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  1. A feature no one will care about
  2. It’s a hair cut & beard work, straight razor etc and he does a great job. 28 + 7 tip
  3. When I was in like high school I did. My shit is too faded now to do it myself. It sucks bc I get anywhere from 2-5 haircuts a month, roughly 70-175$ a month in haircuts lol
  4. He HAD a 126m contract ... that he left! Who wants a quitter?
  5. So what did Colin win, @McWicked? Less than a years salary, with no possibility of making more in the future, and the reality that he’ll never play in the NFL again and soon be forgotten?
  6. Tryod Taylor (who sucks, btw) just signed a 2 year 30 million dollar cotract. “Huge win” for colon LMAO
  7. He could make 10x that if he could still play football
  8. He won 10 million. He lost 100 million. And is now demanding 20 million to play football, which no one will give him. Clearly home boy is broke and spent about 40-50 million fighting his cause. Huge WIN. Couple that with the fact he’ll never play in the NFL again... DOUBLE WIN!
  9. Lmao. When all else fails, claim racism. But you’re the one who says the n word, right @JONBpc?
  10. I’m telling, he will NEVER play another down in the NFL
  11. So when will he jerry? You realize no team has signed him this offseason, right? Lmfao
  12. He will never play another down in the NFL lmaoooo
  13. Imagine having a contract worth more than 100 million and barely escaping with the 10% and no chance to earn more. Lmaa. What a WIN!
  14. lmgao @Goukosan @jehurey Bu bu 80 millionnnn https://sports.yahoo.com/report-nfl-paid-less-than-10-million-to-settle-grievance-with-colin-kaepernick-eric-reid-192441873.html