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  1. Pro controller is goat. Sony and MS should just make clones of it too and call it a day
  2. Gamepass is a great value. I’ll be getting it now that EA Access is included. That is the biggest announcement so far imo.
  3. He did indeed say Switch does many things better, and he prefers the switch, although does admit the X1x version “is best, technically”... but he STILL thinks the switch version is better on the eyes this is a massive ownage lmfao
  4. Holy shit, when it comes to X1X/PS4Pro vs Switch, “there isn’t quite a clear winner” 9:10 time stamp TCLHBR 😂😂😂😂
  5. It was Forza Horizon 4! It came out on September 28th, 2018. In a few days we get to celebrate the drought’s second anniversary.
  6. It’s true tho. Cows are now bragging about cross gen games running at 4K 60FPS lol.
  7. I just find it odd Sony hasn’t mentioned it at all.
  8. Will ps5 have a quick resume feature?
  9. yeah they’re trying to bait. But - it does still have the option. I’m assuming BB’s site just sucks for preorders.
  10. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/xbox-series-x-and-s/xbox-series-x-packages/pcmcat1588107084424.c?id=pcmcat1588107084424 you can still preorder lol
  11. I honestly don’t have faith these will resell for much higher or I would have bought more. I don’t think ms will have a shortage issue, whether it’s from lack of sales or just efficiently on their part
  12. I reserved one. I get every console at launch tho and usually flip em, I suspect I’ll do the same here
  13. Why is Jehurey arguing about MS making money? No one gives a fuck about that, lol. Clearly they’re making money from game pass somehow, tho I have no idea how.
  14. Em should have dogged him for his hair transplants:
  15. MGK is dope but yeah Idk wtf he’s been doing since rap devil. He released an album immediately after it called BINGE and it was one of the worst albums I’ve ever heard. he is fuckin Megan fox’s used ass pussy tho, so somewhat bragging rights but it would have been more impressive 10 yrs ago
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