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  1. Joe Biden was on The Breakfast club: "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black." WTF
  2. No, I didn’t create the image. You created the image when you decided to hit “post reply” and submitted that online.
  3. here post on IG, discrediting other WOC artists even tho not ALL of them are white, she is none the less RACIST https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/may/21/lana-del-rey-criticising-peers-undermines-feminist-argument https://hiphopdx.com/news/id.56010/title.lana-del-rey-roasted-for-naming-beyonce-nicki-minaj-cardi-b-more-in-instagram-rant Antifa is predicting the response from upstanding citizen azelia banks
  4. I’m not saying anything. I’m quoting you. You’ve been quoted using racism a whooole lot now, haven’t you? I didn’t “crack” (nice casual racism) a slave joke. I made a comment about you calling me “boy”, which is also casual racism. Your racism is indeed noticeable.
  5. You actually did. Every time it was posted, you said it again. Your name is attached to it, just like others have pointed out already.
  6. The form rules are OVER two years old, MUCH older than your racist rant was... so this means you are ACTIVELY much more racist than someone like me. In fact, YOUR words have been posted 40+ times today. Let that sink in. YOUR recent racism is being discussed....AGAIN
  7. All I’ve posted was YOUR quote. One in which DISPLAY your racism, and even you’ve said, once a racist...ALWAYS a racist. Are those YOUR words in the image?????? Yes or Yes?????
  8. So if you make a racist comment two years ago, you’re no longer racist now????? Are you EXCUSING racism???? be careful how you answer this one
  9. Me exposing you for your blatant racism isn’t race baiting, Jerry.
  10. im THRILLED to expose you over and over until you openly admit you’re racist
  11. Are you admitting to saying the slur????? Or are you going to continue defending it????
  12. He’s COMBINING posts now, from MULTIPLE threads...and he’s DEFENDING his use of the phrase
  13. If you didn’t use a racial slur, no, I wouldn’t be exposing you for not using a slur. I’m not racist. LOL i like how you’re trying to frame me for EXPOSING racism on this site, but what should I expect from a known racist?
  14. Are you trying to say I typed the words in the image, like they weren’t already there??????