is already held back
  13. https://solutionfactory.in/everyone-wants-to-be-apple-and-beat-apple.html?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf really great read. Apple is dominating.
  14. As he would enjoy a Xbox or PlayStation. Lol. What a weird statement.
  15. Ownage diverted. I’ve already said ITT I have multiple. *posted from my Apple TV