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  1. And your name wasn’t on your receipt, oh wait.. you didn’t even post one
  2. 100% chance @jehurey hasn’t even play any tekken games
  3. You demanded a receipt (which I did show) and then posted your “proof”.. without a receipt. you don’t own shit
  4. Wanna sig bet? or are you gonna run like Jetucky? We’ll let the mods decide the proof required…. Unless you are gonna admit you don’t own that PC, not without the receipt & your name on it.
  5. Lol it’s all I really remember as well but it was really fun. The rest of the game is forgettable, but I enjoyed it.
  6. No, you and Jerry claimed my series X is my nephews too. Thanks for owning yourselves
  7. Jesus that part where you have to fight off like 5 waves of enemies and parry 3 rounds was annoying af. Finally beat it def made me better tho
  8. true, you can’t polish a turd. But when the regular dual senses lasts 1/8th of the time compared to xb/switch controllers, you gotta get another anyway. heres to hoping this is at least a little Better than the trash default one.
  9. Well PC is obviously different. But yes, just for a second. I find it nicer for all genres tho. Just a preference. I needed a second DS anyway, such horrible battery life to begin with.
  10. No way. The buttons should be on the back by default. Why would you ever want your thumb to leave the analog sticks? ie you can’t jump and move the camera/aim at the same time with a standard controller.
  11. All I really use is the Y button/heavy attack lol. I do use peppermint when they have a shield tho
  12. I thought she was easier than the first tbh. I beat her earlier today too tho. Nearing the end of the fire level. I haven’t upgraded anything lol I have 125,000 gears.
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