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    Fall Guys

    What Nintendo intern stole IP to create this game 🤔
  2. It will never have better graphics than consoles/pc so I don’t think it’ll ever take off
  3. All of you would chose this version over a regular ps5 Ps5 is the worst looking console ever made. Facts
  4. Playing it now.. the game is very meh but it does look pretty, tho it all blends together imo. It definitely looks better in screens than in motion, which is odd.
  5. Neither is PS. it’ll be lucky to crack 5 million in USA this year at this rate
  6. Holy shit, Cows are now relying on Twitter polls
  7. PS5 is a distant 3rd in 2022. You’re clinging on to sales made 1.75 years ago. PS5 has sold like shit all year where you live.
  8. Today, we announced we're partnering with Samsung to bring the Xbox App to 2022 Smart TVs so that you can play hundreds of cloud-enabled games, without a console. That means hundreds of games in our Game Pass Ultimate library, and Fortnite without a subscription. Playing Xbox games on Samsung's 2022 Smart TVs will be a seamless experience – it will be similar to using any other streaming app on your TV. It's simple, starting on June 30, access the Xbox app from the Samsung Gaming Hub or Media Hub and log into your existing Microsoft account, connect your favorite Blueto
  9. No platform needs this game, LOL, I’ve never even heard of it. Thats how desperate cows are for games
  10. An IP with 33 million sales vs a game 98% of gamers (including me) have never heard of
  11. Depending where I’m at it’s anywhere from 300-700mbps.. but then sometimes as low as 60 mbps. Hard to tell a difference most of the time tbh, just lighting fast for browsing and downloading purposes. tmobile tho Legacy sprint users are big winners
  12. For every game Sony makes for ps5, they’re making one for pc or mobile
  13. Well then why don’t you play them? You played full price when you won’t even play them until they’re both cheapo prices
  14. Sorry, it doesn’t say PS4/PS5 only. I’ll wait until you can point out where it says it won’t be released on other platforms as well.
  15. Why did you pay full price for GT7 and Horizon? You were stupid enough then
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