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  1. Agreed. Spoon feeding content is not a good idea. I get it from a business perspective though, you can ship games faster.
  2. I’m lucky my gym is pretty much dead at all times, especially post Covid. My gym is in the city which is essentially a ghost town now in Pittsburgh outside of the crackheads. There’s like 10 people at my gym at all times lol.
  3. What’s different? and yeah, I’m sure the thought was… “let’s show off the blandness of the environment.”
  4. L to soothe .. im aware lol it drained my stamina for some reason
  5. Jerky searching for another angle to get someone to Jerry go round with him because he doesn’t play games or have a social life watch, he’s gonna come in here and say “I’m making them use all their gifs!!1 ”
  6. I mean, Spider-Man can’t fuse things or anything like that. He can shoot web and climb up walls. That’s it. They can’t invent a new Spider-Man power or ability that changes gameplay.
  7. That’s exactly what I said. It’s faster and bigger. But the general gameplay loop is identical. I mean you can also say this for games like GTA. GTAV had MP though, which is the reason it’s still popular. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything else they can do about it with the IP being so limited, though.
  8. this game will not totally re-invent itself like Zelda did. Spider-Man’s IP is too limited. It’s not like you can add new abilities to Spider-Man. New moves? Sure.. but not actual abilities.
  9. They’re not. I loved that game… Spider-Man 1 was good but not much different. MM was just a complete rehash. I’m not sure what you think is different. I mean, it’s bigger and you move faster, but they’re literally the same thing mission wise. Just a limitation of the IP I guess.
  10. What I’ve been saying all along. On top of that, these games aren’t different than the PS2/Xbox/GC game. I mean, I don’t know too much of what they could do differently but the formula is very old at this point, imo. Co-op would be big for this series, but for some reason cows think co op or MP is a bad idea. Not sure why.
  11. Really? I tried when I had two wheels. How many did you have?
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