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  1. It’s called a swinger lifestyle. Yet you’re afraid to admit you like dick
  2. No it didn’t. It runs at a lower resolution and is less stable (stutters, worse frame rate) than the SX version. It also still has artifacting, albeit reduced amounts. Did you even watch the video?
  3. they actually said this in an article: do not claim to be a trans ally if you buy the game
  4. i don’t think it’ll be sold in stores. Through Sony only, same with the new dual sense controller
  5. Even worse, she didn’t ever even say anything bad lmao.
  6. Good thing just about everyone who has ever played a video game has played Mario.
  7. This. It will be a huge hit and the CGI looks on par with anything out there. It has a great cast as well. In no way does it look bad.
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