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  1. I didn’t even know these were still around lol
  2. 1296p at lowest and 1872p at highest 30 fps they think this is just an Iterative update, building on top of Spider-Man and Miles Morales whilst taking some things they've learned from PC versions
  3. It started development before the purchase. Guessing MS just said finish the game if you want and their leadership decided to.
  4. Oh he’s playing it cool lmao no LARGE LETTERS, BOLDED FONT, or changing font colors. he actually thinks we buy he’s not pounding air over there
  5. He’s actually losing his shit that I own my own phone line and phone, and he’s still on prepaid using his brothers hand me down phones
  6. He’s getting so angry he actually changes the color of his font when he gets upset, you can actually tell
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