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  1. What yall rockin? Preorders for dat X start Friday.
  2. This isn’t about me. It’s about YOU. Stop trying to run. Did you think it was COOL to be a bigot 12 years ago? If not 12, how about 6 years ago?
  3. Millions of people... not buying a Samsung. millions that LOVE their older apple products, gotta love that.
  4. So it was cool to be a bigot 12 years ago to you?
  5. Sorry; don’t answer bigots who hate gays and blacks.
  6. Oh, I tried to get you banned? Is that why you tagged cooke in 4 posts in a row? why dont you try that again, Jerry?
  7. It costs them about .08c to make one, fyi.
  8. Anyway, back to the topic of Gillette making a comm telling men to be THE BEST THEY CAN BE despite raping humans for razors with a massive mark up. Irony?
  9. @jehurey Well that didn’t work, did it jerry?
  10. I actually have a new signature idea. I think you’ll like it a lot, Jerry.
  11. 4 posts in a row tagging Cooke, all because I exposed you. LOL you can tell he’s sweating hard now.
  12. Is there something wrong with black people? Seems like it if you’re upset about being compared. This is gonna get good. We know you hate gays, but tell us about how you hate blacks now too.
  13. Aaaaaand it’s confirmed. Jerry is a bigot.
  14. Too much of a faggot to give a speech? Why you say that, Jerry? You must think gay people just suck dick.....ALL DAY? And why does that make him a “faggot” anyway? Weird to see someone support the left, but also HATE gay people. I guess most blacks do this anyway, and Jerry is close enough to that anyway. So I guess it fits?
  15. Well let him take a look.
  16. Yep. Let him take a look himself. You called him a faggot if you think I called you that. But there you go, saying more deragotry terms.
  17. To expose someone who self admitted that they hate faggots? Yeah, let’s see what Cooke says about it.
  18. Sorry bro, you don’t get to determine how people feel when you call them a deragotry word. If I called you a sp*c, I guess I just mean you’re a dumb person. Not Spanish. Duh.
  19. So now you’re DEFENDING your use of the word faggot as a slur? Wow, how would the left feel about this? Because I found way more recent ones, guess I’ll just start bumping them as well. #JehureyExposed
  20. Stop running. Why do you enjoy calling people faggots? I have a lot more posts I can bring up showing your bigotry, wanna go down that rode?
  21. Says the guy that loves to call people faggots and says he doesn’t participate in groups of men trying to accomplish anything because they’re having a “gay orgy”
  22. Hopefully they’re not faggots too, right Jehurey?