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  1. ghostz

    Fall Guys

    What Nintendo intern stole IP to create this game 🤔
  2. It will never have better graphics than consoles/pc so I don’t think it’ll ever take off
  3. All of you would chose this version over a regular ps5 Ps5 is the worst looking console ever made. Facts
  4. Playing it now.. the game is very meh but it does look pretty, tho it all blends together imo. It definitely looks better in screens than in motion, which is odd.
  5. Neither is PS. it’ll be lucky to crack 5 million in USA this year at this rate
  6. Holy shit, Cows are now relying on Twitter polls
  7. PS5 is a distant 3rd in 2022. You’re clinging on to sales made 1.75 years ago. PS5 has sold like shit all year where you live.
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